Countdown to inauguration

Adrienne Elrod, from the Biden Inaugural Committee, discusses how the incoming Biden team is preparing for Inauguration Day.
3:34 | 01/18/21

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Transcript for Countdown to inauguration
In addition to Max adding a hundred million Americans in his first hundred days in office president elect Joseph Biden is vowing. To reverse the trump administration's travel ban on certain Muslim majority countries to rejoin the Paris climate accords to implement our mass mandate on federal property nationwide. Had to address the economic impact of the pandemic is all. The first ten days but first comes the inauguration will be a ceremony unlike any in recent memory. Eight are now runs the director talent on the Biden inauguration committee she joins us now thanks for being with us so what do we expect to see on Wednesday. Well now we are we in going greatly to make sure we can honor the our Earth's. He's Warren in the men's. We're just not. That people are not we didn't cleaning and we want to create receivers are. So we are encouraging people. Cindy the city. Look. Where everyone in an hour. Current world lottery. Indy. Or the or. Grocery Mario and I mean it's sealed the swearing and and Wednesday. Are getting. Apart on the racks. We parted we'll learn. From. And later than me. Or. Your. Works. NBC it's. Well. He. Out. They're of the art and rich. People NB a we won an error. And it marrow Barry and safely be. And it Unita you're already planning for a large virtual components all of this because of the pandemic but how did the attack at the capitol. Affect the planning. Why she didn't dramatic in the party. Is it. We are working with our air in secret sir it's. There are. Working his inauguration are well. No matter. What you should be set very eyewitness security. We. Let you be extremely. And of course we know president trump will not to attend the inauguration of vice president Mike Pence will be in attendance how important you think it is. For vice president pence to be there. Very important and that's not race. I'm re bringing people. That speaking. Consistently. Else. Being in the east or. Shelling the Ministry's new. It's conditioning to our new and used. It's very important. And Wednesday or Wednesday. Or. Absolutely -- an hour on thanks for being with us good luck to you. To all of us says this transition takes place and ABC news we'll have complete coverage of the inauguration of Joseph Biden and Connell a Harris that's. This Wednesday at 7 AM eastern right here on ABC news line.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Adrienne Elrod, from the Biden Inaugural Committee, discusses how the incoming Biden team is preparing for Inauguration Day.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75329271","title":"Countdown to inauguration","url":"/Politics/video/countdown-inauguration-75329271"}