What to know about DACA and the immigration debate

ABC News' Amna Nawaz clears up some misconceptions about the DACA program.
3:00 | 02/14/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for What to know about DACA and the immigration debate
Senator Dick Durbin there on the floor wrapping up his remarks as they. Debate here in a kind of free for all session about how to reach some sort of bill they can get sixty votes on. When it comes to immigration and keep sending us your questions were gonna dig into some of them. Right now actually reminds me senator Durbin mentioned something about criminal. Convictions and criminal behavior there is a question earlier today didn't get to from woman named Patricia sorry about that Annie get back to it now. That you asked if they have a criminal record. Do they get amnesty thinking we're asking about doctor recipients specifically because that was the conversation at the time I went out to the USC I asked page that's the citizenship and immigration services the government and bureau's web site just to look it up and basically under criminal convictions they say. If you have a conviction for a felony offense. It's significant misdemeanor and multiply it multiple sorry misdemeanors. You would not have been eligible to receive docked at protections there were a lot of rules going into who they considered eligible and not this was one of them so hopefully. That does answer your question. There were a few others let's dig into there's now. Anthony Rodriguez. Asked. Dock a members comply to the government's request now they're worse off than those who had never complied. True or fall off. Fact is a tough one let's break down the first part of it you're saying they complied the government's request IBC to get stuck at the at this to get protection under that program. You have to submit a lot of information and you had to get your full name any identification -- and it. Dedicating. Information. Over family dated to you had to talk about who else was here week EU their addresses and contacts. To basically the government has a giant database for about 800000. People who at one point were here. Illegally and not for a lot of folks is very worried because now that the program is set to be ending. What happens to all that information that's certainly a valid concern for. Easily hundreds of thousands of people if not more out there whether or not that makes people worse off. I don't know I guess it depends on what congress ends up doing is they're subtle kind of path offered for the folks who hinted other information over to the government not. That's ever gonna have to wait fever here's another questioner when it too quickly before we get back into the floor here people are asking why didn't President Obama do more at eight years in office. This was is. You know passion and to some degree heat put through executive action some kind of program to offer people some sort of release. Why didn't he get. She went hand and the Internet President Obama has always given when asked about this was he left it up to congress he wanted. To have members of congress decide what that legal path would be what that we Ford when he came to immigration whidbey. He wanted to offer temporary relief for those people who feat he thought did not have. A right to be punished really and then leave it up to congress heard some of the senators mentioned that there before and when he thirteen. That's and it actually managed to put together a comprehensive immigration reform bill. It went nowhere in the house so it and now five years later. Here's where we are so this is the first time since that that senators are making a concerted effort to try to reach some kind of path for.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz clears up some misconceptions about the DACA program.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53086911","title":"What to know about DACA and the immigration debate","url":"/Politics/video/daca-immigration-debate-53086911"}