CPAC 2013: Young Conservatives Weigh In on Gay Marriage

College students discuss role of government in legality of same-sex marriage.
3:00 | 03/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for CPAC 2013: Young Conservatives Weigh In on Gay Marriage
I'm making have a lot of friends that to happen. -- different. Orientation and -- I -- governments. Do you often. New England Atlantic -- -- and -- thank you familiar. And I don't you. Those marriages and it's not a government institution. Sanctions its form of marriage I don't think they have the right -- Carolina and power like this and then plus they're -- region and other nongovernmental things really changed and what they are and then. Loses definition of winning because I think whatever you want they do believe that civil unions. -- -- We'll be -- because. Even fill seats -- the couple's dream he. Along. So as a conservative to me it. -- -- it is that government need -- involvement in people's lives and that. -- I think it -- -- look at all the lives and they should really be involved. It's if it matters I personally support or against it -- to realize I think. You have gay friends -- having to do here -- -- I'm not but that's not why that. Great many of the day here at the top -- -- -- -- -- As a State's right kind of person. State decides to. -- -- -- -- Stayed on state decides to leave. But on a couple -- points. And -- couples should be able to. I wouldn't -- marry I'm of -- that we need. But I think once you get into the word marriage nice kind of religious competition. I think it's the same sex couples should have all the benefits and everything -- marriage that. Heterosexual couples but I don't think and act because it takes on sort of religious connotation. Council lot of people's views of religion but I think -- reserve lowered civil -- the cursing -- coming this week and it didn't seem -- it's -- that they can see their loved when an Oscar. Or you don't have -- power over there will turn up any any rights that heterosexual. On tax breaks and I think you know shouldn't discriminate against them based on news and updates on their sexuality.

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{"id":18738743,"title":"CPAC 2013: Young Conservatives Weigh In on Gay Marriage","duration":"3:00","description":"College students discuss role of government in legality of same-sex marriage.","url":"/Politics/video/cpac-2013-young-conservatives-weigh-gay-marriage-18738743","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}