Cory Booker believes Phil Murphy is the right fit in New Jersey

The New Jersey senator shares what the newly elected New Jersey governor can bring to the state.
2:58 | 11/08/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cory Booker believes Phil Murphy is the right fit in New Jersey
Senator Cory Booker teachers here with me as well senator thank you for doing that. But what it nights it's incredible night I beam it really is the north star rising I think full. The first re bottle the top administration that we've seen in both Virginia and New Jersey. Onslaught both of those can't top gubernatorial candidates. The Republican side playing again the politics of fear politics of race always things that target to Rouse some business. This looks very positive campaigns reminding people of all Americans all in this together and I'm happy that hasn't Connolly embraced enthusiastically so. Two very decisive victories in both states. ABC news was protected the winner projected fill Murphy took to win this governorship. As supporters but walking is so they pump they were excited. Still this yet I mean this tips seen Democrats now after eight years of governorship under governor Chris NC what does. Mean for your party. It's a new chapter mean you've seen these bipartisan piece of legislation from gun safety legislation and all the way the president saying raise a minimum wage are state. He defeated by deeds goes to pot and time again in New Jersey and now we have a governor with a progressive agenda that want to empower working folks in power union folks. Really good this state back on track and to say hey we've seen enough of the economic decline or constriction is time to get this thing moving again I'm very excited about. You think last question that I know you have to go do you think that the deep disdain for. That some may not for president Robb and governor Christine really. Dooms him goods on L and and and helped fill Murphy out in this in this election. Clearly I think that there is a hunger for change in this country. I think since one year ago tomorrow when Tony was elected. I think all of this cost him eating. To the thickness to the breeding behavior. People being embarrassed in many ways what's going on in Washington I think a lot of that really exist and people are saying enough is enough that we want to get back. Lots of positive politics again we want to get back to people our kids can watch and feel good about. In our state and people that understand that. We may be different races different religions but in New Jersey were all jurors against cut us gold leaf Jersey. And I think that we really want that unifying message defiant leader. In this tough issues to deal with and I think that that's why I'm so excited about bill. At the right head office holders the right character to really deal with this but I do agree that this is. A powerful rebuttal to Donald Trump and it's the north stars rising and New Jersey a lot of hope for Americans hold the Contra that are watching this race. I think a lot of people feel it could. One solid brick. In the foundation I think it's going to be necessary. Ought to ultimately and well I think it's been a nightmare administration's overall. Airport look at that you so much for your time enjoy the rest and I thank you. See it.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"The New Jersey senator shares what the newly elected New Jersey governor can bring to the state. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"51002408","title":"Cory Booker believes Phil Murphy is the right fit in New Jersey","url":"/Politics/video/cory-booker-believes-phil-murphy-fit-jersey-51002408"}