Cohen enters plea deal

Trump's former lawyer pleads guilty to making payments "at direction" of the candidate.
5:11 | 08/21/18

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Transcript for Cohen enters plea deal
We're gonna continue this special report here on ABC news live want to bring in political director. Rick Klein talk again about Michael calling the president's former personal attorney and fixer pleading guilty now to eight. Counts of campaign finance violation tax evasion and bank fraud Rick it sounds like the big focus it politically. Is this campaign finance violations the other count seem to be more personal. And what Colin was doing with this finance that the campaign finance violations seem to potentially in the president or tie in the present action because. Colony saying. Trump directed me to do these things and not just that but the part of the deal also says that one or more campaign officials. Worked with him be stormy Daniels deals for example so what does this all mean. Politically for the administration the White House that. Is the key point that this is going to get bigger before it gets smaller because with once you sort implicating the president of the United States campaign officials. That suggest there were closer to the beginning than the end of the story when it regards Michael Coen even though he's pleading guilty to these charges. As a sign any kind of a cooperating agreement. This information alone leads an all sorts of different directions and it's telling that it is come home to roost that you've had this moment where it's all come to account because it does suggest that. Wherever things go with Robert Mueller this is a separate probe these answers are going to have to be made. If it comes out to be your credibility question is Governor Christie to suggest that president felt in a very difficult spot given the now sworn testimony it is guilty plea. From his former chief attorneys a guy that held the keys to the trump kingdom for a long time. And then marry us partner deputy political directors also with us scenarios that you know this. This coming down just after we learn that Paul man a fort but from former campaign chair also. Has been found guilty on eight criminal counts what does this mean for the White House and with the president about to speak at this rally. How do you position is politically if your him. On the one hand though bowler convictions. Artists are that the mock invasion banana for a trial. States are really are Muller's work there's the first salvo in the what special counsel has been doing and really it. I'll win maybe a partial but a win for the special counsel. And proof that they're gonna keep gong follower. On the other hand. That Colin story. Gets to the president's own legal challenges really a difference there not just let the special counsel is doing but what the president might be implicated and is now. Directly implicated from Collins respected and and so we're talking about two totally separate cases with the president in the middle. And I keep coming back to the fact that we are still. Just under three weeks away from the mid terms where everything here and he seek change. Because anything that river Bob around indicting the president charging the president. Getting that testimony from the president will be political question that could really be decided. On Capitol Hill. And if Democrats take the house Democrats finally have chairmanships. And can subpoena more members of the White House we're gonna see this go to a totally wrong. And wreck on that point you know heading into the election season. The president's reaction to this is incredibly important right now in he has been nothing but unpredictable and sometimes he keeps quiet and makes no comment other times. He comes out swinging what do you expect to see tonight and what do you think his strategy will be going into these. I second the point out about today's news that the special counsel struck out on ten of the eighteen charges not a great batting average of your spinning it from his perspective. Port out of fort faces many years in prison the calling news he is already effectively sidelined Michael Cohen questioned his loyalty question does practices throughout. I don't know that he's likely to attack him tonight we'll see if this. I this campaign event of this campaign events and a lot more about president how they've been about the candidates he's out to represent but it has been in mind boggling couple of hours that just gets capped off. With a rally and a look now I'll tell you in turn to trump supporters are starting to see it from reports of reporters in the room already. It's not like the trial basis gonna give up on him because of this I'd imagine this is going to be called a met with a collective shrug. From that crowd there in West Virginia they're not gonna really care about this news but it does take all broader political whole across the country is this continues to unfold. And because we know that this continues to head in very uncomfortable directions or president Tom. Quite an event a couple of hours right recliner political director DC thank you ricks and again to recap for you. President trumps former campaign chair Paul Mann of port has been found guilty on eight counts. Of tax fraud and bank fraud and tax abatement bank fraud actions today. And now we're learning that the president's former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen. Has just pled guilty to eight counts attacks of Asian bank fraud and campaign finance violations. Those blasts that the campaign finance violations could actually type back to not just the president but other campaign officials a war to come on this. All as the president himself is getting ready to speak at a rally. In West Virginia we of course we'll have the latest. And all that for you for now. We are sending out that ABC news live but don't forget to check And your ABC news app for the latest on all these developments as they continue to come up. Thanks so much for watching everyone have a great night.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Trump's former lawyer pleads guilty to making payments \"at direction\" of the candidate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"57320087","title":"Cohen enters plea deal ","url":"/Politics/video/cohen-enters-plea-deal-57320087"}