'Common Sense' with Matt Dowd: Comey testimony, UK elections and more

ABC News chief political analyst Matthew Dowd answers viewers' burning questions on politics.
20:17 | 06/07/17

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Transcript for 'Common Sense' with Matt Dowd: Comey testimony, UK elections and more
Welcome to cop. Welcome to common sense thanks for. Today. One week as we go to our problem yesterday tomorrow today. Because. Former theater companies testimony the right this. Huge interest in so. And yet those just joining the first time senses it digital broadcast an easy news.com. Slash live. Where you can ask me questions to try to answer them an objective unbiased ways possible. With some common sense in this. To give you sense of what's going on in the world and as acts that report this is all about politics it's about what's going world culture it's about me it's about me things. We talk about all generated. By your questions. And what you'd like to know what you like to know it's my perspective I. In that way you could ask these questions each week on any day. Hatched today ask ASK Matt and me TT. DO WD ask Matt Dowd. And post your questions now pick four. Each week to answer and hope that it years along the way. With eyes that were were waiting tomorrow the testimony of director colony and there's no telling what's gonna come from that. I I guess is it won't be is bigger bombshells tomorrow some people expect but I'll probably go further. In the White House probably why so we'll wait and see two in 280 C tomorrow going to be covering lied and tune into ABC news our top. I'm not cop and watch what we have to say about that tomorrow. And the other thing going on tomorrow. Is the British elections. We're Teresa may be coming prime minister is running as college's right it's. Is right for re election. And is the main Kennedys that can labor care Corbett. And it looks like it's going to be close the polls that dramatically closed. We don't know what happened with the awful terrorist incident that happened in the last few days the fact that I am election. But that's going to be here telling election. It was an election the Conservative Party threes may have exposed to win overwhelmingly. But now it looks like it's going to be very close and probably have a good handle on election because it's across the time. Com by mid afternoon. So so two big events tomorrow director comedies testimony and the British elections so let's get to the questions the first one is from kiddie. From Dalton Pennsylvania. Which is about eight or ten miles north of Scranton Pennsylvania thank you for the question it's a great questions some we talked about before us. But it's so the question is we get back to facts in government. And I sat out previous broadcasts period or question very telling point is that in order have a functional democracy. We have to immediately get to the Conn punitive reach consensus to account these things in the count in Washington around the country. But it worked into the cabinet via constant facts. And there's a real problem today in Washington. Government and whether you agree upon facts because if we can agree acts there's no way. Fundamental problems. In America today so case questions hot yet so I have the two sides the answer that question first as we have to do. We have to start that we have to do lights we can't just gather information to support some previews this preexisting belief that we had. I'm weekend Apple's values and its principles that we should gather information. Serve brought me and conversely. To try to figure out what the facts are the truth is that's ultimately it is about what is the truth and how should we make policy based house. Fax based on that truth itself. I was in the first the answer is do it yourself first so. To begin to diverse sources and information gathered from many different sources of information if your liberal or progressive looking conservative war. Moderate. Web sites or television channels whenever GAAP and art and information so you can do it's it's what is that accident Wednesday truth if you're conservative look at or progressive or liberal. Platforms are dynamics are more moderate platforms next don't just in your facts so we have to make the change first the second thing is. I'll let people. Not based upon some sort of ideological beliefs which I think oftentimes gets in the way it acts people's ideology at all levels politics religion instantly it. Accumulating facts is elect people and vote for people. Who want to get to choose Ers first goal is not part. And his first goal is to push them out but its goal is to get to the truth that the facts and the evidence about facts so change our lives change how we looking information. But then look for candidates and look of either party any party. Use that as your first things that you are do they care about facts here the truth. And once we do those two things it will stare fundamentally changing America it if we do it ourselves and we elect people. I think it changed so thanks hate. From Dalton Pennsylvania the second question. Is from Steve did. A Fairfax Virginia. And he hasn't more historical question but it applies today thank you Steve question. The question is history shows that isolationism. Is not a good thing. And I think he's east east interchange network tending towards more in this country countries in the world talk about America. Towards more isolation is sort morally wrong even the president's. Means well in America first and policies policies that bush has been become more isolationist. US and so. I read history shows that when countries withdraw and become more isolated case actually Indians suffered may make you like in the short term it's better for them intimate feelings and help them economically but it but when you look over time over 2000 years of history countries with fraud. Whether it's us policies again ask mar isolationism. Or other costs from. Great Britain or China in long ago the country's become more isolated suffer economically want suffer culturally. Two and become much more and inward looking and do not understand that we are all connected at many different levels and so. It's as if that we we were if you're just to stay you don't do as well as the nation's richest nation doesn't function on the global stage. That you're not do as well the jobs he is well well here in America. And incomes are going to be as well here in America. Ask. Ability to look at other cultures whether it's books movies. All those things which expand our mind to our hearts and all things we have. And so Stephen year here I think your point you're exactly right that's where we isolationism. That world we suffer. In the end people making money in six months or a year and yet every single country it's become more isolation. Isolationist. Has suffered so great questions you think it crested. Next question. And this is a little bit more don't stop all but it's it's apropos for today especially leading up to these hearings. That are occur tomorrow there's one going out right now the intelligence. The intelligence community. It's from Charlie at York city. So thanks turn. And he asked the question. 101 ball low the leaking tankers of classified confidential information. And also simultaneously. The gates down trop and not like his presidency itself what has happened in this debate is. It seems the Republicans on the right in the White House is criticized in the weeks. And saying this is the worst thing to happen. And those there it's Trout that are resisting trump in the White House and some Republicans in Europe are seeing now no police or treatments are great because they happen. Serve bring down high right things about negatively about now Trout. And so yes you can delete all he could say I don't like leaks of classified information and yes China needs to be held accountable you can apple I think it's. Totally appropriate to be open house. One debate I wish we had. In this regard. I both weeks in both the White House in both the accusations there is it's important for us to realize. Is just because something is legal. Doesn't mean it's more and just because something. Is the illegal in this case leaks. Does it mean it's immoral. The music you just because something is moral doesn't mean it is legal and just because because late in the evening examples slavery was a legal institution. Many aspects of civil rights that had been fighting it's we're illegal there's many aspects of things that are legal history our country. That were immoral in this also well is. Immoral action I mean illegal action doesn't necessarily mean it's immoral. And so yes the speakers should be prosecuted in the course of this monastery full blown whistle blower this. And some of these folks may consider themselves but that would call whistle blowers but beach yesterday prosecute because an act of civil would be gives us obedience as thorough as. Talked about you wrote about human treason since the its. And Martin Luther King talked about it I talked about it you have to be willing to make the action based on moral grounds ethical grounds for us that you won't take the consequences of its actions. And so that's a debate that's a conversation I would love to have and a lover leaves app is below what is what's the moral thing to do with the legal that you and we hope to Austin thinks intersect but often times in our history they have enough. Have not and the same thing so. I can understand why wholesale bakers pre instantly there's me exit speakers brought to light pentagon papers are perfect example what upbeat about my feeling it. There's some question about whether or not anything would have been done about might plant police and hacked so yes you could both say I don't like leaks and I don't like outcome. It's April you can also say I support weeks and still be amoral person so. I think that's a great conversation adds thank you term next question he. Cleveland Ohio. Sorry about your cavaliers and tear down to know to happen. And I know what this in the year years angry here last year a record year this year sorry about that good luck in your next game you. The question from Amy is what will be the turning point for the GOP. As regards trop. Top and I think what she's getting to is these. When will the GOP. Poll got them accountable when only when might be turning it is now track. And so that's a great question and you know we all know the answer but let me give you a couple of signals when that might happen if it does happen. The first one B is went down counts. Approval ratings he has awful primaries today historically low for president this point in time presidents yet 3839%. Public approves of him as president but Republicans are still overwhelmingly favor a last numbers that's about 80%. I think if those approval ratings among Republican which is possible depending outlook. And what comes out over the next few weeks could follow if at all only seventy accidentally and I think you'll start to see Republicans. Begins her much more holdout struck out in this the second thing which is related to that. Is that if there is. Things allegations that it may if there is it more evidence appears. And I think Republicans you put it vary precarious position. If they don't actually and a few others right now Republicans are protected by primary owners. But things start really turn bad for the administration and there's more evidence it more worth eggs come out. And I think it's can really get and general election. And I think we've seen signs that. Democrats are doing better than expected they had won a race yet that would be special elections. So that you start winning some races though that he answered happening until 2018. Dollars a special election. In a couple weeks in Georgia eight units and others on this so Republicans are suffering some but I don't think Republicans point. Where they think there's enough information out there enough this comment is appeared that they begin to turn. And go against their base and pays fees and I'm worried about it general election. I would hope I would hope that their first order business isn't about party and I'll let you know I've talked about country over party a lot. If you have won its third quarter sure where it's gone science you know you know that. It's country over. Country or about parties reached stickers that your I would hope they would put country over party and do what is right and not pass inside politics of it. But some of these folks are only motivated by politics so when the politics turns both among Republican voters in general election war. Negatively it's either of cancer movie. Against outcome if that happens in this. The final question. For Michael. Another person from Ohio this time from Akron Ohio again sorry about your Cleveland cavalier and sorry that your can't leaders being out you know I'm a Detroit Pistons an accurate and Detroit's that we make the last word. When you call me building. Process us. So at least you made plans mommy files three straight years it's amazing feat you've had Brad she's awesome player. I don't want this year year and good luck next get this question is. And I tweeted about this response to tweak. And I said get the power of the executive branch parent presidency has been way too much last. When he factor here for years and one of the now trump is that I doubt chops. And it points. Incompetence. Along the way and statements he's made it he has suffered from. And the fact Republicans used doesn't trust him and doesn't approve of him he's actually reduce our presence. Which I think is a good day I think our country needs more exertion. By Natalie judicial grants to hold most of the constitution with those values are but more importantly from the legislative branch and legislative grants. As too much differs and over time effort and this has been going up. Richard Nixon's all the things that happened during Richard Nixon. His presidency push that legislature finally push factors gain in the last years there's been worse cents a gathering more power at the White House taking away from the other branches of government. I think we need to last I think down trump has made. Missteps and cost other breaches to assert themselves you know trap and we've seen. Congress now trying to hold him more accountable I think it's a good thing I think over time we can reduce the power the executive branch. And increase the power of the judiciary and legislative grants all of us that from act so. Thank you Michael I thank you for that question it tweet that there the other day. We always end assets are questions for today we always end this eyewitness. And again I want I'm here at my house in Texas which is 35 point outside of Austin, Texas and Texas law here. Agree with every chance to come visit it's on the Blanco river. Beautiful little tap it creeps like street meets beautiful tar creek community I do from here every week. So why and where a movie that I like and I would recommend agency and a ball op. Answer B gets diversity and I'm always looking for your suggests that there's. Movies tweet year want to ask Matt have to ask meant that books and movies you like side. Go see him read them wherever I haven't seen them done right the movie. I am I'd like plastic and to repeat when last week because. The movie I would recommend is from 2005. The Russell Crowe. In its cult Cinderella man. And it's the story changed a brat boxer. Who was a boxer and in the bread lines through the great depression and worked on it doubts and then came back. From that and won the championship boxing championship of the world. The next fair and this is a story of his life and it's unbelievable story it's emotional night Europe every time the arts it. And what he had to go through. Eight day Hermione had focuses its way and then became chief you know the world problem program injures he. Great so I would recommend that the other movie ominous and I haven't seen yet to keep this week it had huge box office successes wonder. I really want to see and take my daughter I'm going to Michigan. Next week to take her over Father's Day to see my family still lives she and how many takers while there. Fourteen year old daughter which I can't wait this is such a great story is the largest box office success. About one woman superhero but more importantly about movie directed. Iowa. Tennessee woman star. I think it's awesome. And act the woman director and huge success over hundred million dollars this past weekend's. I would say they'll see it I've seen yet seen previews. I negotiate next week in Michigan. That well I recommend. It's out from multi never heard people call cowboy hats. Cowboy tactics by James O. It's short talent great pictures of horses that ranges and now it has the underlying sometimes what Wall Street can learn from the code of the west. And the whole point of the book is to basically today. The code of values of people on ranches that isn't powerful ways. What Anthony's. How how how you might learn from what values that we can we can view. When I want is always finish what you stare. Dad take pride your work. The each day with courage whose exterior exit ranchers. GAAP and cowboys states institute here. It's always important for us up to look at what our code and everyone about census analysts are with our. Are you an honest person winners that a series six or ten. Think that thinking here. There's six or seven things in the cowboy ethics code. Which I think you are politicians and business leaders and policy apply so take a look at it you can get it on Amazon I think. He also has a website you can take a look at about cowboy FX and Y matter today. One reason and I live here in Texas that live here for thirty years and there's an ethos of the outgoing reads life. That's here that you could feel when your ears not just about the boots cowboy hats but Spitzer series of so take a look at that again outgoing ethics. James. I think you'll really like it and I think it was so good if we didn't values of today that range like the cowboy life of the old. And upon those old passion two today. So thank you for this time we've spent together I look forward to talking to you again. I next weekend next week in the weeks after I get going to hash tag ask. Yesterday act out if you have questions for me and again. Let your let folks know about this it's just desserts driven by you or I six questions a week. And I really appreciate your time and those folks that I didn't get to this week to ask the number of questions. I've seats for the weeks ahead. But asking where you want just because they get yours this week does it mean yes the question next week I won't get to that so thank you and be good thanks.

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