Christie Gets Down on One Knee to Win Over Undecided Voter

At a New Hampshire town hall, GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie got down on one knee to win over an undecided voter on Social Security.
7:23 | 02/08/16

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Transcript for Christie Gets Down on One Knee to Win Over Undecided Voter
Yes there. I haven't deciding yet. It's. Not verse and I. And I really lights you. Social Security. You obviously I was going to. 083 assaults and I didn't. Very nervous about retiring affect my husband mark's had sought. And I can't and we paid in should quit you and I would Braly of freedom the car went away and become an event title and I'm expletive Paris please and watch. Chad hope street view it misses. I just think everything about Social Security. So security if we do nothing different will be insolvent seventy years. If we do what we're doing now. That's where it'll be on the only person is races before a plan to fix it. Signaling it you know they asked Schwab. You know few weeks ago when he was gonna do list and he said and he said well. Because everything gets so amazingly rich and wealthy when. This is an answer on the debate stage everybody carries over as United States now right. You liberal to be amazingly rich and wealthy you're not I'm not. But it's not gonna happen if we both know that's how we fix it he was known for its ferocity to raise the retirement age here's why won't have lost. You and I are now you're your average life expects it has 83. Minus supposed to be 79. Hopefully I get there really are that age. These photos were built for where people by the mid sixties. So I say is let's wizards army's two years bullets phasing in over 25 years so it's always specifically what would mean for you what I. So were the same age as we put this into effect next you revert 54 couldn't retire believes is 67. So that's thirteen years from now we would be eligible. If Montclair went into effect we would be eligible left thirteen years without a fourteen years from Google one month here. So we can probably got it out for another year or both of us so that's not a big deal and Hillary Clinton tell it by the way that's throwing grandma off a cliff. But just remember good things with about 25 years to hit the ground what's secure our equipment so it's pretty likely afraid so it's all right seconds means testing. Means testing of Social Security is this here's the problem. Think you afraid ever that's happened. The money you and I have both put in every two weeks of our paycheck and your husband and my wife is put and they stole it. Davis candidates since the mid 1960s. All the other stuff euros in the chest from treasury notes IOUs. And as a result we have a checkbook imbalance problem. So I would picture we're about probably two ways like more money and less money out a molest when he al-Qaeda here's I would do it. If you make 200000 dollars or more in retirement. Income. Not assets income said he's got about 45 million dollars in the bank to throw off 200000 dollars a year you'll get Social Security. Now. Yeah we put you off. But do remember people touched raw well off. And what I asked them is do you need a 12100 dollar Social Security check a month if you make it 200000 dollars a year in retirement. I don't think so. And what that will do is save the program for folks like you. Because you're not I presume government to order thousand dollars your retirement given where you're talking if you're nervous. Like dog talking about income every year incumbent like a paycheck either from the pension or form. From interest and dividends capital gains from your investments so he's got there about fortified million dollars for the way to throw that off at the fort five million. Not with a short right so says that the cases are gonna affect you but it will affect others. But I think you have to ask people have done extraordinarily well in our country to make the sacrifices the government stuck to us by stealing the money. We cannot allow you. Others in this in this audience were paid in and played by the rules to grow old in poverty that's a Social Security was supposed to prevent. And so to save it we've got to take those other boys first devised in the spent hours talking to Mark Zuckerberg was a friend of ours. And is the founder FaceBook is you know and barks at me so let me ask you question. Governor was entitled reform and it means to me hasn't it means you get nothing. Absolutely nothing mark your paper does your life for 31. It was all your papers your life of Barclays doesn't affect at the end when you retire you'll get nothing you know why because you don't need it. And for people don't really well here I know the yard with yard as well they paid into. I know it's not fair but life isn't fair and the government's view this money wasn't fair but the only alternative is to raise your taxes now. And all of that more money into your pocket now. Right and by the way and by the way here's the other thing. Let's let's use that now's your let's say that. What have you. Are you an out of myself let's get revenue back in Hudson. And you go you deposit the money in this local back Hudson in the year from now that that goes belly up. And you lose some your money. That six months maybe get knocked on your front door as it got the front door and says hey I don't know where new Acura not to let that some your deposit TO Elisa. Argue that guy what a bit like eighteen months ago that went belly up but also our money and the hip I would let us. Now look at that you are thinking there's no way he's leaving your front portion of your money right. Right OK we're want to give it to the government. Julie Cohen wants to raise taxes she says offensively you give me more money help figure from the rich people that's fine. But why wouldn't want to give anymore money when they've already stolen the Miami game before work. That's stupid. And nobody here is stupid so that's what it was social security and here's that thing if we don't do it. Beat we are the people who say we're gonna fix it some other way. It's either less money and how warm warm funny and that's it when you put that several dozen ballots there's no other magic man we can't buy power. All ticket to get away this subject is not gonna have. And that's what we have to do them know loves talking about this you've got anybody else's website in this race and every time entitlements are asked in this campaign. Other on the debate stage. It was ask your wife Laura plan. Senator rubio the event about his Plano he said even 92 answer our tax reform. This senator crews responded. With a 62 answer on his tax reform plan then there's senator rubio came back give thirty seconds. Why places that's a form that is equipped and I finally interrupted an excuse me. Dry throughout this debate on the floor the United States that it actually answer the question that was asked about entitlements. They don't want just the thing about the other candidates. They don't want talked about this because they're afraid if you. Up talking to about it it's a trust you. I trust that you know this problem. You're so we were scared about it settings you know it's a problem. So we have to fix it that's what we need to get back to this country mentality of problems ignored do not go away. Problems. Faced can be fixed we will face the publicist your security together and we will fix it together that's we will do it.

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{"duration":"7:23","description":"At a New Hampshire town hall, GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie got down on one knee to win over an undecided voter on Social Security.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36788319","title":"Christie Gets Down on One Knee to Win Over Undecided Voter","url":"/Politics/video/christie-knee-win-undecided-voter-36788319"}