Close Florida Senate race triggers a recount

Sen. Bill Nelson is fighting GOP challenger Rick Scott.
2:58 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Close Florida Senate race triggers a recount
Now let's check in with Florida that's the last of those three key. Races that are still left undecided. Outgoing governor Republican governor Rick Scott is trying to defeat incumbent senator democratic incumbent Bill Nelson. And with Johnson has the latest from Tallahassee on that with. Well Diane it wouldn't be a major election here in the state of Florida without last second drama razor thin margins and get ready for it. A recount that is exactly what's happening in the senate race here last night despite the fact that Republican governor. Rick Scott declared victory in sort of the Republican Party here in the state of Florida the margin is two. Senator Bill Nelson who is trying for his fourth sperm. Last night did not concede the race and said he would make a statement today well today the new information came out. That only about 34000. Votes separates the leader Rick Scott from Bill Nelson who is trailing that's out of eight point one million votes overall in the state of Florida and what that means is it falls within that half percentage point margin it in Florida. Law requires if it falls in that margin to do an automatic recounts of senator Bill Nelson and his people say that there when it said. Advisors and observers out to all of the different precincts to make sure that there are no irregularities or any mistakes in the nature that every single vote. In the state of Florida is counted because it will absolutely matter. Let's talk about the governor's race as well a major victory for the Republicans and president Trump's agenda. President trumps him picked a candidate. Congressman Ron Desantis won this race also with the close margin about 1% in fact it was so close. That ABC news was an even projecting a winner last night. When his opponent the Democrat. Tallahassee mayor Andrew gill of stepped out onto the stage and conceded. And many of the people in the crowd were actually surprised to hear that they were hoping that there was may be still a shock. That maybe he would come out declare victory or say you know what we're gonna demand a recount. But instead they were standing there and surprise. By the Tallahassee mayor coming out saying that he called the Santas congratulated him and was conceding the race itself. Once again here we have it in the state of Florida if you go back the last four major elections in this state all decided by a margin of about 1% that's exactly what happened here once again. But if these victories little hold true. If the Republicans. Were also. Be able to keep that senate seat with the governor Rick Scott. They would have to Republican senators. Serving at the same time for the first time in this state. In more than 100 years so significant political foothold for the Republicans that they would maintain in the state that is so crucial holds a lot of sway. Looking ahead to the next presidential election in twenty twice. Diane and I went Johnson from Tallahassee.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Sen. Bill Nelson is fighting GOP challenger Rick Scott.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59033592","title":"Close Florida Senate race triggers a recount ","url":"/Politics/video/close-florida-senate-race-triggers-recount-59033592"}