Clinton Supporters Rally in Portsmouth, NH

Six Weeks before NH primary election, voters speak out on the issues they want solved.
13:38 | 12/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Clinton Supporters Rally in Portsmouth, NH
Hearing your life. We are here live and if you. Lincoln town hall is about to hold. He's the first snow. Here in Portsmouth in the state of New Hampshire. Fired up even of the weather outside is cold. Find out what would be. Every stolen Tim Shoemaker right now. Oh let's get you right over here care Exelon. Got the shot of the church behind us right now. The only people it. To be here. Reporters clearly fired off. I'm week. What a life. I didn't know which way. You read this time. She filled up the papers. Steve comes in the state when she files her candidacy actually that was the fourth time I've gone with the she found him. By the new. Right now what voters thinking about you know. Donations. Other. I think we have. In both parties. I'm right now I think there. The real deal. Kerry was just. Right behind me and everybody started filling up the raptors have these. Orders and if I turn the camera and actually see the press corps that's like him. Here. Hard work there as they build up four getting ready for this event that Hillary. Is traveling from the snow and its lead to yet in fact later today she's got a a town hall of the northern part of New Hampshire where. The weather is even worse right now everyone starting to speculate what will that trip actually happened is better campaign insists that she will be driving. Through the icy conditions to continue but she needs this in of the residents of northern New Hampshire near the Canadian border no credit my shoulder here out this window. You can actually see supporters single bleeding. On the block. As they are freezing themselves they try to get in here. It seems like bread standing removing capacity at this point. Portsmouth severe every you know. And hoping it continues. Into the new year because this is when it starts to really matters so we're now that's not look right out here. And and some more. I'm waiting to get into the event right now it is still snowing it is still cold I was out there earlier. Fingers started turning red ears has started turning nominal. Let's make our way down the aisles here is because. The charts that Hillary. How are you don't area and so. Winning the Kentucky for the Republican guard unit but it is still over end up until well into what what you got here. So I'm trying to decide what want to support. And Hillary. NN that the best way to hear that at this. I love that Bernie rally as well. I'm tiny old fashioned and energized and won't. What's the decision is going to remind me about Bernie Sanders has Hillary Clinton wouldn't. Boat and what do you hope in the city today so so we'll unreleased tonight idealistic son. And who's that Bernie Sanders. Now there. Women. Right and I think about you know look look comfortable. Over time now. Getting things done or someone with a little bit more but it is. And might be able to get us some smaller. We will go and thank you so much still. And right behind us. By the way you guys. We'll Cameron sirens have an effect. I'm needed in waiting. More than ours and we'll. The venerable. Diana looked much. See you wearing. I had yeah. A lot of Hillary Clinton would hear. Assisting with the Bill Clinton the clintons this week had been in the you've done other. As Donald Trump. User of women. Since he made those remarks. 48 hours ago. There must have been in touch anyone else's see everything go to the park road here. Were you waiting in line earlier. I got maybe got here really early to what time you get here and we got here and there. Of his at 1030. Almost 1 PM now. Seemed innocent enough teams and but well a little while here. Polarity. Warming has not you know are we want people who drowned in the so you think Hillary Clinton supporters what major kind of it is very well why don't we love Hillary me yeah we met Hillary before Bill Clinton ran for president. Funny years ago. I'm like please. Oh lord here in. Anybody married Hillary. So there's really Hillary Clinton a inspired you to tell fumbled with the pack. Don't know how many Hillary and did. I'll. Knew that players letters should be. Now it turns out it turns out Bill Clinton. Actually going to be stumping for Hillary but. For secret weapon that she is going to. Looking forward to seeing children. A better campaign. This I know there are being. Did together and it's pretty night. And outside. My god I design and people like about. Giving him. Today. That's right play yet there is no more. Jailed politician right. Famously. Politicians are visiting and. New Hampshire great.

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{"duration":"13:38","description":"Six Weeks before NH primary election, voters speak out on the issues they want solved.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35995080","title":"Clinton Supporters Rally in Portsmouth, NH","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-supporters-rally-portsmouth-nh-35995080"}