This day in history: Nov. 8, 1972

Richard Nixon reelected president.
2:15 | 11/06/18

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Transcript for This day in history: Nov. 8, 1972
But all but a few absentee ballots counted here is the way it looks tonight. President Nixon appears to have won reelection by the largest absolute majority ever in American history. In percentage terms the president careless 61%. Close to the record 61 point one reached by Lyndon Johnson over Barry Goldwater eight years ago. And mr. Nixon may even surpass that figure. So far more than 74 million votes have been counted. That's more Americans are never voted before and a presidential election but the smallest proportion of eligible voters since 1948. The president got his celebrating out of the way fairly quickly last night today it was back to business ABC White House correspondent Tom Darrow reports. They're the first day after his landslide at the polls the president began homing in on an old problem Vietnam and studying a new one major staff shake up. He is dispatching general Alexander Haig back to Saigon to consult again with president Q. Working through an effective private channel of communication the White House has now significantly narrow the remaining differences without all right over terms of a cease fire. Put politics behind them for years ahead. Haig returns Saigon with a strong persuasive hand to encourage you to settle when Washington says the terms are right. Today was also spent in meetings with White House aides and cabinet members. A spokesman said this would lead to a significant reorganization. And the look of the Nixon administration and a second term. Orders have gone out for every presidential appointee to resign before the end of the year so the president can decide do either continue their service are not. Cabinet members expected to leave voluntarily are housing secretary Romney defense gave layered and secretary of state Rogers. The resignation of attorney general findings may be gladly accepted. Late today the president departed the White House to spend a few days in Florida he took his top three lieutenant Bob Haldeman John Ehrlichman and Henry Kissinger along. They'll be discussing over the next five days when and where the action all both in Washington and Saigon. I'm Joseph Wohl ABC news at the White House.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Richard Nixon reelected president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59000894","title":"This day in history: Nov. 8, 1972","url":"/Politics/video/day-history-nov-1972-59000894"}