Clinton: Trump's Written 'a Lot of Books' That 'Seem to End at Chapter 11'

The presumptive Democratic nominee questions whether the GOP candidate's business history is a good fit for America.
5:40 | 06/21/16

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Transcript for Clinton: Trump's Written 'a Lot of Books' That 'Seem to End at Chapter 11'
Few days ago we said and I quote. I'm going to do for the country what I did for my business. So let's take a look at what he hit for his business. He's written a lot of books about business. Osce and it Chapter Eleven. Okay. Go figure. At over the years. He intentionally. Ran up huge amounts of debt. On his company's and then ET Fossett. He bankrupted his company it's not once not twice but four times. Hundreds of people lost their jobs. Shareholders. Were wiped out. Contractors. Many of them small businesses. Took heavy losses. Many went bust. But Donald Trump. He came out fine. Here's what he said about one of those bankruptcies. I figured it was the bank's problem not mine. What the hell did I care. He also says. I play with bankruptcy. Everything seems to be a game with him. It isn't for a lot of buses it. Just look at what he did in Atlantic City. You put his name on buildings his favorite thing to do. He can't get other people that is properties were a great investment. So they let go in with them. But he arranged it so he got paid no matter how his company's perform. So enhance casino and hotel went bankrupt. Because it how badly. He mismanaged them. He still walked away with millions. While everybody else. Paid the price. Well today has properties are sold. Shattered or falling apart. And sell our a lot of people's lives. Here's what he says about that. Atlantic City was a very good cash cow for me for a long time. Remember that the next time you see him talking on TV. About how we'll all win big if only we elect him president. Now he's tried to say he's changed somebody's told him he needs to say. That he's not in it for himself anymore is really now in it for America but he's doing the exact same thing that he's been doing for years. This is his one meal. He makes over the top promises that if people stick with them trust him listened to him put their faith in him. Feel the lever for them. He'll make them wildly successful. And then everything falls apart. And people get hurt. Those promises you're hearing from him at his campaign rallies. They are that same promises he made to his customers at trump university. And now. Now there are suing him for fraud. The same people he's tried to get to vote for him. Our people he's been exploiting. For years. Because it's not just other investors other rich people that he took advantage job. It was working people. He's been involved in more than 3500. Lawsuits in the last thirty years. And a large number were filed by ordinary Americans. And small businesses. That did work for Tron. And never got paid. Painters. Waiters. Plumbers. People who needed them money and didn't get. Not because he couldn't. Pay them. But because he pull it stiff them. Sometimes he offered them thirty cents on the dollar for projects they it all ready completed. Hundreds of leafs have been filed against him. By contractors. Going back decades. And they all tell a similar story. They worked for him I did my job he wouldn't pay me what he owed me. My late father was a small businessman. If his customers. Had done what trump did. My dad. Would never hit me. I take this personally. He says he's at this this man and this is what businessmen do. Of CNN pointed out that Knoll made cheer. Company has filed. Chapter Eleven more often in the last thirty years and Trump's casinos. Now this is not normal behavior. There are great business people here in Ohio in America. Brilliant hardworking men and women who care about their workers. And the people they do business where. And they want to build something that laughs. There decent there honest they're patriots some might even make fine presidents. And they would never dream acting the way Donald Trump does. In America we don't begrudge people being successful. But we know they shouldn't do it by destroying other people's dreams.

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{"id":40020360,"title":"Clinton: Trump's Written 'a Lot of Books' That 'Seem to End at Chapter 11'","duration":"5:40","description":"The presumptive Democratic nominee questions whether the GOP candidate's business history is a good fit for America.","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-trumps-written-lot-books-end-chapter-11-40020360","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}