CIA Reportedly Has Evidence Russia Interfered With Election

Bi-partisan senators are calling for an inquiry over Russian hacking and U.S. presidential election results.
3:53 | 12/12/16

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Transcript for CIA Reportedly Has Evidence Russia Interfered With Election
Out of CI AA investigation. Concluded. That Russian actors. We're working to get Donald Trump elected president and a bipartisan group of senators inkling John McCain. And Lindsey Graham a points or a bit abrupt crawled into Russia's role in which will be allowed access. What do you believe in Weston hacking could actually changed the outcome he adds I believe that. RNC did nothing came out on them so they did back to pat they hacked into the aren't seize emails but the Republican. I'm party but nothing came out about that then you know so possibly yes well but. Upping its possibly we don't know for sure if there's this nexus between the Russians hacking into the DNC. And Hillary losing but I think what it's most troubling. Is that Donald Trump is saying that we don't know if Russia is behind the hacks when you have not one not two. But seven seen intelligence agencies agreeing that Russia in fact. Did do this to try to sway an idea let's try encouraging. Watch this clip in case you didn't see much I will tell you this rush if you're listening. I hope you're able to find the 30000. Emails. That are missing. I think you'll probably be rewarded mightily by our press. It's about but excellent and the idea that heat that he doesn't see the problem with that is a problem because in the end it this is not a partisan issue this is about someone coming into our country and continuing to make it seem. Raids in and not right he should be the first one spearheading. Hey that'll help the results would have been different but the fact they have proof at this hour and that is a problem when the Kellyanne Conway says this making fake news at bat when she refers Atlanta Dahlia Rob Conway is greatness but. Stop. If this were any of the country. We'd be all in their business we'd be investigating we be looking and saying you can't run. These kinds of election. He takes my why pick picking up a lot of the white right man on Disney. Yeah OK yeah that's. I'm I've yet to make. It's it's like they are discrediting the CIA. His campaign and and he is the that president to lacked room. But this country is discrediting the organization that basically protects us from foreign invasion. From from you know. Isn't it time for him to step down I mean did and he asked to step down before the inauguration before they eat in the nuclear can't say we are at risk when the press. I don't have the United States. I. How does it seventeen. Agencies saying there is an issue exactly. App that's it's not one 217. Of them and they all did it. Light was as Clinton right you know they're not. There for her but. You know it can't be bad just because it's not good for you read now you're flight would China yet if you haven't in the become president yet. And you'll find what holy spots and I don't get that you want to see on the stump up but again for me. If you really want to talk about bringing jobs back he got to talk about manufacturing. There we got up factories all over this country that have been closed now that you have been out of work for a while I understand you wanna bring jobs back. This is how do you know what you're non bottom Russia. 'cause they don't do well while they all that's at.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Bi-partisan senators are calling for an inquiry over Russian hacking and U.S. presidential election results.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44146532","title":"CIA Reportedly Has Evidence Russia Interfered With Election","url":"/Politics/video/cia-reportedly-evidence-russia-interfered-election-44146532"}