Cleveland Mayor Discusses Community's Role in Hosting RNC

Frank Jackson took the stage at the Republican National Convention to mention recent police reforms and investments that have helped revitalize his city.
4:18 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for Cleveland Mayor Discusses Community's Role in Hosting RNC
These people who. Yeah. Good at you don't. How are you doing this afternoon I. Good not want to welcome you to Cleveland. And as was mentioned to the home of the NBA 2016. Champions the Cleveland Cavaliers. I hope you take some time to get to know us because we're really happy to achieve here. Every day that we have done in Cleveland it has been successful. Including the opportunity to host this convention. Is because we have done it as a community. Our innovative education reform plan that was a result of collaboration. Between Republicans. Democrats business labor. Public schools charter schools are Philanthropic communities and of course the citizens of the city Cleveland. Our cooperative. Efforts with the Department of Justice. Resulting in a comprehensive. Agreement for police they gives us the opportunity for real reform. And a vision that goes beyond that agreement to have that our citizens would whale he quipped. And we all trained police division. They enhancing community policing as part of his DNA that is real policing reform. Now we are city. Of great ethnic and cultural diversity and it works together to welcome everyone. The rebirth of Cleveland. Is evident. As we look at Cleveland becoming a destination for businesses. Put new residents. Spoiled food entertainment and lifestyle. Cleveland is the city of movie making the rock and roll. We put on the senior games the gay games and yes. This year's 2016. Republican National Convention. Now you are in a city. With the most robust. Cultural and arts between new York and Chicago. So visit our museums. See your show on one of our stages. You're in a city. We're toe world class restaurants and ship so enjoy our downtown hospitality. Adventure and to our neighborhoods as well as visit newly renovated public square. Not all of these things. Are a reflection of the hard working in diverse people of this city. But as I travel. Throughout the city and I've talked to the people. I am reminded that we still have a ways that goal to become a great city. A truly great city. Will be measured by the whale being of his people in particularly the least of us but I'm not talking about welfare and Cherie. I'm talking about how do we have every wanna participate in day quality alive in the prosperity did this community creates. Is striving for greatness. This is to challenge their re embrace in this struggle in the fight did we take all. We will be successful because. We would do it as one community. Now. Some of you may have heard about layers months in BA games when the cavaliers did not invite. Nationally. Known recording artists to sing the National Anthem. It in this field and we all sing it together. It is in this fear is ladies and gentlemen Dave we greet you to Cleveland in welcome you to Cleveland so enjoy your time here. Get to know us and hope you come back soon. Now. Now it's my honor my honor to introduce a target town need. Executive newstalk Armand booed each thank you.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Frank Jackson took the stage at the Republican National Convention to mention recent police reforms and investments that have helped revitalize his city.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40671266","title":"Cleveland Mayor Discusses Community's Role in Hosting RNC","url":"/Politics/video/cleveland-mayor-discusses-communitys-role-hosting-rnc-40671266"}