Celebrities Push for Gun Law Reform

Chris Rock, Tony Bennett, Adam Scott and Amanda Peet join lawmakers in gun law reform push.
2:32 | 02/06/13

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Transcript for Celebrities Push for Gun Law Reform
Good morning. Clinton. I was a junior in college in 1980 you when I heard about the shooting on the ground it. I remember being hunted by the images in my head of the people trapped in part of history. And I remember hearing the story of how Carolyn McCarthy struggled with the decision to tell her 26 year old son who has been in intensive care. That his father had been killed. It's very active believe that was twenty years ago and we're still having the vaccine debate about gun. As a parent and as a mom -- machine that congressman McCarthy fat. One. But others say much everybody else. Far better at this than that. It is. What. The United States. Something that is safe it is. You know our boss. There's also -- the president and apparently you're kinda like the quality. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you -- -- shouldn't have little. Support. The president. As a supporter of the Second Amendment. And friend of many and -- members myself. I see the writing on the wall is -- View. The time is now and no word yet Giffords people be courageous. Let's put partisanship aside and help each other as a -- it. On the precipice. -- very far. I'm against violence against war. -- have his answers there's always going to be worse. Personally believe that Sunday. The world will become sane. And realize. The ignorance of war. It -- -- this. It's absolutely -- -- assistance -- those -- alleges -- gift and little blessed just to be alive. Is that -- experience. It's a tragedy. That we go through so much. Fashion. Instead of -- from this and encouragement. To our children.

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{"id":18421211,"title":"Celebrities Push for Gun Law Reform","duration":"2:32","description":"Chris Rock, Tony Bennett, Adam Scott and Amanda Peet join lawmakers in gun law reform push.","url":"/Politics/video/chris-rock-amanda-peet-tony-bennett-adam-scott-18421211","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}