Clinton Wins Maryland and Delaware

ABC News' David Wright takes us inside the Hillary Clinton's event in Philadelphia.
4:17 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Clinton Wins Maryland and Delaware
Let's head out to David Wright to is that Hillary Clinton are rally David the crowd didn't energize behind you we see some Baath flag waving. They're ready for Hillary right. The flag waving the music to pump in the crowd is dancing here this is a big night for them. Possibly the best night of the primary so far for Hillary Clinton. With the exception of New York. David a week to hear from Hillary call even more explicitly now after tonight do you think. Asking demanding urging Bernie Sanders to get out of this race to step aside. I think you will she's already started sending that message it's saying that she expects nothing less. That an unconditional surrender saying you can't say there are only if you support played through the idea. The senator's campaign comes back though it says they can't just snap their fingers and tell their voters to vote where. The danger that Clinton faces is that if she pushes too hard work you alienate those voters that make this day that would only help republic. And she spent quite a lot of cash and David you've been following this thing I mean they've been burning through money. While Bernie is collecting 27 dollar. Checks from from thousands still to come. What what is their campaign. What is the Clinton Campaign basically look like headed into this home stretch their. There's poised to clinch but to our they have pretty good shape for a general and to deface somebody like a Donald Trump. Well this campaign is obviously that the long primaries obviously forcing them to expend resources. They would rather save for the general election. However there's an argument be made that this also helps that she's gonna have no problem. Raising money you president lots of reasons sources that are fingertips and one of the things that she's got her eye on of course has Bernie Sanders fund raising season opening. That his staff will turn over those things those Sanders donors will be. New donors are going forward of course that remains to be seen in that maybe part of the they brokered going forward. So David what what's next for Hillary after tonight where she had a day give us a sense of or next steps this week. She's already headed out to Indiana she was in Indiana for a couple of events today. Going to be campaigning you know if they're going to be campaigning forward. Californians of the other West Coast states that are coming. She is eager to turn that thing to turn the page and begin general election conversation she's trying to do that. The uncomfortable truth though is that Bernie Sanders is not going anywhere. His top strategist says they're gonna have a kind of reality check meeting tomorrow. But the rest of his campaign the candidates are saying that's not so they're gonna press on as they've been saying all the way to California and that. 21 degree or another it's gonna force Clinton to remain in the primary and not be able to turn it to the general election white citizens. And David before we let you go wanted to reunite touched on this earlier tonight but the state of the sanders' campaign reality I think to starting to sink in a little bit warmer there. They might we see some staff that you could leave. That's right there with Tad Devine his top strategist is saying that that campaign staff will mean. And we'll discuss that matter. In a realistic way and come up with than honest assessment of where they stand tomorrow. However the top spokesman for the campaign Michael Riggs is saying. They're all going to be a different places tomorrow that meeting is not gonna happen and that you have to take senator Sanders and his word. That is gonna fight this thing Obama. When I ran into sanders' earlier today asked him. Here Iraqis so that we can expect to Rocky Balboa moment. He left to put up his students. Good. I'd forgotten at the time was reminded of it later that. In rocky one rocky was the sentimental favorite but he actually lost to Obama agreed that part of the movie message hasn't sunken in yet for the sentence him. All right David Wright spent the morning running up the Iraqi steps I think ability to hit there in preparation for this big night David thank you so much terrific reporting. As always.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"ABC News' David Wright takes us inside the Hillary Clinton's event in Philadelphia. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"38692360","title":"Clinton Wins Maryland and Delaware ","url":"/Politics/video/clinton-wins-maryland-delaware-38692360"}