Clinton Supporters Celebrate Philadelphia Primary Win

ABC News' Lana Zak talks to Philadelphia residents shortly after Hillary Clinton wins the state's primary.
3:14 | 04/27/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clinton Supporters Celebrate Philadelphia Primary Win
Wanna go now to our wanna Zack who's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania were Hillary Clinton was just projected the winner of the democratic side Donald Trump big winner tonight and the Republican side. Mock Couri whip tonight eyewitness some some voters today. Yeah. Voters Deborah and resident yeah. Yeah yeah. That he didn't do anything. And of yeah. Ability to carry you ask. And it yeah. I. Yeah yeah. Yeah. Inventing nightly. Here. Yeah. It's not. Currently on the minds yeah. Oh. Yeah yeah yeah. He's done little. Yeah. Hood. Yeah yeah. Cut. And I knew I was given a Democrat. You can't come down to zero overall. Yeah he's giving me it's. Better really just an experienced. In his letter saying not since its. Please. What's it plans to their. You know nursing. First look. Dangerously different venues. That was awesome. I'll admit I'm here Alli. Aren't a lot of his name is here actually ever yeah people ending the war actually. Putting together again and your opinion they were watching the original well they. On. Your TV news than it actually add marginal yeah. That's blending yeah. On the democratic side. Lightly and easily on the Republican side in depth and just to show you this. I have a company yeah publicly available well I think it outside of the only place and for the Democrats. In Pennsylvania unlike in other places in this country you actually vote for the delegates are going to represents you know. And democratic night and they have the candidate. End. Who they are much you eat he Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton there. And Democrats children seven and seven mail and heaven female candidate to be telling me. But on earth can I you don't hear anything neat little and there is no obligation. Any delegates maybe we'll work crews they may be for anything immediate word on the look and let us they are. I'm going. They are going to be working person who wins but some of them might not feel trump winning Pennsylvania it's only been guaranteed earnings and.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"ABC News' Lana Zak talks to Philadelphia residents shortly after Hillary Clinton wins the state's primary. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38692304","title":"Clinton Supporters Celebrate Philadelphia Primary Win","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-supporters-celebrate-philadelphia-primary-win-38692304"}