Clinton's Iowa Supporters Rally

ABC News' Josh Haskell visits a Hillary Clinton watch party in Des Moines.
2:47 | 12/20/15

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Transcript for Clinton's Iowa Supporters Rally
ABC's Josh Haskell joins us there live he hit that it would watch party with supporters of Hillary Clinton. Josh what are folks on the ground and air waiting to hear from their candidate tonight. Yeah. Hey I'm no well there's certainly a lot of excitement in New Hampshire tonight. But I'm wondering which state those votes first. You heard a pair on not Iowa votes first were about a month and a half away. Less than that lot of excited Hillary fans here at the Merle hay office one of three organizing offices. In Polk County so they're feeling good they're eating pizza there watch our live stream of course I want to bring in Kate Miller real quick he's one of the organizers here. Can talk about what's the point of bringing together. Your volunteers her supporters and whole county to watch Hillary. Absolutely since we got this campaign started in April we have been working hard every single day to make sure that we do what it takes to win the caucus doing the right way. And so where else would you rather be on a Saturday night and with some you're closest friends watching Hillary Clinton today. Or. You expect your candidate Hillary bring up this whole data breach scandal or she in the study on the issues that she's been fighting for your Iowa would you expect from her tonight. Yeah I expect she's doing great job tonight talking about the fight that she's in a wage and land for island fan was New Hampshire Amazon Amazon across America. And I wanted to talk to one of the precinct captain here and why you tell us your expectations are like uneasy to show. I am always sell impressed with Larry analysts cast say. I started isn't where there actually with my dad this is makers tagging up to be a part of the campaign that's really great. And I know that everything she says going to be four biting. I Emily added. As you could Xeon a lot of the Hillary supporters you're wearing stickers. Brewery yeah. So that's the scene here in Iowa. That didn't help but note it by the way next time fanning the flames of a little competition between Iowa and New Hampshire liked it there. I think Clinton could if there is some photos over on the wall. I know it and over the the gentlemen shall there are the old photos that Hillary Clinton and make that out. Yeah act namely how these scholars. Shoot. Absolutely I mean the point in this law here's his chance to kind of look back and take electing Hillary from different points in her life it's life. Why is serving the public in finding the middle class values.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell visits a Hillary Clinton watch party in Des Moines. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"35870484","title":"Clinton's Iowa Supporters Rally","url":"/Politics/video/clintons-iowa-supporters-rally-35870484"}