Former DC Councilmember Kevin Chavous Calls Betsy DeVos 'A True Champion for Children'

ABC News' Maggie Rulli chats with D.C. Councilmember Kevin Chavous following Betsy DeVos' confirmation hearing.
6:59 | 01/18/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Former DC Councilmember Kevin Chavous Calls Betsy DeVos 'A True Champion for Children'
A gag Maggie really here for ABC news digital and they hearings that the device just wrapped up. I she's president elect Donald Trump's picked to be secretary of education and just behind these doors for hours she was asked questions about Democrats. And Republicans on this senate committee. And it when she was inside there went along online of people outside all trying to get in watching the hearing voicing their opinions and we heard a lot of people on both sides. I'm people are very pro the boss saying they supported her nomination others that work similarly very anti. Saying that. This was not an American units I want to hear music you're inside the hearing and then what is your name among right here. Brown Kevin Davis and former member of the decent counts them also on the board the American predators for character. Which I helped co found that's it Abbas I've known her for many years. A lot of so important to be out here today in support of someone you don't salon will look I'm me the truth of it is political positioning is probably. Takes precedence over principled positions we saw that today this hearing. There's been a lot of hype surrounding gets his nomination a lot of un truths. She's a strong supporter of public schools she also believes in bipartisanship and mourning he she believes in apparent harm in putting his first. And a lot of that's been lost since the nominations taking place and I think that's largely because. The hostility associated with with president trumps. Been elected and I think that she's been negative recipient of all that but the truth be told I wanted to be here to show not just my support. But also let people know that she's gone future champions children I think this will be great nomination for the country. You're sitting in there on that hearing do you think that she was given a fair shot did you think at the line of questioning was fair what was your reaction. I think so lap also. Look since I'm recovering politician and I know that people want to make their points and in making their points needed an hour early. Explain herself but I think she acquitted herself well look. The fact that matters she says it supports strong public schools should support strong choice options in the but the buzzword is quality she wants to make cheered it. Each and every Americans who tout as equal access to high quality education irrespective of the service delivery mechanism that parents choose and I think it. You know best when it comes on your house what they did did Betsy received his who has been surprised if she's been just great these kids and for America. At some of the criticism that we heard in line against acting Abbas is that. She's never held an elected position and she's never had a role in education is never had it's good public education system this is valid criticism. No it's not valid because she's been actively involved in the education movement for many years she's been actively involved in the school choice movement she's engaged mayors governors and senators legislators state legislators all over the country. She understands his Haitian policy. And she knows that's our kids. I think she's gonna do a terrific job. And look weak hand hosts of governors who passed the bar gotten our politics weren't put on the Supreme Court they did a great job Earl Warren is one of those governors. And I think that here invest in nature politics I am collect frankly. The Donald Trump picked us to process pull some of the folks who could have picked this job. Particular substance precious and important. As his case merchant. And now looking at mark her back record there is some controversy over the planet she put forth Michigan. How do you feel. It's a valid criticism and would just be a similar plan that she puts forth you think across the country. You know Randy winds aren't citizens and and what I had two handy and others. You know. I wish she had that kind of power and we think about it to people were against president plus blame all of mission is education wolves on her. Just a few years ago or 8% in the black and white voice in the trooper dropping out of school. Waterfall she talked about the fact she beliefs and strong accountability she believes in charter schools and and also. Your 120. Charter schools that have close in Michigan because the accountability measures she supports I wish we could close some of those. 15100 dropout factories in America where we know kids and inner Heisman runner drop out and know when Desi thing about it. I think we should have a greater sense of outrage about what's not working in education as supposed to come down on someone who wants me to work for all he has. You listening and will stay this book into a lot of people like at that on both sides can support or or against but. A hot passionate people here tonight about education. And it's. It's not often at topic necessarily its front and center in today's politics so is there anything a silver lining there MI stretching too far to say that at least. Whether your Ford cancer raising awareness about education here in America. But this is bigger than that she is bigger than one nominee it is about the soul of America are democracy it is entirely dependent on us happy and educated population. And one thing that Betsey and iShares his outrage. In the sense of urgency. To make sure that we here at what tales those schools that aren't providing with a cheer for our kids look as Betsy testified to today. Every 42 seconds Kidd trap Silas whose asses over thousandth day. That's over me and each year. I am outraged about it and I think it. Unfortunately because the toxic nature at the politics of education which cast this as an either or proposition. Either years you know and institute democratic gender Republican agenda. There's a choice of June this additional problems and it shouldn't be that would what it should be is there should be a whole host of quality options for parents and kids. And the pair should have access to those options and they should be equality base and we should step out of the way and let parents have access of those options. And and look. When parents are looking for west best for the kids they're not thinking in terms of the politics. We've impose political layers on top of what's best for kids and I think that's he understands and she's worked beyond that to betterment of America. I think he summarized have again I thank you thank you. Lizzy said he had a committee hearing just wraps tacklers are still coming out. All day all night we've been here when we first showed up there was a line out the door around the corner people lined it into the hearing wind to have their voices heard lying to hear what was happening. Watching the hearing on their ipads are so they wouldn't miss any of and there are a lot of discussion in line to. There was a large section up front was very pro to Voss followed by. In the back another large section was very much against Betsy to Voss. And he'll have to Wayne see from this plane going forward he watched the hearing we heard the hearing we heard people and I think hearing. Many of the senators were very passionate as those continues to unfold -- stay here at ABC digital we'll have more updates and more hearings throughout the week it's the just inched closer and closer to inauguration and this is Maggie really very ABC news digital on Capitol Hill.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli chats with D.C. Councilmember Kevin Chavous following Betsy DeVos' confirmation hearing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44847717","title":"Former DC Councilmember Kevin Chavous Calls Betsy DeVos 'A True Champion for Children' ","url":"/Politics/video/dc-councilmember-kevin-chavous-calls-betsy-devos-true-44847717"}