Was Comey's Handling of Possible Trump Hack by Russia Hypocritical?

FBI director refused to answer questions regarding investigations that may or may not be ongoing.
3:37 | 01/11/17

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Transcript for Was Comey's Handling of Possible Trump Hack by Russia Hypocritical?
Isn't FBI team James can't remember him he was the one that didn't have a problem talk about Hillary's email via a week wolf won the election. When he's taking a different approach with this require opt out trochmann everything could take a lock. He didn't say one way or another whether even there's an investigation under way correct I don't. It source in a public forum we never confirm or deny a pending investigation. Die or not I'm not saying he irony if you're making that statement here I cannot. Avoid. His image is out you're hypocrite wanna give his second. The senate and the irony. Let everybody said it all said really you're really not you're not undo what Matt you know god he felt the need to out Hillary but doesn't think motives would be a little comes aren't. That Russia is you know forget in the back don't artist and hoping seems apple co. Has a different interpretation of his job on a daily basis it sometimes you see him in projecting himself and then other times you see him taking a backseat. For me I just want some consistency if you feel that it's not your place or it's not your job should be commenting on an ongoing investigation I'd like to see about across the board regardless of the person. You're investigating the content of that investigation. And for him it just doesn't look like gotten up and the public looks at what's your motivation. For being out and it sometimes and not other times that anyone with common sense is looking about a saint Republican with a vote of four. It's very disappointing I think is that it's clear that he sort of put his thumb on the scale when it came to that this election and now that he had. Information. Unsubstantiated. But that could. Really be crucial to the security of our country should have been and that is needed discussion I was trying to say that does not shake attic and back to before their silly that should have been part of the comments have been paying David Tibet that. You don't scares me Tim. Because I'm sorry that conditions and I was gonna go take a somewhere out I just what this is another tweet from trop. He says intelligence agencies should never have allowed this fake news to leak into the public personable and it's fake news when you disagree with him. Otherwise it's real merits but that's 15. My last shot at me. And then he says are we living in Nazi Germany not until January 20 but step and pick up my last shot. And why that frightens me equalized on January 20 when he becomes that you know watt. Conley is basically welcome him you know he this is all gonna get suppressed unless the press really goes at it. Because he's in charge that news shake. This is what frightens me we'll let you know what it's important you have to let you know years it and amateur and the matter is. Somebody made a really good point when nice yes and act yet you know. Now. And ban is listen if you see yet. It's not this on you and does have the same thing last night we read my mom took the stage in Chicago last night to give an emotional element when Manuel addressed. At when he started talking about. Just all of stop it was like boom here's what did what we did as a nation we did this there's been some Mets this is we did. Yes you're now now and you want to dismantle it not one month favorite moments is when his senate isn't. It you can show me a better thing that what we created this problem. Reasonable.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"FBI director refused to answer questions regarding investigations that may or may not be ongoing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44714069","title":"Was Comey's Handling of Possible Trump Hack by Russia Hypocritical?","url":"/Politics/video/comeys-handling-trump-hack-russia-hypocritical-44714069"}