Cokie Roberts Predicts 'Fascinating Moment' at VP Debate

ABC News' Cokie Roberts says both candidates need to come across as "nice" to try to win over undecided voters.
8:53 | 10/05/16

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Transcript for Cokie Roberts Predicts 'Fascinating Moment' at VP Debate
Roberts who's here to talk about the Whig Party etc. And I covered him out of yeah a lot of executives that we'll. One they've been tuchman today's and we. As is as explosive as incendiary. As this and then there's not. In a lot of talk but traditional social issues that is. The problem that. The the points of most the most cut her from points. For so long and in in the culture wars in this country we had it we had a Republican nominee who gave long. Acceptance speech at the convention without mentioning the word abortion. However tonight we had two men who. Who would have been. Who who are of age old vision openly I think one of whom we've been the leading gauge in the culture wars and Mike Pence you think this would come up. Yes absolutely. We didn't hear you write anything about abortion and gay marriage bad LG BT rights. Religious freedom all of that and the first debate and I think it like it here in about it this today. You know Mike Pence. Is a very conservative governor. And in fact was in trouble in his reelection campaign before he was picked for. Vice president. Partly because of that and so. He is he's got a record that he's gonna have to defend as well as contract. But so does Cain. And and came as governor man. Saying that he would support of abortion restrictions that already in place and Virginia. And and now than people who feel strongly that his record is is questionable so I think both of them well. Will be asked about their own situation as well as as the running mates. But I think what's so interesting that thick of things is listen to. You are talking. First of all it's remarkable to me that these two men have not met. In the olden days and I'll if you onions right the fact is that you would never had two men who have been governors. And in kindness for as long as they happen then knowing each other. Mean that was at that miss those those guys it was mostly eyes. All knew each other you think this speaks to the old partisanship and polarization on the fact that they met. But it's also true that. The best running mates and not just beaten life moment that there is there's some despite. Side the majority of Americans and every ultimately do. I actually think tonight could be fascinating moment because that there are people who are sitting here at home saying. She really don't want. Gee I really don't want to. And looking for some reason to do it because there's naturally Republicans are actually Democrats and and he's running mates could give them the res. If they. At their appealing enough so I've what I'm looking for. Is one of them actually mean nice and coming across as somebody likable maybe funny. And someone to sit of that guy makes me feel a lot more comfortable about. That's reasonable are all behind. That's reasonable awfully high right well against any craziness but come on nice funny how are does that happen. So aren't happy. On this they have both been already launching attacks in the days leading up to tonight. And to some degree stuff like the tradition for vice presidential debates has been to mirror. What you're candidate has been doing which was go hard though Hurley and and bar and admitting anything he'd event. Saying that you know that. That they need to do and everybody knows this says this is just not screw up but and not get off message from weekends but they can add to it. And be more appeal. And you know if it is true that both of these men. Are in a position where they do wanna go forward politically say this is not the end of either one of them political careers in there. And it's very similar the first. Televised vice presidential debate. Was Mondale dole and 76 and think about it they each went on. To many things. And certainly many runs even as they didn't get elected and so. That's where these guys are they are in a position where they they see a future. And so it's not just about this campaign. It is their future though for all right. I don't and I need an army. Eight and he'll play like an animal but I believe that you rigidity currently pains me came out there work and amongst liberals will point one. I hope that it probably I'm like and sounds of being president and things be is for example contains name was mentioned. A lot of liberals like on our privacy the. Born white guy again there are so many other options when present Obama on everything you say that because of course this is just like that when. When Hillary Clinton became secretary of state and means. You know. Isn't something about refuse they risk of a job that is really something women have a special needs more and they can do really well. Have been three. Since Thomas Jefferson. There's been one guy who lives in unlike guy who has residents United States. So I think they still have a future look around the boardrooms of America you'd be surprised to know that was anything but old white guys but we. But ordinary that Annan's the country. Democrats accused of change is changing but it's still sad that in this electorate. Was still 72% Y. And 70% white this time so he's been very. It doesn't erase history and all the cultural. Says you know an economic. Factors that he's late he's managed like males I mean it's it's appalling. Really think. I'll take acclaim. I. Think I take it very. You know. I felt was done. I'm for instance novelist debater he really needed to do was walk into that mountain being mailed be all. The coma and seem presidential and he'd failed but he but that's all you really need to do. And and just last Sunday on this me Rudy Giuliani said. Who would be better they know those genius and a businessman. Carl Roman. And so that's awesome thing here. You you've had a view times and we've had during the during the course of the cycle that that. That Donald Trump the Republican wins. I still believe that after last week. I think I think it's the possibility. I think the country is deeply divided. It's basically I. Things since it means that. Pan am. And events and making. This kind. In any election let's take. Two more presidential debates. Or October surprises Alvarez. This trip. We. Which. That's the reason. It. I am seeing the name. But he John C Fremont was the first Republican and and he was 1856 and he was the pay fine and streets much explorer. But his wife Jesse Benton Fremont was the most famous woman hair and she is deeply deeply politically and bomb and issues that she had just been involved in politics forever father and senator from Missouri she basically ran Washington. That everybody in mountain man walk and white. That. This it. So soon. But all the campaign posters and everything it. For him and Jesse. And nobody had a war with the boys and me it's. And her. That's. Are. There was a culture that predicament. No right well that we that we know we. Know. Thinking some. Always good news only. Okay.

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{"duration":"8:53","description":"ABC News' Cokie Roberts says both candidates need to come across as \"nice\" to try to win over undecided voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"42571564","title":"Cokie Roberts Predicts 'Fascinating Moment' at VP Debate","url":"/Politics/video/cokie-roberts-predicts-fascinating-moment-vp-debate-42571564"}