Climate Change Activists Raise Concerns with Trump Pick for Secretary of State

ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to climate change activists gathering outside the Capitol.
8:10 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Climate Change Activists Raise Concerns with Trump Pick for Secretary of State
Good morning from right outside the US capitol on ABC's Josh Haskell right inside they would do those doors former Exxon Mobil's CEO Rex Tillerson days. In his. Hearing for Trump's cabinet position of secretary of state hearing just began we know that he was. Introduced by Bob gates former Defense Secretary. On the senators were filing into it buried packed room before Tillerson even started some protesters were taken. Out of that particular room. And they were taken into a hallway. To try prevent from the disruptions that we saw yesterday senator Jeff Sessions. He is hearing is going on for the second dated a right near here and Russell were in Dirksen office building. And so I wanted to kind of paint a picture for you with the theme was outside of where these senators work. So as the media and the public were filing in this morning. They were greeted by this group 350 dot org owner bring in Lindsey we are just speaking in it if Nate can hand over to the side there they'll see there are some. TU racks of costumes. Yet bats an eye ball right there. Hand. I'm told that these costumes will go on later today but this is how Rex Tillerson was greeted this morning at the US capitol. This climate change group 18. Mr. Tillerson to know how they feel about. He is nomination is being secretary of state Lindsay tells little bit more about what brought you guys down. Today absolutely so we're here today to urge senators reject Rex Tillerson as secretary of state. The former CEO of ExxonMobil on. Who has repeatedly let. Priorities of the oil industry over the American people should not be our next secretary of state and so Bieber here. T make sure that. Our voices were heard and were joined by about fifteen of our dinosaur friends. Because trump this stacking his cabinet with awesome deal billionaires. And those don't represent the American people. I also heard some chance this mornings I was arriving Rex killers did Rex Tillerson is that dinosaurs. And some of some other members of your group or kind of thing now. You feel like. He's out of date with the way. That. Science. And our government should be acting and kind of ignoring. The signs of climates. So we can't hand over our international fund to seats dinosaurs runs. And it was actually acts son act on those scientists. Who warns the company's executives as far back as the 1970s. About the impact of fossil fuel use on our time so. A generation ago Exxon was at the forefront of side of the science around climate change but. Instead exceeding those warnings Exxon's executives chose to turn to the PR department and work an incredible amount of resources. Instead into selling deception. And that is why. It's because of Rex Tillerson and Exxon. And this fossil fuel industry that we had this phony debate about climate change. One edge issue the other members of your group who were out here right now. Are there any members of 350 dot org inside and for you guys planning any sort of disruptions. Or protest wall the hearing is going on. So we are here to me as much noise as possible use our voices and bodies we might not have. Exxon and the fossil fuel industry has but we have our voices we have our bodies and that's what we'll use. And to be if this is just the beginning. Can you tells all what you're planning the rest today or wall Rex Tillerson is here in the capital. I'm so I think there are few groups inside I'm not sure exactly what is calling it has. And when you see a few groups. It's not just climate change that is against Rex Tillerson correct what are some of the other groups that you guys have joined. Absolutely so just yesterday 57 in net in national organizations representing transparency issues. Human rights crime may. And and others. Signed a letter to look that senators and to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Calling on them to reject racks so it's not just about his climate crimes though those are the forefront but also his. Responsibility and human rights violation and transparency issues and others. Secretary of state is very important job it needs or relations around the world countries embassies with ambassadors. What particularly about Rex. Besides climate change. About Rex Tillerson record that concerns you guys so much. So his Fritz Henderson's record is really about. Putting the fossil fuel industry an Exxon above the American people. And key and we anticipate that as secretary of steam. He wanted to promote a government or by and Exxon. And we won't stand for. And in recent reports it seems like it's an endless revealing. Violations that Rex Tillerson but recent reports show that he Exxon worked with. Iran. As while country was under sanction. It the listing analysts and it means you can anticipate more of that if Rex Tillerson our secretary. Can you tell me your first lesson ambulance Lindsay mind and in Lindsay. Out of all the senators that are in there today on the foreign relations committee that are going to be questioning Rex Tillerson. At any in particular you think will really hold him accountable. Or people who won't mean and who who do you think can stand up. To Rex Tillerson speak for you guys who were out here. So even targeting all 100 senators because when it comes down went the full senate needs 200 Rex Tillerson. And snow. Last month just two days ago on Monday. There were over seventy action in nearly all fifty states where the day gets denial snow. We aren't particularly targeting senator Pryor leads to many but also all the senators. Here and tell us to sole holds little bit about. This visual that we're seeing right here. He's costumes. And. How this whole idea came together again yeah absolutely so the fact that Rex killers and the recent former CEO. Is nominated to be our secretary of stay is. It's pretty outrageous and awesome in all senses of the word it. You know in this error where there are a lot of scary things happening we know that we need. A little bit if humor to get there it and snow that dinosaurs are supposed to you. And injects that kind of tier of humor as well as ill history that Rex Tillerson himself is a dying art. Have you put on one of those costume so far today I actually chided on yesterday it was a lot of fun to run around as a team. And so you guys plan to be out here all day in I assume it. Rex Tillerson is confirmed guys team will play into continued to voice your opinion. So will we were here all morning and we'll definitely be reacting and watching. How the actual hearing itself does and this is just the beacon. Our our. Our opposition against Rex Tillerson and comes climate and I happen it. We want to think Lindsay mavens so much for talking to us when I think your group. 350 dot or and we will. Continue to check out check in with you guys all day today and however long this hearing goes on. We're gonna. Take a break in and we're gonna head back inside and update you guys on what's happening in the hearing also see if any of our friends who've been patiently waiting in line if any of them work. You can't get inside still a long line of the public. Inside this the scene outside and ABC's Josh house on Capitol Hill state.

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{"duration":"8:10","description":" ABC News' Josh Haskell talks to climate change activists gathering outside the Capitol.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44709511","title":"Climate Change Activists Raise Concerns with Trump Pick for Secretary of State","url":"/Politics/video/climate-change-activists-raise-concerns-trump-pick-secretary-44709511"}