Clinton's Cookie Swap

HRC New Hampshire field office gathers for a phone bank and cookie swap.
19:08 | 12/18/15

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Transcript for Clinton's Cookie Swap
Hello and good evening from Nashua, New Hampshire and ABC's Brett milky and we are taking your around New Hampshire tonight because. It's a pretty exciting week in just a few days the Democrats argun descend upon the state. As they go for the first and only debate they will have here in New Hampshire in the granite state. And is the last debate of the year it's a big deal. And people around here getting fired up so I brought you tonight to Hillary Clinton phone bank or gas supporters in the local area are gathering together they're hitting the phones they're trying to rally support from Hillary Clinton. And they also. Brought cookies to cookie exchange phone banks and that we're gonna Anaheim's. For the best cookie of the best desserts that we could find from the volunteers here and so just to give you an idea of what this office looks like welcome. To a field office for Hillary Clinton. As you can see we were at a Rand Paul field office just a few nights ago but this is quite a bit larger. Quite a bit more spruced up and you can even see some snow flakes to some sort of festive holiday decoration. All around him what I wanted to do right now is introduce you to one of that the super volunteers as they're called it Hillary Clinton field office headquarters gonna continually right here how are you doing. I don't think he could and so you know what's it like working its body at dozens of people here all hit the phones what's that like. The opportunity. Right. You know clean him. And it. It's. Impacts. And so we've been talking this week about how accessible candidates aren't here right you've probably seen Hillary Clinton at least once or twice but play. In addition to register voters seem candidates. It's a whole another level of interaction as far as you guys right Tony is some of the things you guys do to try to keep support alive for for your candidate. Well like I think we are lacking. Am 100. They're like my his handler it was not involved has means it's excellent I answer it Bangladeshi was coming to. I can't it get and keep getting ahead Cecile let me see him. After investing has been much activity in different activity will the national way that we can end. Time integrating. And all the people that my passing through the Internet didn't I didn't lovingly an infantry. Candidate and then then. And kids instances have reason that we are doing it lightly Leonard. At a camp. And tonight it's over green ninth but people still managed to come out probably couple dozen people it's so plagues exactly what are they doing some. And that went and that he can't exist really odd. Well. The hardest. It and I. Oxygen for an event like this is godly action. He's very busy it would have been different Zulu condoning I don't like not having his name has not. And kitchen and sales let them get again. Really like. Yeah. These are being elusive as it's intimate yeah. Hopes that I am I'm integrating the end times exceeded spending campaigns. Clothes. I sit com. Coffee and cookies and wrapping paper it was just take a look around the office here. I can see some of the signage. That's going on here and you willing to just hang out with me here for seconds. The mystical loudly enough for you one of the decorators had some pretty intense and I want. Yet. And I think it helped turn the camera around here actually. I didn't look like that angry that legacy. Yeah certainly not enough you listen let me Julie. Yeah. There's so little minds and won't act parliament and Alice yeah. Myers Maggie agony Atlanta she can learn. These yeah yeah. I mean I didn't even went home happening you know the thing here. Things currently being in town. Not yet debate of course the big mega events. Nationalists you can check in right now so what's what's your name I'm not the end Nadia and what are you unions. I'm listening I'm miles most these are persuasion also does. And I yeah I got pregnant marine life and I see you've got a nice long list of people how many people leaving you to get through company causing an and I. I mean I like little taste yeah. Tonight but it's nothing. Got it an insult you want more about what's this contract that you have yeah I hasn't events nightmare. Yeah. Well I'll. It's ultimately I'm kind. Will soon there you go so we got a gift wrapped going on this is their way of of bringing in. One more volunteers who heard annually. That they bring in volunteers of both by pressuring whether it's family members are siblings but they also tried to entice them a little carrots instead of the sticks up. If you come in you have guess that you need wrapped they'll do it for free as long as you sit down and make some phone calls on them. And some right now they're actually doing sort of an organizing call let's see what they tell their volunteers as they arrive for the night. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. So there you go some people getting involved right now getting tolls or their marching orders for the night. And though I don't actually check in right now this is the volunteer that was just actually telling everywhere adding it was certain many. Nikki and so we district fixed describing to people what's that was the game plan. I'm not calling. People in the area and other. Unknown Democrat and and an undecided and are gathering volunteers building Armey RQTV. Which is get out the vote. Guys are not necessarily trying to take any voter that's that's happening in China's find people that might be sympathetic to the cause. People in a minority young suddenly dropped them. Yeah must Murray again I would just bringing them him letting them know we're running into I think we're at what it biodiesel primary. And that we're reading pastor and son. He's just some of this. Own making for right what's the script when you get on the phone with somebody was the first thing you said. Agencies myself and island to know them volunteer parent national. Because people connect better winning isn't it Melissa isn't it out eight on and I let them know. I'm reasons why am voting for Hillary why am volunteering nighttime. Adds strain and you and commitment hey who's this volunteer that we have a lawyer who's this this. Actually my digital TV I got my gun and he's Alley on homelessness many volunteer hours and I don't. Yeah. Me all the time I'm my husband comes in about her every other Nancy. Who's the bigger Hillary Clinton fan you are you. Let me. The cost them lots. Also there you go so a lot of people here working for the box tonight who is coming to New Hampshire in just a couple of days. They'll be. All three candidates Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton and Martin O'Malley will all be coming to Saint Anselm College. Right in the middle of Manchester. And we're expecting several hundred people showing up listener support the crowd but also sort of the political class the political country will be their and that is where we will see if there and he swings of the needle in the days and leading up to the big debates I want to check in with another. Volunteer here now so what's your name. I'm Jill Lansing and so were you doing here. Crying kind. Volunteers that I am personally. We're with people who. See you personally call these people before that they they know you'll Alia and so and I content from my home I'll. So it's kind of funny because they. I don't know crisis on a blocked call 800. That number is calling yourself hat. Antonia. I'd be. These are. We'll work written in the past. Migrating. To get him wrong so yeah I think it's so important. Yeah. Yeah yeah strong showing here. So I know working on his. Sold all my friends out here after asks them. January. I was gonna say it's an interesting time to have a debate on the Republicans have actually had to based on week nights when it's easy to find we've seen record ratings for a lot of these Republican debates. This debate coming up on ABC on Saturday though it's on a night when there's going to be NFL football. It's going to be very close to Christmas to look at get shopping and why should they actually tune in and pay attention. Hey can TV aren't I yeah. Diego let me ask you another question so how do you keep all these people's phone numbers on your own anyhow. Described how that data program that's in place here that lets you know who disposed Oliver. Well these are people that I'd. That means personal friendship Simon comedy that's fine well minute campaign. Do you get to meet like minded people -- that live in the same kind of. And eventually becoming friends that I've been friends if people over the years where friends. As well as they'll come and help us out on a campaign. So I would never give their personal phone numbers they know. You anyone's help anyone that I'm calling. Campaign doesn't have their own embassy I'm calling him personally I see housing so I mean campaign has anyone's fault America that's public. The crisis cell phone number yeah or are they asking not to share with him and company. Sure but his campaign does it do a good job. Getting a lot of info out about who they think that he's pathetic actually calling get a good and that's usually you know I. Tonight I'm Mike. Now everyone else I start work on another. And we cited an announcement he's. So that we all do we can do this and you know and we met me now currently. Well I think you need ago win needless. And what that's doing Hamlet two and other Hillary Clinton events. Yeah yeah. Now he's just an Earl wild life and winning well. So you're sort of a longtime democratic I'll. Yes yes I have don't think I have every well than. It's there you go you CN some pleas for more people to come and join a fight and what's interesting and New Hampshire is because you have volunteers. In Texas are in a state where you know you. Don't have your primary as soon. Lot of those volunteers actually want to get involved earlier as you see people come from out of state from other non swing states to come and devote their time here. In fact I'm Leon. On the wall here they actually helped. An entire. Entirely lawful fellows and some of these are volunteers that have come from far and wide trying to get involved in the campaign in a way that they might not able to in their own state. They could they how to surf with volunteers in the area. And so this is one of sort of many ways. In which they bring people to say when I talk to another volunteer for able to right now what's your name an inventory and Torre held the UIE. Sixteen years old to get the teenage contingent out here in. Nashua, New Hampshire would he do anything. I am not thinking I'm calling people that volunteer Marcie Jonathan Martin's atlas. OK and supplying the use sixteen year old giving them both like you care what brought drugs. Sends them only sixteen and I can't vote I want to make everything and that person I hottest front and and that. Secretary Clinton is in office when it comes honey sixteen in. I knew everything I can't and it cannot happen. So what's what's going on behind us here would you come over here to address I can't hot chocolate. There's nothing better than hunt on Hillary's turn the camera around here. I'm Nancy got yet hot chocolate as a suspect but I also city what does this free arts isn't water gas and very fancy. That's nothing. That's a lot Eric and thanked me let me see people are seen as CNN this is the main attraction yeah. They're like they're well also thinking and talking with a crack me around you and I pretty much anything you can go. Did you bring anything tonight. I didn't silence and Portland ICC you're wrecking people's gifts in exchange story intensely for a little bit of an uncle and I guess I'm. Kennedy was its apartments right in the eye and mr. brown in. Like the with what we've tried out here just been intimately samples of people who were recovered our experience. Later tonight let's be able thank you so much for your time not yet how he's feeling about Hillary Clinton by the way I think it's awesome my Ian. Opportunity in America tides in hearing her speak and I just know that there's Ellen are well I wanna smoke residents. I think you'd also think he's a dozen times a week or month are you hearing so I can want to T times. On days nice letter today and I'm in every weekend and it's our eight. Thank you very much. They're inhabit high school students and met several Israel so far this is the statement if your high school student even if you don't vote you can still get the ultimate process. And in fact it just the other day at a marker rubio event I found classes of college students who were taking a semester off basically sort of a mini term. And going to New Hampshire is sort of a study abroad trip. Two learn a little bit more about the New Hampshire primary some of them are volunteering with campaigns are really getting. That authentic New Hampshire grounds I view of the campaign again at. One of the places where you can only experience like that. It's here in New Hampshire with these small field offices and that's exactly what a lot of high school and college students are doing into the sort of glancing here and see what people enjoy the phone banks right. Yeah. We'll see him right. I rallied behind his back volunteers. Hillary headquarters and U street in Nashua. So mark and Brad and with ABC news relied right now on ABC news conference what happened right there walking through what you do there. I called the Chapman whose name was selected from our. Our database. He's identified himself as a Democrat but it was willing to discuss politics Pakistan. And an equal amount. God and still exists in the sort of thing happens all the time disappear behind misuse us or give me an idea. Of those things are gonna talking. Wang. Canvassers whoever that we endured during the day to knock on doors. They have a list of names and different addresses so this is 88 representative fictitious shoot. So are we given away people's personal information here at this JC is real is this Jesus realize because this is fictitious ala. However with a real person you got your name address them with information about abstinence and you're prepared when you knock in the D'auria an idea it would spend. And isn't here is typically gathered three. This person is behind uniform. However we don't know if they had they had been committed to ACTV. Significant heart ask. Assigned to commit a vote card present and a reminder postcard quiet and quick election. I see some not willingly given to do with who are undecided but even if somebody says they like Hillary Clinton. Yeah and. Exiting kiss again picked up what just happened to somebody was making phone calls would be the recruiting new volunteer Hillary can't. Whenever Wright had little ending this guy's. At soldier I mean what works soldier in the army and then. Next to what you get somebody on the phone home. They're trying to get this is accused of everything looks on the other. Things are trying to get out of them before you camp song well there are amenable to them and helping out Hillary campaign we have a series of questions. We wouldn't like to volunteered. Pan. We offer them different ways that they could help out they can make phone calls. They could not go indoors naked and data entry in the computers that's either more violent person welcome the use of computers and do that actually work for us against. Thank you for walking us through the scripts that you guys sort of put in place for yourself. How you get all this data that it takes to really organized this national campaign think someone is very well. Rival any and you heard him just their mentioned that you don't necessarily have to use your own cell phoning your computer if you want to come here and that is an entire station right over here. Four checking out computers for checking account. Fungus freedom checking on the volunteer fans need to get somebody to the polls on Election Day as a whole sign out system. And died in a few wanting to your extra land line phone here that is what they've done here. And then how will this take you on a quick tour of did you know the wall. Your. Genes in the trying to create a real sense of community here in this field offices. And it's just about more than any other Bernie Sanders is lined up yeah but and it gives us. When this is now. So there you haven't that is what it is like here on Thursday night before the big debate in New Hampshire. Candidates are getting ready to come to town but volunteers are already here and there are getting very excited as we've seen. Some of the other supporters running around right now. So leave you with that hopefully will tune in for our live debate coverage here on The meantime I'm Brett nothing.

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