A CPAC panel echoed false claims about the election and division between GOP

Many who attended the conservative conference showed their loyalty to former President Donald Trump.
5:00 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for A CPAC panel echoed false claims about the election and division between GOP
And the Conservative Political Action Committee conference also known as C pac is under way in Florida but this year some prominent Republicans. Like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell are sitting it out. So far speakers have echoed former presidential response claims about the election and senator Ted cruised. Joked about his controversial trip to Cancun before addressing the divide within the Republican Party. Orlando is Islam. Not as nice as Cancun and okay. Ice. Look at other tensions and our party sure. Because we believe in diversity we believe it individuality different people have different views we art the Borg. Let's go over ABC news political director incline for more on this Rick. Good afternoon how significant is it that party figures like Mitch McConnell are not at C pack this year. Young what we've ever been covering for months now the London Google low grade civil war in the Republican Party is not on display at C packed this is a trough fast DC is all about Trump's supporters I and Yahoo! Mitch McConnell and sass me from the Adam can singer they of course you know Ortiz out Nikki Haley has come out against some of the things the president did on January 6 or she wasn't invited either and vice president hence. Had a falling out rehab that he had a Jenner says even she. Doesn't make the cut this year so this is not count out the full airing of the diversity of views of the Republican Party this is about truckers and eyes a particular brand that any desire. Quite an occasion to mark the re emergence of president trump on Sunday Katie standout moments you so far. I've been struck by the almost mocking tone days. Since several of the speakers are taken with regard to restrictions around Kobe heard that from senators like Tom cotton and Ted Cruz and they're trying to tell Jeff hang Colby restrictions on president Biden and on Democrats time in the course they do it in net in a more sweeping manner that is that is that is correct but it is a powerful argument particularly as the debate over school reopening continues a lot of mockery of the media as you mentioned there's some. Echoing of the false claims. Around the election. I notably they're a couple of house members that are showing up in the air and not showing up for votes on the house floor some of them are voting by proxy engage in this surely political event. This is a deal respecting those in a few hours on the club in nineteen package. All adult of these these house members very very associated with president Robert Crowe trouble house members are there in Florida instead. It is amazing scene all he has done on that part and that based meanwhile record president Biden's. He's in Texas he's playing that traditional presidential role of comforter in chief as they say after the winter weather disaster there. So what's on his agenda and their assigned some. Well he's on the ground and he didn't had a meeting with I was governor added striking needs to joke about on media passport to get in Texas but also possible that phone call he had with governor added he said yesterday eighty request she you can before you get it out and is now. I do think there's some symbolic importance to visiting Texas in this occasion when he was asked about this last week president Biden. Immediately said Obama president for all Americans not red or blue Americans that contrasting style. I think is one of the things that he's going out there were also very here's some more talk throughout the day about vaccinations and on energy policy this is in forming a raging debate in Texas and beyond about energy. Reliability and renewable sunlight can this is a big priority for the Biden administration that I think resets the conversation even if today is mostly about Texans getting back. And Rick you mentioned the house is voting on Biden's pandemic release bill today but the senate parliamentarian decided that the Senate's version can't include a federal minimum wage hikes so can you explain why that is and what it means for the future of the bill. Yeah it's strange. Because Democrats and Joseph Biden have lost the battle but they may win the broader war when it gets a getting a cult in nineteen packaged for all sorts of Byzantine political reasons the minimum wage would not fly in the senate mostly because a couple of moderate Democrats they wouldn't support the age of fifteen dollar minimum wage was and it. But we had. Progressive house members said they wouldn't support a back Angeles it was sitting in saves in essence by the senate parliamentarian an unelected represented at no one really knows who she is and in this case her ruling means it won't be in the final bill. That might need to train and a weird way even though Joseph Biden wants a minimum wage higher at sixteen dollars an hour and progress is very much want to see at this might be hinting that sea musical in nineteen packaged it certainly advances for another day how is approving it with a minimum wage and tax. We know it won't be in the senate package and that is keeping moments and even though he is purely partisan momentum for the bell. Not sure whoever's in the senate commentary and much attention as right now Rick Klein thank you.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"Many who attended the conservative conference showed their loyalty to former President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76145022","title":"A CPAC panel echoed false claims about the election and division between GOP","url":"/Politics/video/cpac-panel-echoed-false-claims-election-division-gop-76145022"}