Colorado Governor Addresses Marijuana Law

Gov. John Hickenlooper to meet with attorney general to reconcile state's amendment with federal law.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Transcript for Colorado Governor Addresses Marijuana Law
Well we have a call into or colder so in the next 24 hours. If he's scheduled for broader -- -- lunch tomorrow. -- Look at that I'm -- a lawyer so. My sense. On this is that we are. It is unlikely that the federal government is going to allow -- one by one to two. You you know unilaterally. She would -- his opinions and well. You say. Are going to be -- horror of the Paul. -- -- most Illinois I didn't support the initiative but. You can't argue with them with the will devote extra that we are here and there in a democracy. -- senator was pretty clear so I'm sort of ago -- to say how can we accommodate this. -- and we've seen. Over a long period of time and gradual lessening. Relaxing. Boat people's attitudes towards marijuana but it has been -- for decades. So Colorado as a place -- we have a great many. Young people to come here that's -- technology issues and so well while -- canceled all of aerospace and some of these industries that do have a lot of strong -- component. And it is not all that surprising that something that is embraced by -- -- of peoples and upon its first. You know successful -- here. I put myself in -- -- -- loser in the in the role the federal government. It's hard to imagine the chaos that would result if state by state -- You know Wednesday -- it once did not legalizing it. It is similar my understanding of prohibition before the -- also -- was killed in in 1933. The total number resisted there -- many states -- wanted to to go west. And and and repeal prohibition but they couldn't. I'm -- start exactly and -- -- because I was a you know in the US constitution so to -- Landscape but it's still this is still similar -- voters were pretty clear so in terms of -- the state will lose its decriminalized him. We will not be prosecuted people on us on a state -- basis against the issue was a federal. It is citrus like this where our law as it is loggerheads with federal law and my primary -- listen first to see what what is he he's gonna have his own constraints. And how his team is interpreting the relations with federal law vs state law. If he's open -- if he's receptive to you know well we wouldn't be -- -- looking at this. Certainly our voters what. I want to be. Regulated like alcohol that's what they clearly sat and if if if the -- general -- the United States is willing to allow that to happen and I would certainly. You know wait out the did reasons why that makes sense. You know certainly didn't we have a longer discussion that we get back to looking at. What -- the details how would we taxes how come via a regulatory environment that was -- Boston and really help people accountable. But I that begin let's let's not speculate on that we see. What what mr. -- recessed.

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{"id":17665901,"title":"Colorado Governor Addresses Marijuana Law","duration":"3:00","description":"Gov. John Hickenlooper to meet with attorney general to reconcile state's amendment with federal law. ","url":"/Politics/video/colorado-governor-addresses-marijuana-law-17665901","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}