Chris Christie: Special election 'isn't really a referendum on Donald Trump'

Christie weighs in on the Pennsylvania election and Trump's decision to fire Rex Tillerson.
5:44 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Chris Christie: Special election 'isn't really a referendum on Donald Trump'
Moving from that to the man who led president trumps opening -- commission governor Chris Christie former governor of New Jersey joining us now by telephone and governor. We when you're watching returns like this tonight effectively even here in the eighteenth district affect the seated and this is even race or Republicans freaked out tonight. I don't think Phil ray I think it they'll work well under the in the district won't easily fit. They'll come though. And we'll make it is the white ball ball that. Wouldn't you don't change. Supreme cordon. Look at me you're good at it it won't even look like. Backbone and don't I don't think we'd be. But all. You know the the 800. It they that the all of the single most important. Thing about all of and it. Record cold if you do that I. Group that he did not perform each quote evil but the people. So governor the we still have a positive and earth I'm here. Here OK great so governor governor yes we got to governor so. I wanna be there about the implications though because we've gotten all this body updating your with the presidential. Give me your directly brightness district doesn't exist anymore but what is the take away about the national climate Republicans are facing the fact of the race like this could even be competitive for Democrats. Well again I think it on the wall but I won't hurt the big fault. But. I don't want it well Rick own would equate added. While it may equal the light. Out quite that you get quote. And and make it very beat the work all. Nobody is saying it up and the candidate who you know everybody believes you don't want a great great. I can see what Bockwoldt all. They eat national wave hit ball for one crop. Up in rural Pennsylvania. That these great body politic and otter or am I in the debt and and I beat richt wrote it in yet. And in the end bodies in. It apparently made it out Poland only if you date the art or were not warming. Reports that the audience mr. It it will reference month while sharp. Rock and about our own eat local poll on the Republican. It means what a lot of our vote. Eight home was that while the vote. Now Republicans have been really talking about for this upcoming mid term. That they want to make this about the tax cuts and about Nancy Pelosi president tuck has called her the republicans' secret weapon. Under a plan ends up when he. But while law being quite. A scene support it we'll what we'll call. Are you will repeat our hurt currently have paper name. Worked Chuck Schumer bouquet Connerly it barely defeated Democrat. Philip B real here. That the public that the best out of idol picked after rethink strategy though I think it. Quite frankly you know a congress won't look the it date you know warmly. A popular political figure in the country and end so it senator Schumer. Though the tax cut will play well like vehicle record I'm but in the end ought to keep what you all bug bit from my perspective the night. It I don't believe tonight indicate anything globally. About the circuit they're a Republican not a good night. But I think that good night because we have a candidate doesn't appear who grew close the deal the Republican mr. And a lot of looks a lot about 60% of expected vote so far governor before we let you go. I want to ask about his wild day of the presidency the president fired as secretary of state via Twitter this morning a lot of questions about. How how he was fired where there is fired with reports of other cabinet shake up that could happen. If the you know the president so well you've been a friend of his for a very long time. This kid to wait days like today and now the guy designed the chaos that easy for the outside the seat driving something on the inside that he's trying to do. No you don't look I don't believe me like they put it more ultimately it couldn't do they are hopeful but want more health reform. What Walt Walt Bob off. While Bolton while. Although it would mean moral the four miles off. Welcome thoughtful. Ways low. Won't. Grow up or we won't. Outlook for the last. Without any balk calls while it is seeking the way they hope we're all we're. Marketing work comparable. In making that decision that way at president after being offered for repeat month. It's all right Chris Christie the former governor of New Jersey and ABC news contributor. These days thank you governor for your time appreciate you calling it. Rick thank you very much we saw about this.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Christie weighs in on the Pennsylvania election and Trump's decision to fire Rex Tillerson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53738603","title":"Chris Christie: Special election 'isn't really a referendum on Donald Trump'","url":"/Politics/video/chris-christie-special-election-isnt-referendum-donald-trump-53738603"}