Conor Lamb expected to win Pennsylvania House race

Lamb is on track to defeat Keith Rothfus in the redrawn 17th district.
1:04 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Conor Lamb expected to win Pennsylvania House race
We do have a net another result coming in right now comes from the state offense yeah. Were constant fodder layout Democrat he is Swiss cheese is he is he's gonna win right there. His race against congress and he brought the suit of course he won. A special election. Hurling in other than had a run in new district. After this State Supreme Court throughout the old districts and John public citizen went pretty handling their third pick up for them. He's gonna win even that was expected to win he is frankly has run off is special election race was tougher than this one. But another pick up and remember if the Democrats are going to win control the house. They have to basically clean up in Pennsylvania very especially look we've seen happen in Florida they've got to do very well pelican out of says such especially the suburbs of Philadelphia. Absolutely and this is a guy again a place where. The redistricting makes all the difference most of these states are looking at have huge Republican advantages in these districts that's why it's been so tough fall lawn. But Pennsylvania redistricting in favor of the Democrats and the courts upheld it and now you say that they are likely to do well there.

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{"duration":"1:04","description":"Lamb is on track to defeat Keith Rothfus in the redrawn 17th district.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59015093","title":"Conor Lamb expected to win Pennsylvania House race","url":"/Politics/video/conor-lamb-expected-win-pennsylvania-house-race-59015093"}