Cruz Says He Did What the 'Washington Establishment Hoped Could Not Be Done'

The presidential hopeful boasted that as a conservative he did well in New Hampshire.
12:01 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Cruz Says He Did What the 'Washington Establishment Hoped Could Not Be Done'
What an incredible. And seat. We need is an. You could. Our volunteers all across this day. Okay. I chairman Dieter bill O'Brien. Okay. Deputy counselor David Wheeler are staying directory Zorvecast. Okay. Billions it. And he sat results are. But right. Ernst and me. Okay. Oh yeah. We're told was in the house. Together. We. Andy is. Okay. Three homes would. OK. And I. Or. Well yeah. All of me everyday news. I. Yes and I'll headaches hanging on. Blocks and Murillo here. Okay. Okay. Policy into more prominent news. And modest man. It is our had. And get me I know what they're deeper. Parts. Okay. Asleep. History reviews. Once again I can't look. We're. World without rain robbed us. Conservatively we're all close. The exit McCain. We're all that over and over again and here at all across this race today prove them wrong. Okay. Okay. Jason. The real winner. The real winner. It's early breast. Okay. Gosselin outright victory. Who are stronger all. Hear me and. Okay. Bigelow was out here a. Okay. I. Com analysts say. And you know Washington political many times South Carolina aren't. Okay. And super it is this all SEC runner. Okay. Pat Joyce. Do we want in its heard. Someone toss. Law the law. Or we want to exist it is earned it with a proven winner. Okay. In I don't live. Here and all across. We're seeing you'll read. OK. A. Conservatives. And evangelicals. And literate errands. Young and he. And these special. Dressed in blue collar working class voters it and it. If Republicans are now. Met her when I was sixteen that we have to win because they are yeah news. Okay. If we're going to win we have to welcome home really. We must. I play it against him. OK. Oh and I. Does that policy. Easy as. He did he loan. And here. Us. Yeah. And it hurt he said. We need more news. But queen. Lord yeah. They're inherently. Pelosi and Barack Obama. Okay. We need a proven principal leader who stands when he. But. We've. We must. Okay are. Okay. And always. Lindsay even you know. I. Okay. And. Leading Supreme Court justices who will negatively not constitute. Okay. Oh we are here today it is yeah. And any other over 200000. Here and law. Okay. Weird beard and it doesn't over me hungrier. It is the old days lined the lawlessness and the ordinance had earlier this dial or ten bruised and not our. Okay. And courageous citizen journalists taxi who are donating. I zero Z did. You hear me. You're happy or are you. To really yeah. Soldiers sailors and Aaron Murray ankles are. And a moderate. Our. And eating disease. Okay. Our class and his friends are prepared me and he. Okay. Okay. We'll. It's the experience. Not. Larry it is rather resolve to stand by our friends and allies and ER NE TV rapids art Harris. Okay. I want to enhance your Internet a little answer. With. Dividend here. Results. Okay. Your victory. Atlanta lost power and all honor him. Okay. OK. And tonight's outcome is a victory we didn't need. It. This select. Brian there has been elected. Dean will be. Are our men and women who want to. America against I Park City corruption a lot. We are. We will get. Angry at him. Okay. That you look listen to me yeah. It.

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{"duration":"12:01","description":"The presidential hopeful boasted that as a conservative he did well in New Hampshire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36826886","title":"Cruz Says He Did What the 'Washington Establishment Hoped Could Not Be Done'","url":"/Politics/video/cruz-washington-establishment-hoped-36826886"}