Congressional Democrats weigh impeachment proceedings against Trump

Monday marks the first day the Department of Justice is allowing certain lawmakers to see a less redacted version of the Mueller report.
3:42 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for Congressional Democrats weigh impeachment proceedings against Trump
Mueller airport is still on the top of the minds of congressional Democrats. And today is the first day the DOJ is allowing some lawmakers a C a less redacted version. Of those 400 in 48 pages I want to go to Rick Klein. Who's in our DC bureau. Tricks who's looking at the report this morning specifically. There's one Republican that we know of who is of Elvis opportunity congressman Doug Collins. Republican from New York was the the ranking Democrat on the oversight committee he is the only one is looking out that because the Democrats have said. They don't want access to this until all members of congress have access they have already sought to subpoena the Mueller report in its entirety. And the Democrats trying to make a stand they believe this is it politically motivated means of access but it is notable that for the first time people outside the Justice Department including at least one member of congress have the opportunity to read the anti. Our report. The end so this has been going around a lot and I just want to ask you is is impeachment really on the table is that something they're looking to do later is it something that we're thinking that they're gonna start proceeding to do now. He is on the table but it's kind of off to the side on the table Democrats are actually going to be meeting today via a conference call their spread around the country as part of a holiday week. To determine their next steps and it is among the things that they're talking about impeachment but he isn't. First and foremost in their mind first they wanna see a full report they also want to have attorney general Barr and Mueller himself testified before congress they wanna see what else they can learn of their own investigations before pursuing anything close to impeachment. I still think it's a long shot that there's actual formal impeachment proceedings let's let anything to be successful. But they are still talking about this and they're getting some significant pressure including from some 20/20 candidates and to go down this road. Yes a speaking of that. Another candidate talking about impeachment is candidate number nineteen in this 22 when he race. Seth Moulton so I want to go to some sound from him on GMA this morning. I don't think it's the right time to have a vote on impeachment until we get all the evidence out there but we should be having this debate and frankly we should have been having it. Starting last year I I think our party made a mistake. By waiting until there would be some smoking gun in the Muller a port and there's not a big smoking gun like we are hoping for. Can you tell us a little bit more about Seth Moulton. Yeah forty years old from the Boston suburbs a Salem Massachusetts I noticed something of a giant killer because he beat a longtime incumbent to come to congress two terms ago. He tried to take on Nancy Pelosi actually and failed in that quest to try to oust her. I after the last election cycle instead he is determined to do this he served a couple of towards authority and Iran and Iraq is a couple of Harvard degrees. As well he was one of the hill magazines and hill newspaper's most beautiful people a few years back so he's got a reputation is as is a bit of a raffle browsers all someone that is. Very intense and using his military background he goes to the whole what you candidates around the country. Who had military experience and I think that's one piece of it that he is hoping to take into election against Donald Trump is that background and having served in in duty in Iraq. CNN just curious I'm your thoughts break what do you think of this crowded race I mean where. Where. Constantly getting new announcements by the days so what do you thing nineteen already and probably maybe one or two more. Yeah we're gonna be north of twenty by the end of the week we do expect Joseph Biden the former vice president to jump in as well. He might be a front runner but probably is in as we can position is any front runner in modern memory because of the that the death of this feel it's extraordinarily diverse in terms of age ethnicity. Background gender sexual orientation even this that is all these firsts that are at a meeting this feel that's just part of the reason that it becomes impossible to predict whereabouts. About six or seven weeks away from the first of may it is going to be a up a couple of crowded stages.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"Monday marks the first day the Department of Justice is allowing certain lawmakers to see a less redacted version of the Mueller report. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62557561","title":"Congressional Democrats weigh impeachment proceedings against Trump","url":"/Politics/video/congressional-democrats-weigh-impeachment-proceedings-trump-62557561"}