COVID-19 plays a big role in how people will vote

Infectious disease specialist Dr. John Brownstein and ABC News political director Rick Klein discuss how the coronavirus will have an impact on the political season this year.
8:29 | 10/19/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 plays a big role in how people will vote
So let's take his conversations were virtual roundtable now I want to bring an infectious disease specialist doctor John Brownstein. An ABC news political director Rick Klein for more on this doctor Brownstein whenever we talk about rising case numbers the question always comes up. If that's as a result of more testing so are we just testing tomorrow or are we seeing an actual surge here. Yeah I mean that's clearly what many people want to see him as a contestant and she is looser or that stopped from the White House. Aung San Suu Kyi is and so we're seeing tests and meet every prayer please march 20. You are missing a lot of excuses places like did you Conan was. Many key there are cheap and works and it's important to see increases in deaths increased in those nations. Arena are just a matter of testing and where you breakfasts should do right now stretching more areas easily. And you know this is a challenge for many parts of the tragedy deemed to be. The site where this is murder and armed in this and how worried are you did see this surge coming into flu season now. I mean that's the deep concern right and you. Holes for search for flu every year. War slew plus holy it and so you're gonna have increases in respiratory. Diseases. Robbie and you can call dish you're gonna have a real concern each for our team nature increases and hostile nations how. Around attention you can even entered new leash to teach all winter where we see. Such occurrences that combination should be incredibly concerned some worry there we have because holes become overwhelmed you have deaths and that's what we're expecting to happen in the coming week. Conference call with campaign staff to reporters listened into by the president said American they were tired. The corona virus any also harshly criticized doctor Anthony found she. Let's listen in for a moment. Or. It. Yeah. Here's that. I want to hold trade delegate. I didn't get. Correction there's the president on not a crime of arson doctor brush I don't want to fact check him and I don't ask you it is politically from political standpoint. It do you think he's on to something here is he sensing something. In the public with those instincts and forgot him into the presence in the first place. Where he's going to be contrary he's gonna say that Quinn did let slips his blast through this thing. It's very. It's a class of honesty from the president as political strategy he's taking up a fight with a guy we were popular then I don't see. How can we fight people trust Anthony out she until we thank you a lot more than they do stuff while it's been very consistent. I think we are you could be onto something that she around polish people who don't ask them what we're talking about it and more fundamentally right Cindy honest and Terry. He recognizes that this election is about hope. Analytical and continuing. Pandemic we are suffering through so many battleground states and beyond. An election. If the election is about the future this is about a hundred rounding the corner on uncle it. At least where he has a fighting chance but an election is seen through the prism of public health. And warnings that doctor proud she continues to issue. Donald Trump cannot win that way and I think that's where he is reacting and that's why he's reacting with these. Attacks unfounded attacks on on non equity out she. And the doctor Brownstein we mention that were heading into flu season that's a big concern but we're also heading into the cold weather months. And the holidays and people want to see their families and in cold weather areas. Doing that outside is not really an option so how do you see us moving forward through this. Yeah this is your real challenge he yelled at least he's majors bikes and artisans. Are days and Warren's. And a county and unfortunately this is the real problem for people want is a student you know are Jeter galleries allow troops he's been shown over and over Overland so much you people really want to push warnings were -- for people who try this virtual auction the current problems you know you can argue for a week's. An insurer ignore the parks and green home news at any sense limiting the numbers of people that are guy wearing masks or is she listens as saying over and over again. Issues can see windows open and little Spanish. Translation. He's. How often used this home. And its beauty and normal Thanksgiving and I know that's really disappointing to so many people. It pinch. Or is it I'm gonna follow on that if I may with Rick on the on the political side of that. So it is. People are tired of the grinding reality of our lives this changed our lives and so many ways we'd like to get onto another seven win here we are. Many of us planning for holidays that now have to be canceled the kids can't see their grandparents are we can't get togethers and family wouldn't what is really. Maybe the most the did that did the deepest most profound American holidays. This is something that it's hard. For the president to get off the agenda as bad as people are doing these things as the holidays come closer and co lead is a more vivid reality in our lives. And I think it's essential point person in this election because the president has tried to change something he's been an Nasser changing this so much of his relatively brief political career than this time the subject keep him back in the eighties and eighties the American people that are bringing it back to his own noses of -- nineteen weeks ago these grim milestones and awaited people's lives are impacted me about his deep overarching issue. President was still likely to be about almost anything else may be another opportunity to meet later this week but over org and this is being about a pandemic it ended this nation and Sony's dual slot that is up and didn't find this election year. And doctor Brownstein going into this pandemic the big emphasis was on flattening the curve how concerned are you will first of all how are we doing on that front. And Ann are you concerned about the prospect of overwhelming the health care system that thing that we were fearing at the beginning of this which is that. People could die or they could suffer more than they need to because they don't have either space or the equipment needed to get the proper care. Yeah I mean we're back where started a fortune yes indeed you're dealing with your city NC is used. In other parts of the country. Wide range is currently being so you know bill is is there were personal hobbies are agents are you from the beginning. So he's seen scenario and went into or dying and ends. No lettuce you transmissions. Write them our reserves in place. We're seeing the results of that species is underwriting policies that are pre chaos you don't see Wisconsin Texas. There's New Mexico. You're doing so. More seats are now realizing that their she oatmeal major sticking point in those issues. Kerr wasn't good enough need to do as much as mean. The cold wet winter months it's Guinness problem for many parts of the tensions that she knows they just don't be taxed certain yes many rules and moved to free up next is our prayers states is bodies and let community and many parks just aren't you and I doctor Brownstein Rick Klein thank you both.

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{"duration":"8:29","description":"Infectious disease specialist Dr. John Brownstein and ABC News political director Rick Klein discuss how the coronavirus will have an impact on the political season this year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73702251","title":"COVID-19 plays a big role in how people will vote","url":"/Politics/video/covid-19-plays-big-role-people-vote-73702251"}