DACA Beneficiary Shares Concerns During Confirmation Hearing for Gen. John Kelly

Juan Escalante weighs in on immigration concerns for the new presidential administration.
7:33 | 01/10/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for DACA Beneficiary Shares Concerns During Confirmation Hearing for Gen. John Kelly
Bring in a special guest right now who can talk a little bit. About one issue we've been hearing about a lot today for more on that we want to go to Juan Escalante. Joining us via Skype from Tallahassee Florida. And we're gonna talk a little bit about. Immigration something has come up again and again all day Enid to confirmation hearing of senator Jeff Sessions it's gonna come up again in this Department of Homeland Security. Hearing going on right now one thank you so much for being with us and making the time. Absolutely look happy. So you are with a group called America's voice tell me about what you do with them and at what the organization stands for. Absolutely so long out I. Ask you can manager or. It's an organization dedicated to cooking or. Pro migrant let mission and protection or immigrant. And you are with us today because you're gonna tells little bit about your own personal story as well doc out with something we heard about a lot. During the day when he came to senator sessions hearing it will likely come up again in the Department of Homeland Security. That hearing as well and you have been granted temporary status under doc can you tell me how you came to be part of that program. Absolutely. Well I'll race and and real the United States and yeah and and asked me where they're at it. Out or who. I'll be over it now Nancy that it eat out hired he ducked or and or eat meat and all. Art meets altogether and not Addis oh despite back that we had. Dotted line in the end. We can require a month bill and document any darkness that in aggregate explore. I when. It admissions counselor and maple yet out written. Or its arch it. Up. And with the recount but I'd make year at my life but not. Or Latin out from college at ports in the curtsy. I ain't. Well I remember eating out. To act. That it or action or out or not knocked out. We'll let you know and a network LP to get it out on my iMac and an original or earth. That's well congratulations to to you want I had to let me ask you that because. Unfortunately your story is one week we heard it again and again and talk so much about the numbers and the policy. But I want to hear a little bit more about your personal story can Tommy when you first found out. That you are suddenly one of the many millions of undocumented immigrants here what app like for you how to get changed the way that you saw your future here in the states. Absolutely. You know I remember Eric and those things that. My mother rushed when he might irk you or international arms he. You eat when I'm out there ought to bear I'm glad oh you know what might back. Oh or one dollar in which rates. I and you know from across the S. And an up or international outlaw the earth. That's it you know be between our mark you're a week are pretty much that the amount. Al and I just Robert I'm crying and me. Apologizing or you know and written that and art. Are. And you're not sure you'll be out in a or that I'm currently at. I think what's essentially got moment when her real life. One rule where it is apathy and the mother and brother. Or other in and directly and I would hurt and share my story and make when you do that we're not a muscle pain. In and outs and nothing else out that that in your old. And I edit it you know the past eight years in the insure that or it might highlight. All we understand that you know what immigrants we want. Or from the added that instantly lie on the back. Well also and to back that means and the eighth and the country up. Little you know I that at apple were asked or into action program that all of them all you know that like myself. Or Barry Burton that and sure that we aren't that there are young out in. Odd that eager you are that Africa and. The long let me ask you what is the last year plus been like for you because they've been a lot of people talking about it documented immigrants. In a lot of different ways and we've got since his very specific prescriptions now that this incoming administration is laying out specifically saying. They want to repeal stock up as quickly as they can't. So what's that been like trio. Absolutely. You know we and will be monitoring you know it's. You know but ask your lovely trail and you know or past couple weeks. Approaches. Yeah its swearing in and inauguration. The next president the United States and hear me you know obviously there are profound that the US. And rain long. Particularly or that we're action and it is Gary L eight all out ban. Q are not incorporate. That reps at the wreck and which Rick and don't want. While out and do their art that would that would. Lulled. Art. Peppers and all threaten the antley. And I think that bill the question over me you know stop so common eat meat or elect him on the iMac. Land or dumping upper great art. On re what a main Christian. Oh. You will. And not all young people and from that program and ate everything it's still very well. That uncertainty I imagine must be really difficult to deal with that he knows. These nominees are not taking questions. From members of the senate I wonder if you had a chance to pose a question directly to general Kelley. For example what would you want to ask them right now. Absolutely and I think lighten might might question or to alien and I assure you you. And while it or we'll let you know. What council. Up sports network breathless cabinet and Rick are that our program and future of rebirth and that's something happy not already aren't battered. Weeks at a fight back by are elect trump attorney general and I hope that. A question at will also but yes you eat hurt or upper. Oh on 08 they'll be Barca. Up respecting our our country and that and make sure that you know immigration. Than you you are part of the. The couple. All right Juan Escalante from America's voice thank you so much. For making the time in for sharing your story with us today we appreciate. I absolutely hate you background any.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"Juan Escalante weighs in on immigration concerns for the new presidential administration.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44689774","title":"DACA Beneficiary Shares Concerns During Confirmation Hearing for Gen. John Kelly","url":"/Politics/video/daca-beneficiary-shares-concerns-confirmation-hearing-gen-john-44689774"}