How and why COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting Latinos

ABC News takes a look at why Latinos are dying at high rates of COVID-19 and speaks to victims' families, health experts and workers' advocates to discuss the impact on the community.
7:57 | 10/28/20

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Transcript for How and why COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting Latinos
Welcome back good corona virus pandemic is soaring at an alarming rate across the United States hospitalizations. Common rice in state after state but listen to this a sobering report shows Latinos are three times as likely to test positive for covad nineteen. Five times as likely to be hospitalized and twice as likely to die from it. One of America's top medical experts delivering an alarming warning to congress calling this pandemic. The historic decimation of Latinos in this country ABC's Victor Ken Dell has more. This sounds of the modern young cheap or unmistakable. From the cold twelve bits. Strumming a federal. But today's music that's so often marks life's joyful moment at weddings and feeds and yes he's playing at this funeral mass. We are here to say farewell to their loved ones who lost about a sentence cope in nineteen. We ax and decided to do it now and October. Eyewitness News London the other morning plus the people here but tight knit community of Mexican immigrants from chino and enough equipment up. Honoring loved ones that never received a proper good time. Windy here knows. Songs and lyrics. You know we want to field check here in Mexico care. There with their families you know connect from the sunken. Eddie hey this got to. Cool stuff ready to stop come here. Photos a reminder of lives cut short from a disease that has ravaged communities like this one. Her. A recent analysis of more than 1141000. Cove and a related deaths between may and August. Fell 24%. Were Hispanic or Latino despite being only 18% of the US population. Bottleneck getting bin Laden's. New settlement dean is clearly beetle has waited six months for this day. Her mother held until I don't April 16 just three weeks after getting sick with two for nineteen. I miss her hand and needed to find so and peace and myself and I think today you will. I was able to actually feel peace for the first time since a day of her passing. At the time cases of the rotavirus growing exponentially in New York City quickly becoming the epicenter of the global pandemic. Health officials fear and another deadly wave on the way here at NYU cope with testing tents have been set up for students Illinois breaking its own record of new cases. Fast forward to a week before the twenty toll presidential election mob broke down transformation to a way of life. Hospitals once again stretched the limits to care for a new wave of go to patients and places like Utah and Wisconsin. The US surpassing a staggering eight million cases and one of them resident Donald Trump and. Don't let it dominate you. Don't be afraid of me. Message after the president left Walter Reed medical center was a gut punch Bruce it'll he's firmly etched. It every of single person I lost their lives receive the same treatment that he just. They did it he had all of these resources that none of us that are at least 225. Dozen lives have been lost that number's growing every day. Dictated eighteen outbreak of becoming a top issue for Latino voters I think I always knew who I would not go far. And definitely won't be further of one actor's. Damn watched it happen and did in two months to homeless. Doctor Peter hotel is one of the world's leading experts on vaccines is growing more war by the data what we're sticking really is historic destination. Com among the Hispanic community by desirous. From the Rio Grande Valley to the big cities a troubling pattern emerging throughout the nation. Even records hitting Hispanics in their 40s50s and sixties what they're really means is it's robbing family's sorrow for this whole generation of their mothers and fathers Brothers and sisters. For Brothers Isiah beneath him Garcia it is their painful reality losing both parents of the virus in Houston this summer. Just two weeks apart. I think get sick about a mom all my dad know. That's what XP the most. It's been really devastating and not only in terms of the number of people who are dying but also. Affecting a much younger age who lose you get Romero sought movie nineteen sweep you were Long Beach community. I was like we're strong we're young healthy. Again and. And that reveals she. Oh looting has been a way wrong. Elizabeth was on the phone with her husband who's a man who was in the hospital bed when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest on the machine Google. UD coach. And now. Yeah. Millions Oklahoma poem. They are full movement in keeping them back from. Plenty OK go home. And the lives of so many others shouted Blake who hit nineteen. Why you are Latino communities getting hit so hard by this pandemic we are essential work as much won't likely be essential workers you have to be out there. In the head and the pandemic some of the mavs take public transportation there was no choice but also many of us live in more product housing places of higher social density. All those things have been a major issue right up the mess at higher risk. Doctor or Venus got a skier Puerto Rican day event chief of internal medicine at the University of Miami health system. Is determined to help this community he's leading one of the clinical trials for the Johnson & Johnson coated nineteen vaccine and is calling for more diverse participants. We need more minorities were flat you know African American to participate in these studies we need to make sure these vaccines work on our people. He says health disparities among Latinos or compounded by one's immigration status and lack of health care coverage. They would say no pretty evident in the economic hegemony which means I get a wanna come but I get a wanna die and you see these young. Persons with immigration issues that really did want to come they weren't done enough. Fields and homes that they came in really sick with extremely low oxygen nation status and you could tell you saw the fear in their eyes. Homestead Florida. Just forty miles south of mind he's being speeches and nightlife where these farmworkers toilet and extreme heat harvesting food. This is the invisible work towards that end up lists the country and yet the country is not at least deemed him and we kind of start changing mentality and thinking you know the plumber that it is maybe they need to come first they have to be the first in line. Recess is and hope that they need. The fear of bringing the virus home all too common for Latino essential workers many of whom live in multi generational households. Letterman and a Saudi analysts. Clogging the long sleeve. Obviously early out of sealock auto must be done. Seal them off I Santa. Gala since then as the seedless. And with the temperatures cooling more families are expected to hold down together endorse the nation's top infectious disease specialist doctor reduced so cheap warning that the number of deaths. Could brood of 400000. If precautions or taken this fall and winter. One of the biggest holidays Filipinos Christmas Eve notre win on New Year's saying he should look different this year. Look I'm my brother what a house rope climbing this big like children all of this stuff and now we don't know putting up much of without without a lot of people if you ask me right now. That's what I would recommend small demand especially got a hold of people in my family which we all do you know there's no way I want my mom to be in a social setting with thirty people that's just not what I would want. As hard as it is for us.

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{"duration":"7:57","description":"ABC News takes a look at why Latinos are dying at high rates of COVID-19 and speaks to victims' families, health experts and workers' advocates to discuss the impact on the community. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73868233","title":"How and why COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting Latinos","url":"/Politics/video/covid-19-disproportionately-affecting-latinos-73868233"}