COVID-19 in Montana

Laurie Smith from the Billings Clinic discusses rising case numbers and hospitalizations in the area.
4:57 | 11/24/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 in Montana
The US has not reported nearly 3.2 million in nineteen chase is in the month of November works more than a million more cases than any other previous month joining us today's Lawrie Smith the chief nursing officer of Billings clinic in Billings Montana. Lori thanks for being here you know ABC news spent some time on the ground in your clinic in Billings last month. And at that time there were Ben shortages people waiting for rooms Howard think they're now. We are continuing to expand our data availability wheels onto double occupancy. And even more around me how when you had in previous we are working hard each and shoot continue to get all patients need to see you're here at Montana in our region. The term that they need right now. We're seeing some steps up on the screen 94 new daily cases per 100000 people over the course that we 880 class. Billings clinic staff quarantined one and sixteen residents has had Kobe nineteen. How are you guys holding up right now and how is your staff holding out. We have nominal teams they are working harder then. I'd ever seen them work before she and they're absolutely committed you mean teeny high quality care during this and they are stretched they're. They're absolutely exhausted. Here this year or. People that we need to airport that was calling or how you're not all of our teams were. Brought you and were holding and Harry now they are supporting each other and they're really writing orange T I can support from the community but it's absolutely to Korea now. We've also heard that nurses from outside the area are headed to try to help you guys. How much do you think that will help in what other kind of support measures are you looking for in crazy. It's been out. Absolutely vital to our ability to be able to continue to expand and a number of programs and in Asian areas where writing to you. -- you cure patients currently we've had assistance from. Her on teen was a disaster medical assistant teams from the National Guard and also the state of Montana is helping us currently should bring in additional traveling nurses there are eager asked. For the World Health Organization recommended back in May that the positive that he rain remain below 5% for at least two weeks before governments consider reopening this week it's a positive A rated Montana is that almost 19%. What does that tell you. Against terror anger. It's absolutely terrifying is telling me that we have a lot of work do you coach as a community how quit a reduction the spread this iris can. I think region's needs to learn more buyers we don't know what we don't know with. Arturo and each I just really am hoping. We can overcome. In 1920% of its UB agreed to be. We're very concerned about a holiday as a meeting and where church and communities congregating in. Eases into worse I'm just very much hoping that we can come around on the other's eyes. Best part is seeing people are following the guidelines are they wearing masks initials of distancing I think. Avoiding large gatherings what do you think is there an inclination for why the spread there has been so bad. I think as a community we are struggling wins social distancing. And wearing. As recommended. When I'm out in the community. I continue to see people without masks and congregating in large groups and do not adhering to social distancing you did you also see. Many trying very hard you made his social decency and where mass slaughter out. And experts are warning that Thanksgiving thinks he is significant surged across the country or other causes significant surge given where you are right now. What do you think about as we head into the holiday season. We're very concerned and every day it we are planning on how we can stay ahead. That surge and what we can due to ensure that Haitians are able to come into us as the need to move this morning were how to being. Meetings on critical cure patients and how we can continue to comedy. Large numbers are great volumes and high acuity is that we're seeing her and we sure we're planning on -- region expands even more dance in the organization and are definitely being creative power it's becoming more challenging and the space does. Gloria I know that phone is ringing and you're diseased organ laid out what we so appreciate everything you're doing and everything that your staff is doing as well thank you don't. Thank you so much to him.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Laurie Smith from the Billings Clinic discusses rising case numbers and hospitalizations in the area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74385600","title":"COVID-19 in Montana","url":"/Politics/video/covid-19-montana-74385600"}