Clinton Supporters Call for Democratic Unity

ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from the Democratic convention floor, where Clinton supporters are calling for unity in the democratic party.
9:04 | 07/26/16

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Transcript for Clinton Supporters Call for Democratic Unity
Back live in the Pennsylvania delegation on their senator your senator just wrapped up what you guys think about the streets agreement. Often. Highlighted many things about your state talk about Carnegie Mellon some of the other communities colleges. And is there anything better than hosting a convention. In Philadelphia to showcase your state. Now it's been wonderful I didn't. Is like their convention and I had in the past traveler across the country and pack everything in it was wonderful to get aren't. We've come here and Philadelphia the beautiful city was really happy to be coming along and it's. And if they're doing a terrific job of putting on the convention. If they want to go back to what we're talking about earlier. You said you were not happy with the way that some delegates were booming or making sort of assumed here on 91 of the convention. You believe that this'll change and by Thursday ever will be united behind the party's nominee. No I think there's some people who like just going to stay green. Enthusiasm. And they're not they. I feel very anti I'm not spend my time talking to him I don't ever change their minds. To be and I were just talking healing and learning delegate I'm. We both Specter and another's opinions that's not an issue that we vote that both candidates have wonderful quality and I'm thrilled with his left arm I think that they did a masterful job of integrating. The best from both sides. But I think everyone and everything should be respectful of another person's opinion and I wish that are happening more here. Thirty sanders' campaign called the most progressive agenda the Democratic Party has ever pass for any one of their conventions to breeding viewer Bernie delicate. If you Wear and Hillary pit. Kelly and a look at it. And now would you say November you'll vote for Hillary Clinton. What made you kind of come around and turn the corner some of your other delegates here not been able to do that. Yeah it's a incidents and we have to stay united weakness there it's eight we have to stay united. We cannot let Donald Trump in an offense and only way to do it is appalling it's killing me telling kids and parents are doesn't come together as one. Parents definitely went a house divided cannot stay in. Well before we let you vote go. Nancy show is that needle point again it tells a little bit more about. New England. Eight at my. Grandson Jacob. And until I want you to know that I finished at that convention that nominated as president the united. Did you start that this evening. Attack. Definitely warrant that's been going on every year. I think I don't like. I think they might get hands. This your big project for the convention besides watching all the speaker. And and I think you both so much for talking to us we're gonna stand up but we're not going any where we have a very special yet. We're gonna do a quick turn to get the stage in the background and now what are we just step right over here First Act. And I'm joined by. ABC's Bernie Sanders reporter Mary Alice park she's been. With the cedars campaign following its haters can hate beginning. Mary Alice so far we've only been here for a few hours a lot of action tell us what you're fueling what you're hearing. That bring Anders delegates came with her real investment. But then this is about changing the party. Chased the party platform and making sure that their opinion their views were hurt. State and local this entire primary season if not back down and I am not totally surprised that we're seeing that here on the evidence of large. It seems that the mood it's kind of calm down a little bit when we first went on the air. A lot of brewing lot of chance it was definitely a distraction to the speakers on the stage but as of late it seems like it's com. Do you think it'll flared back up and during what speaker. Well remember that early on today we're actually doing some real business at the party acting roles accident or. Based on the night news at level. Things that are in the pop up the rules for delegate its rate. Chamberlain ready to meet global. Early and again we Austin is the grant that intermingling campaign have been working. This sort of and that makes us calm and seeing a lot of former and current apt floating. The Edmonton ought to top it off at Herat Iraq. Many emotions are. At that. As we continue to talk to Mary Alice here. Us this senator from New York. Yours in Gillibrand pick is taking huge Hillary Clinton supporter of course. Is known the clintons for many years. It seems though that some delegates like Sabrina that I was just talking to you. Who was a birdie delegate has been had come around in feels like. We need to defeat Donald's wrote there is a growing feeling I don't want it in a picture like every Bernie Sanders elegance still Bernie Sanders Allen. Remember that there's this you may bring delegate to sort of put them in one box there are plenty of pretty delegates are telling me that they want this week's EU one where they can row. In appreciation for Hillary Clinton and the party ain't no link the opener Andy and it made us what else. Rot in this week I'm their others. Actually from the blues stay banks that don't feel like there's an at risk. Helping black dots on. Much more hours to vote for it still kinda Green Party candidate I'm our state house. This thirty bit a lot of action hero Jay when it DNC part of believers still two hours away from hearing from Bernie Sanders quickly get this. Aren't adding up to enemy a lot of the scrap. And the First Lady the United States which Obama but let's talk about Bernie speech would expect to hear from him tonight. You know candy distancing outlined in the speech is going to be kind of a shorter version of what we heard a New Hampshire went into stores. Hillary Clinton for the first time I focused a lot of her accomplishments are really important. At defeating Donald Trump I had all the ways that I'm not an alignment with Hazen values. That's saying that he did all of our boarding in the attic that's still let me but I will say and you know. Editor's note the last minute speech Friday and Jeff you know if an agency was still working on it today even actors acting in the delegate. I'm not surprised that they are still crossing big battery writings that as an anchor he and he often lyzard about it to stand out even in a large. A forum like. Now we're back at least every July unlike that one in Lawrence Taylor and he also knows that act like so while this crowd so maybe he's making its last eighteen. And we awesome also take into account what's happened. It's been a very busy day the rally that we are at earlier in theaters addresses supporters. And then coming here doing a walk through in these neighborhood meet with different types of people also do what talk just a little bit about what's in it they got. Is reporting in terms of the kind of communicating today. Between Hillary that the campaign Lamberty Sanders camp. Yeah. The senator and Clinton met in her sand all but six weeks ago. We don't and it's hot app I think it became even over just act almost on a daily eight Nancy and even analyzed point 448. That are three hours we know that they're really taking a sign. This is a critic at nearly working together to try to find ways to make sure the crowd here as an ominous background. Yelena included and and that's a lot of legislators get instant hoping to continue to help participating. Gains they don't want it to suspect well they understand our needs and together they also want to hear me well heeled Allegheny. So this means I'm alive and don't have a remote mountain bar where the great nuggets exit. Formally vote for him they like as neighbors that here to dinners out and have analyzed the that we highlighted again. And as Cecilia reported it was actually this standards campaign speech shots but that the campaign. They were aware. The way that their supporters were feeling entering its arena tonight. They wanted to do something about it there is a text message that you reported on that was sent out to supporters I believe there may be some sort of an email possibly. Yeah I EE mouse stamped that same. We past few years back now as excellent. You know if you bring us understand these people he has hardly more than he went out last year. Remember them Lott and his delegate. Aren't Democrats currently they weren't and I guess they are now they're serving as delegates for the advancement in moderate Democrat and being a party they don't feel it. Strong allegiance to the party at an eight scenes written and them namely independent Labour Party members. And now I have great brands list that I can't it is 98 year stay in it came to carry on the ground on out. And this week. Part of what it very easy to understand that he's not and still kind of are with them on America.

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{"duration":"9:04","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell reports from the Democratic convention floor, where Clinton supporters are calling for unity in the democratic party.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40875362","title":"Clinton Supporters Call for Democratic Unity","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-supporters-call-democratic-unity-40875362"}