Clinton/Kaine Volunteers Get Out the Vote Hours Before the Election

ABC News goes to the Dearborn, Michigan and talk to volunteers with Clinton campaign as they canvas hours before the election.
7:48 | 11/08/16

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Transcript for Clinton/Kaine Volunteers Get Out the Vote Hours Before the Election
It's almost here some action day. Polls opening in fourteen hours that's not paying them. Canvassers are out here in Michigan. Marsha for. A Sydor and Norris and you guys are working today and color. Through. Economic town definitely and the media. And about why does this equipment to do just. Britain where the posted and so aren't just about the heart of east year Brian it's predominantly Muslim Arab Americans. Middle class on a lot of them are immigrants or on their parents are immigrants and so this is a really good area to hit because we feel like. And the values that Hillary represents is well represented by this community especially. This is. Where. Figures McCain. This is where all of a politician I had and I can't think of this on a on the Molly is coming on as a teacher. A high school is girl her students are from you know very personal teases. Lay is and you know buses. On trailing have realized. You know it's really elect broad neighborhood it really does represent everything that Iran is about. I mean that pulls up and are looking response are you getting from people he knocked on doors. Honestly depends on the area and it. Responses that have gotten in this area have been very Warren I'm very excited single aisle and violent. Other area as if it fluctuates it depends and some people are as excited are passionate about voting. But luckily in this area so east Dearborn and it's I would say there's a lot of energy when it comes at smiled. And just for everybody is seen that with the Clinton Campaign in your only door knocking at this list here and it showed as personal and now on it and you only to knocking on Democrats registered Democrats story yes exactly so we're not trying to. Go out and that they are instigate anything. We just want to make sure that voters are fully equipped and they're ready to rumble its morrow and we wanna make the process as easy as possible. Conversations with some new doors and saying still today that there and this night. You know the less likely to do is kind of some areas but we are going to be running for my. No word you know whichever candidate we are canvassing for at this time. Because it is silly that we all have that kind of like connection whichever candidate that we choose at if they could pass up next on other people I feel like you know. It happened flips them. Honest tonight of them on the hand the lake penetrate them and that their action company decision. Definitely and that feeling especially because you know we are from this community. Health plan to hear that. And the reasons why we are personally choosing to vote for Hillary and you know my parents are immigrants and sell. And I was taught from a variant aides struggled and you know how hard working immigrants work in the American dream. And sell on I've crisply want someone who represents. The values of America. Rather than someone who is. Completely contradictory to them. Dealers in this ever eaten by people in the same. There it. Groups. Eight kind of changes. And it's just a. It neighborhood I think. You know they identify more with our ideology is on doing his very neighbors say it links. In honest that. In different places there are different ideologies. You know there are people who viewed differently. And again they were not trying to convince anyone otherwise that they are you have like their roots planted. But if there's someone who needs to slow them are commencing that less sold my plate that's what we're here where. Michigan has become kind of a surprise we stayed meaning that President Obama here. Today valve was here earlier this week over the weekend are you finding having those figures in. Candidates themselves in this day are actually hoping sweep looters. I think it does yet you know if you go to ironic you feel that and you feel really pumped up so say about you know the political process and you know. Civic engagement yeah. And I and Dave has been along. We were on the and I think very little sleep well a lot of work but it'll annually this is volunteer works is still your student. Still students still work part time you know all that good stuff you know it's police like new nice feeling. You know socialism and lobster on Monday I hope that I making it you know volunteers has dedicated. You know to come and help me and this ano. Thanks I couldn't pass on this ash and other people even just for a moment to get them out to vote them I think I had done my job. Definitely and also I think and with everyone coming in like President Obama today it helps because a lot of the time people single I'm just one person my vote is in town hall. Or you know they believe and you know some other reason why they shouldn't go out and foam. And so I think I'm seeing you know the president of the United States was in Michigan today. You know he was 45 minutes away from here I think it makes them feel more appreciated. And I'm definitely hyped up that energy it's gone books my. There's a question Michigan's in this stage leaning group that might turn into a red states are you guys mean you're knocking on Democrats Doris Day talking to people and what's your prediction. I think it'll be close but I didn't they'll take day hopeful here hopefully we'll stay blue you know. We are kind of listed as a pretty blue area and I. This community in. Specifically can help us you know put us more towards a lot of divisive rhetoric on his campaign particularly to Muslims and immigrants measure and you. Personally been impacted by this. Definitely I think you know. This whole community has whether you're Muslim and on the phone because Muslims and non Muslims let's look mostly your awareness events. And so it's like 11 gets hurt the other one also hurt and we feel the need to defend each on. And but also personally people now are almost agree. To show that there you know. Like these commandments we'll sounds like months on whereas before airing you know. Maybe yes stare you need is some sort of I am now people are taught that it's okay to actually insult people or. Oh definitely. Many times before you know but. Trump is just aggravated. And like it that he people aren't shy about anymore. Also there is. A positive aspect to it because people now feel the need to defend me more. And they feel the need to stand up for Muslims. We're not animals plums or just anyone who is being discriminated against snow in others negatives and there's positives. On each side. And so personally. And we've knocked on about. I don't see 600 doors in the past few days 600. Dollars yeah yes and total. Or Dearborn. And I think it's over 101000 doors with all the volunteers. And it. Tonight we should do and 10200. Depending guess when it gets dark because they like doughnuts I didn't. But we'll also be directing my. Keeping. An event does this need to get is that you guys get on the way out on. You know. You vote tomorrow at times.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"ABC News goes to the Dearborn, Michigan and talk to volunteers with Clinton campaign as they canvas hours before the election. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"43375273","title":"Clinton/Kaine Volunteers Get Out the Vote Hours Before the Election","url":"/Politics/video/clintonkaine-volunteers-vote-hours-election-43375273"}