Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper joins crowded 2020 Democratic field

John Hickenlooper's term as governor ended in January. He previously was a brewery owner before pursuing a political career.
4:43 | 03/04/19

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Transcript for Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper joins crowded 2020 Democratic field
The wanna check in with ABC's political director Rick Klein also in Washington in. Break another Democrat throwing their hat into the ring former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper adding his name. Of course to an already crowded field of democratic candidates. What do we know about him. Fourteen candidates and counting Stephanie say it is getting crowded fast. Here's the thing about it hit John Hickenlooper is the former governor of Colorado there a couple of things that make him unique or close unique in this field what is he's a governors only the second governor. Out of that list of fourteen so far in the field to Ainsley from Washington State just declared on Friday traditionally governors are done pretty well in democratic primaries and Republican primary so that's a little surprising. The second is he is a raging moderate he calls himself a radical moderate is a matter of fact and in a field with a whole lot of progress is a whole lot of liberals John Hickenlooper is hope. Is that his pitch will be. Well I can get things done I can work the Republicans like to work with Democrats not clear that's where the bases but at least it's a different message a different sort of mess is that yields will breakthrough. And Rick so. We know your super Smart and you'll probably hit the eagle probably get that rumor that's a quiz you OK so we never. Fourteen candidates are forging Kennedys as mentioned we're gonna stump for Klein tried to anyway fourteen candidates have already declared on the democratic side. Can you name of the mall. Home man that is stumpel Hart survey the hard ones are finally flanked my screen governor can't even see that's not your very well done in the control room who ever did that bright thumbs up for that reason. It but you can it's an -- in if this is too easy for you Rick you know what we'll do tell us in what order. They declared but let's start with naming all fourteen. Good enough you have to start with John Bellini Andrew Yang Marianne Williamson those who want. Most people won't Jack also with those three whether that's the order or not I'm gonna go with the was with Waring and Bernie Sanders Kirsten Gillibrand. A quarry bull her baby Klobuchar. Told C diver of course. Now of course Ainsley and Hickenlooper I just just mention two of them. Man I'm on pins stuck now we're always Cory Booker that I get him yeah you did Corey. I'm I have to think now geographically a little bit London I'm didn't I'm get sucked in the middles are among your length one guy named piece. People it is edged the the mayor of he saw. And Indiana hasn't mayor Pete how many how many left now. Let's see Ian look at. Bernie Bernie I got Bernie iPad Bernie like flyers authoritarian I'm not anything islanders big he's big he was being over the weekend via. I think uncle and a close enough where I think you are you are you you get it yeah you get it we we did check them off their office during their own about us about the trust me an animal I. We're we're all good. We did trustee and it wasn't big it was a big weekend for a lot of these candidates a lot of them spending a lot of time in Alabama and an and and it is solemn remembrance of the but the march there. Yes Selma Alabama would of course is hallowed ground for the civil rights movement. It was an intriguing event in addition to a march there was a breakfast. Celebration of Hillary Clinton she was she was celebrated opera for work on civil rights she gave a blistering speech. About president trump eating calling calling him a racist and one point. Any treating to see all leased when he twenty years there including Bernie Sanders a very curt little handshake of course Bernie just on Friday. Told the views that he did not have any plans to seek out Hillary Clinton's advice that that started a little bit of a tussle with some of her staffers so. Memories of 2016 or so pretty raw. Absolutely and Rick I want question for EI. I've sounded really interesting that over the last couple weeks is all of these Democrats are declaring the running for president a lot of them especially the women. Holding off on. Giving any kudos to Hillary Clinton who we know was the first woman to run for president we know. Amy Klobuchar I think I mentioned it recently but do you think there's this. Just awareness. Of kind of distancing themselves from hilly Clinton even though she was the first woman to run. She was the first nominee that's right the first it's a win a nomination in either party for president. I think. All of those women and many of the men as well oh their politically distances that Hillary Clinton answer the clintons but it is a double edged sword right now the memories of Bill Clinton or not uniquely positive nor are they positive about Hillary Clinton who lost the president trump. They are gonna have to be careful with this I think most of them are gonna show a little more deference than Bernie Sanders and soliciting advice but. I there's none of the candidates that he's fourteen. That I that I about that I've rattle off so we believe today said it could not added that that would say I am the Clinton camp that I am that the the bill and Hillary Clinton candidate none of them want that label. Now capsule and they're being very careful with that. All right ABC's political director recline in Washington Rick thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"John Hickenlooper's term as governor ended in January. He previously was a brewery owner before pursuing a political career. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61460026","title":"Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper joins crowded 2020 Democratic field","url":"/Politics/video/colorado-gov-john-hickenlooper-joins-crowded-2020-democratic-61460026"}