Congressman reacts to deadly Florida school shooting

"This is a really tragic day," said Rep. Ted Deutch.
3:16 | 02/14/18

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Transcript for Congressman reacts to deadly Florida school shooting
I'm joined now from washing may congressman Ted Deutch. Congressman from the from park a park and is inside. Your district. Carson Deutsche we've heard a couple of things right now a mass casualty event first of our condolences. To you and for all the victims in your district right now we've heard the shooter is in custody what working tell us. Most is there really a really tragic day saw the horrible horrible luck occurrence I've also. Heard that this year is in custody that's. Hopefully that's if it's true that's obviously good news. Now from the conversations I've had with the superintendent at the end and the Mayer and and sheriff Israel. We need to make sure that that all of the kids in the school who can get out safely that those who need care art tended to. Quickly. And that that the community really come together we don't have reports on on the number of casualties here. But it's it's a grim grim day. I have. This is fantastic school let the kids are great I I was there just a couple weeks ago the teachers to staff the parents are so involved. This is just the worst kind of tragedy and and we have to come together as a community. Which I know that we will that's that's the kind of community this is but now we we have to make sure that that was indeed. The shooter and we've got it tend to think those who need care and for those whose lives were lost we have to be there for the families who remain. We hear that so often Carson doors from from those on the scene in the days and hours and days after she in the community has to come together. He communities come together they grieve. And then we hear it again in another school in another city. Right so. I've got. I've got to tell you. I was in a hearing when. When this happened. And started getting texts from a staffer mine whose dollar was was in Douglas high school on lockdown. And I didn't get a chance to see footage until it was standing here waiting. To come on review and what is so. It's just so terrible as the fact that when you watch. This. The video. Kids running out of school. It with their hands in the air and you see that interview since he law enforcement going and what's so terrible is that it's so common. That's that's fit to truly awful part of this your right we do have to come together and the community will and my colleagues in congress have been. There have been incredible about offering their support and their encouragement and condolences. But beyond that here there is. There is an obligation for everyone to do their part going forward to try to prevent. More shootings like this it just. What's what's so awful is. How common this has become and we can't be numb to it and it shouldn't have to wait until it's in you were district to respond. Money that I could say better cars Fernando that you're in touch with everybody there on the scene right now thank you for sharing a few moments your time.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"\"This is a really tragic day,\" said Rep. Ted Deutch.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53091997","title":"Congressman reacts to deadly Florida school shooting","url":"/Politics/video/congressman-reacts-deadly-florida-school-shooting-53091997"}