Moulton on what he's doing since he didn't qualify for the debate

Rep. Seth Moulton, who didn't make it to the debate stage, talks about his run for the presidency.
3:29 | 06/28/19

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Transcript for Moulton on what he's doing since he didn't qualify for the debate
Hot and the congressman from Massachusetts Seth Moulton an Iraq War veteran act is in Miami but won't be on the stage are caught up with him a short time ago. Congress Moulton joins me now he's here in Miami watching the big debate again tonight from outside the hall congressman great to see a thanks for coming on so. In your view who was the winner last night. Hole puncher who was a winner there and there's a lot of action Ford's. A lot of anger that you saw among Democrats and I understand that I understand that a lot of people are frustrated police also the true vision for the country and I hope to hear more of that tonight. But why should people take you seriously since you're not on the stage. This week in Miami I know you've struggled to get new did they do polling numbers you need. Thank you strove to get to donors you need your company you can eventually get there but is this something that voters should be concerned about the fact that you're not here tonight. No not enough. Who's on the DMZ debates staged as far away from the election has not been decided who voters choose. Next February when they first go to the polls. Actually our progress has been really encouraging I just got in the race late so we've been taking up in the polls we gas. I think the worst kinds. I smoke and who the right track. I think o'clock at night coming to our site. And response some of the present and doing around around us today insuring my worry with the American people explaining how. My four tours of duty in Iraq and new perspectives on leadership and service I think his diary needed right now. In the country and especially in the White House. There were some real contrasts here last night that we see them in the country we saw the money candidates. Wanna get you're a position on some of these issues one was this issue of decriminalizing. People that cross the border. Leon Castro raised that Lhasa where do you fall that should we a rollback that law and to make it a civil offense for people who come across. We need comprehensive immigration reform across the port that means a pathway to citizenship urge readers should it means that people who are part of our economy like tedious holders will always be a formal or our economy and pay taxes like the rest of us it also means better border security and it means stopping human trafficking. I don't think decriminalizing. Is the solution because I want to encourage people to come here legally. Immigration is good for our country's part of our fabric it's a moral obligation to has always been courted Julio our auction but we want people to come here legally not. Illegally and I'm not sure decriminalization. Has. Step right breast. And how about that key litmus test that was put to the candidates last night would you rate have raised your hand. In support of eliminating private insurance in this country as part of a Health Care Reform. No absolutely not and I'm the only candidate in this entire race who actually gets single Payer healthcare today because as a veteran I made a commitment to continue going to create or my health care when I got elected to congress so I'd seen the good the bad and the ugly single pair health care and I do not want to force all Americans. On to a health care plan like Medicare designed in 1963. I do think it should be option and options. I'm with President Obama unhappy public option to compete with private health care plans to bring down prices for every that's the solution. Sorry cut congressman Seth Moulton candidate for president. Not on the stage this week but determined to get their for those next debates in July thanks so much for joining us congressman. Billion.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Rep. Seth Moulton, who didn't make it to the debate stage, talks about his run for the presidency. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64005015","title":"Moulton on what he's doing since he didn't qualify for the debate ","url":"/Politics/video/congressmen-moulton-democratic-national-debate-64005015"}