Darryl Glenn Speaks at the Republican National Convention

El Paso County Commissioner and Republican Candidate in Colorado for the U.S. Senate speaks to the crowd at the RNC.
6:53 | 07/19/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Darryl Glenn Speaks at the Republican National Convention
This man and candidate for the United States senate. Dear old Glenn. Give god the glory. Believe me. I said good evening eight. It. My name's Darrell Glenn phenomenon apologetic Chris didn't constitutes no conservative pro life Second Amendment. Okay. But and I'm your Republican nominee for senate and the number one back. Battleground state in his country and that's Colorado. It is my privilege to stand here and support our next president Donald Trump. It. You know I'm often ask. Why are you a Republican. Clouds because the Democrat party as the party of handouts. And after over seven and a half years the only thing we have left in our pocket is change. The. Okay. This president ran to be commander in cheek. Unfortunately his rhetoric has made him divider. In chief. We're more racially divided today than before you read. But there's more to. Did you see the new black Panthers outside where is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. They don't speak for Black America and they don't speak for me. Miss a brother and I have a message. This is not about Black America white America arm around America this is about the United States of America. I. Okay. You know I quite frankly somebody with a nice ten needs to say there's. All lives matter. I. There's. A more backs mr. president's. Neighborhoods have become more violent under your watch. You're rhetoric has a direct impact on the relationships between communities and the police. We can bring this country together. But we must realize that our heroes in blue are part of the solution and not the problem. Stand up and support those men women and Dallas stand have been. Does a lot more good. Makes you that we. That ladies and gentlemen this is. New. And the rally is. Nobody wants bad cops off the street more than good jobs. But we really want to heal our communities. More men needed stacked stepping up and take care of their children. Safe neighborhoods have been when fathers and mothers aren't. And home. But there's more. We also must recognize that evil does exist in this world. The threat from radical Islamic terrorism Israel. Our troops don't care what party you represent. They care about having the tools training and equipment to be able to do their jobs. And if you put him in harm's way. Let them win. And when they come home. Honoring them. And care for their injuries. And my friends. We must win this election. Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president. And we all know she loves their pant suits. Yes you know ischemic. Well we should send an email at delegates he deserves a bribe guards dogs it. Oh. Here's the bottom line. American except dollars and is alive and well. Evil exist. But as god as my eyewitness this battle has already been bugging one. Believe we can win. Believe we can't saints things. Believe that together. We can make America great again it. I. Names there other land I can't do this without your help. God bless each and every one have you. God bless cigarettes did a Colorado. Thank god bless. The United States of America I think you ladies and other. I. Oh.

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{"duration":"6:53","description":"El Paso County Commissioner and Republican Candidate in Colorado for the U.S. Senate speaks to the crowd at the RNC.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40687490","title":"Darryl Glenn Speaks at the Republican National Convention","url":"/Politics/video/darryl-glenn-speaks-republican-national-convention-40687490"}