Clinton Pollster Joel Benenson Defends Lack of Press Conferences

Benenson tells ABC News "She's been doing interviews for months."
8:08 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Clinton Pollster Joel Benenson Defends Lack of Press Conferences
Joint ire at Clinton. At an cheeks and yes. You have a talk at all that. All you talk about polls and I. Tonight you could appear at first. Woman nominee for president and it's really. You know the old days you say is kicks off the start of that campaign. He's campaign to so long and I figured feels repetitive. Game but it is good night is it really is an opportunity over. To deliver a speech would probably more eyeballs that you have watching people listening in any at the point the rest of the way. It's a great opportunity for verbally out her vision very distinct. And clear choice for people about what kind of country she wants to build as opposed to where Tuttle reports. She's got that were due tonight in the months having the hundred days to go before Election Day but she has pumped Kirk there are very high favorability ratings both her and mr. trump. And there is this issue a trust that keeps coming up again and again she doesn't poll well so what is going to count. I think what we do it's we talk about our vision we talk about what she's gonna do she makes that case that the American people and at the end of the day right now is pointed out both candidates have. I got favorable ratings relative to historical. Prospectus which after member elected to choices. And what voters want to know is which what are these people connect out of the trust he thinks that's gonna prove my life. Make my life better my children's future better and a better future of the country are we could beat a country that Americans always did it. Which is a country that values or diversity. Our police our differences a restraining. At what we worked together which property yet origination that's who we always thought or bigger challenge it biggest challenges. As opposed to a patient groups of what is it not only very divisive dangerous when it comes to foreign policy. But who really cares down America it appears that Americans all the time. That respect it's a little bit he said because there has always get that. Burst. We don't retrospect what you currently streets mostly at you write those seasonal question like of course two curious. Obvious security officer to protect your own people Susan or current to a beat played a part. So how do you hope that you know that we haven't always been this way that's the Soviet side it's pretty effective. Because the story of her Erica it is a long journey there's no question immediately Northrop is created this court trees you point out. We all vote that what are the issues they started fighting about there in Philadelphia here. Who's had to deal with sleepers which many of the found mostly it took us another. Eighty years to outlaw seven years outlawed but we've had maturity of progress not always easy. But what we know was when ever we meet that progress ever we found ways to come together resolve our differences. It has made a strong but there's no question we have stronger. To the progress we're making whether it's among people of color. LG being he Americans who were able to marry for the first time we've been and still aren't getting equal pay. We or work in progress it is we are therapist said to create a more perfect you. We are not at Berkeley union. Nicole here that is which of these people will kill them more perfect in and I think despite or protections that only one candidate who's talking out. Kind of retreat knows the pride to supposed to build bridges between people the block people. Hillary Clinton about reaching those divides project that the pitchers because she does believe that you get together we will created strong or our troops. It from the issue and arrogance both campaigns are trying to bill though there is this issue again in trust or wherever it comes out there and they're like a way to cricket problem what are. You question can I. Sleaze think of what it Noah when you have Donald Trump's people out access to US cable old riddle brigade conducting its at this question doctor title happily as. Let me out ports and an outline what local people have a reception that she is something instantly I'm not saying there are no I don't think at that respect your right here is the act either you're acting up today marks 238. Actually at a press that the woman with in the public eye. We're decades if not several one on one and small groups. Voters here in there but the press which actively takes questions on the library from there are. Ask that you you wanted to answer yes yes please look she has answered. Hundreds if not thousands of questions from reporters in one on when it is used as he states use that what you're eating you should do it every week. You're sitting up to stamp at the Donald Trump sits up. She hasn't had a press carpets will have a press conference we want to have a press conference it's no problem with that but the American people hear from part directly every day. They get to ask her questions every day. Which he answers questions from journalists she's been doing interviews for months but some of the toughest issues that have come up with her you wanna talk about trust. Let's talk about trust the American people wanted to which what are these people can make us. Give their kids the education loser which one of these people. Will they trust you would it be OK which is a family issue because we have more equipment was recruiters or corporate winners and their families. Donald trumps that which is it true why Hillary Clinton does it. He thinks it's OK if they witness. Less than men Hillary Clinton doesn't we'll have a debate about which one of these people Americans trust more this campaign. The reason Hillary Clinton has been leading Donald Trump is because they trust her more. To make the changes that will make their lives better that's what this campaign is about. Voters in a vote on that not have any press conferences. Any candidate heads she'll take questions from the press from now until the end shall take plenty of questions from real people to that'll be fine. What people want to know about what you can do for my life make my life. You're saying no press office kitchen this darts are areas of actually. Talking to reporters looked at the Apollo days or decades it is that the ballots are sort of air presence of facts. You know we've got a guy who goes out yes that you think the American people worried about press conferences but I worry about IXIS can I have. It's a question though her prize our idol clarify my answer here to look. Donald throw them. Yes today. Scared don't world. With words that says. In fighting Russia. To hat Americans engaged in espionage but he's been denounced by Republicans that. The American people care about issues like that can have a serious skeletons at school we are militant terrorist group from crisis. Hillary Clinton's plan to defeat crisis with the voters want is which one of these people if the state. When you hear Hillary Clinton. Focus your doctor every day all over the country. Cities and states that everybody seized from our seats are yours for our thoughts about her plan of how we that if he writes. Yeah Donald Trump goes out. And continues. Used reckless radically. New Eden Republican national security experts says. Makes him unqualified. Unfit to become injury she. Of the United States. Yet. She eats is still a virtual tie with her past so what about that era took sir what could happen next two days a cork or are. Our president elections you guys are at are acting like you know Donald Trump's Italy if you were to close race because presidential elections in America historically. Or close elections that are not one by landslides. There were but Lance like the Electoral College by Democrats was way. Last two Republican wins what every bite her to the Electoral College. But we have very close election keep it very few presidents and America get elected and reelected with 50% or devotes only got seven. President Obama's only the third Democrat in street in that city expectation here should be nothing but that it is very close election all the way to the end. As they always are.

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{"duration":"8:08","description":"Benenson tells ABC News \"She's been doing interviews for months.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40974829","title":"Clinton Pollster Joel Benenson Defends Lack of Press Conferences","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-pollster-joel-benenson-defends-lack-press-conferences-40974829"}