Clinton Supporters Go up Against Sanders Supporters

ABC News' Charli James and LZ Granderson visit the battling rallies outside the debate hall.
6:47 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Clinton Supporters Go up Against Sanders Supporters
Former colleague that actually decide to brave the cold they ventured outside of that Hollywood and where you'll. And ABC's Charlie gave an LD Brandon and I outside there what's. Something I'd. And around that that we throw welcome to the entrance of the camp and where. If it weren't Smart parent with signs and chanting. We just got here is still figuring out exactly. What. Going on the. That's our cardinal probably right now as part protest part rally because have to promise of his birdies in his quarters the other half lives like Hillary Clinton. Sought to O'Malley people what they were leaving me to get to code for the wouldn't get over well known in Europe they have. We already realized he had his mind and well let's start walking and yeah. Well you're out yeah. Well I think musical right now yeah. It burned. Would go to burger. And on. Like thirty last week rally we're we're very and its and it didn't like dueling. Rallies the hunt that's sort of how it evolved notwithstanding. Though wasn't intended that I. He is inevitable Hillary final purpose. Goodness is back. Senator there. You out here. It's like they're doing but. Look inside he doesn't dare you. Because he's the man bashing is doing mundane issues that matter. This then it's obvious yeah. He's got on climate change. Women's rights that our money and politics. The man who answered Google announcing it fixes. It is not apply now at Christmas letter. I'm bill and it doesn't matter how cold it is going to be here for very good to benefit a local business. This is on hotlines are more gritty sand as they made little donation and goes on certain works out all right. Ugly rich and apparently hate quote. Corporate greed has got to go but there's a variant which is also super pacs have got to go both of which are very important to him held to replace. Of the decline rallies are actually coming to an and other supporters saying that because I think it's starting. And they want to make sure to get back to the party. You watch it that there are certain of what I'm down six people. That is I guess that height this week they told us that there are few hundred people here is that something there it underground. Quite was a little understanding. Or sympathize with the plot of land here we didn't red bird rising federal district rally which I guess the reverse of what the actual. Primary voters were to be like birds report stated goal of whether it's. Bernie we're. Reporters hurting right after the vote. Yet that there aren't groups involved chanting but there was no like yelling at each other. I would say that we channels like he's a group that goes heavy burden and bring it is important though policy driven. Understanding all the policy want to look for any day. Let's go through parades or say. Prediction. That Hillary hit like Atlantic county next time they had been up incline. Let them. Little leg the at valley fair value to you and don't live. Yeah we got way way over here now I'm I believe the China background. Running had to get up flatly and then. Part that over can't be. The governor can't beings flag and then to figure out. Here like roll he's on all these rallies with the no I just as some sort of like easy. Yeah. Well it's obvious that some corporate standards. Someone who's in college and no revenues in the Air National Guard. I've visited and heard you invite our policy. She fights are in the military. He's been awarded for that. Liked it better financed. There in the repair and my personal. That benefits me the most I think our affects everybody is talking politics. Had numbered about a million. Enron. New lives. Hillary Clinton right now I'm Natalie. Very good and bad news doesn't look good thing because they're pretty good story. Well if you look at where your money. Wesley lamented not. Nine out of ten her top donors are perfect. And so when she goes out and she says oh. I'm gonna fight I'm gonna fight against Wall Street and Angela the last is said I'm gonna fight against Wall Street I went over there and told them no. But then turn around and took all their money. How did he say that your for the people it funny that isn't from. Thank you. The Hillary son Hillary's side they're taking their giant giant. Something about it you can't tell me that I hit some like to hold. Like signs packed them. Giant sign these huge fan aren't the answer inside the country really like there their son. When I go or you know why did you have been widely dignity for much of what happened there. What the president and his brother reason why in New Hampshire people really bad taste of politics. Every year they don't waited for the general election they fit into their their motto is live free or die in front of them built free of British should be understand what's going on their country are. And Dexter liberties are about privacy this capacity in the code night. But executives ibex debate. Good this is part of their calls it part of credible. So on it they handed the Bernie supporters and Hillary redhead and there once pretty to watch the debate.

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{"duration":"6:47","description":"ABC News' Charli James and LZ Granderson visit the battling rallies outside the debate hall.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35868985","title":"Clinton Supporters Go up Against Sanders Supporters","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-supporters-sanders-supporters-35868985"}