4 dead after Capitol stormed by rioters

Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent, discusses how security was breached in the Capitol yesterday.
3:16 | 01/07/21

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Transcript for 4 dead after Capitol stormed by rioters
Take a closer look at how this massive security breach happened in what happens now. To hold those responsible accountable we're joined by ABC news contributor and former FBI special agent. Brad Garrett at Brad you were an FBI special agent it's it's no secret. That an agitated crowd would be marching to the capital so. How to law enforcement allow this to happen rioters and touring the capitol from multiple entrances. Well what we don't know is if the capitol police actually wanted to do it a different way. For example was at seven foot fence outside the ellipse. For the barriers should have been yesterday. The problem is is that we don't really know it's is via the capitol police wanted to different approach. And it. The management on the hill the congress told them otherwise due to sheer volume of people look who's here. You needed basically. The capitol police the National Guard. Obama and probably other federal agents in uniform Secret Service six after a after that scene to make sure that nobody got inside the capitol. I am Brad it's it's Terry Moran I'd I'd like to ask give. Based on your experience as a law enforcement veteran look at the charges could these riders face and what's your view of the feeling that is. Very strong in the country right now that if that crowd had been made up of people of color. You would have had a very different law enforcement preparation and response. So little looks to start of the first when Jerry I mean there isn't a sundry of charges from. Ever piper owns the bombs found there were weapons found. Alone there's actually a federal. Statute that covers. Assaulting. The capital and committing violence. And in their meet the other. More serious charges potentially because. The motivations of these people when they just trying to make a statement. Windy seriously thinking that this could be sort of the first step. Of overthrowing the existing government. In and then you get in this edition but I'm not suggesting they're gonna get charged with anything why Kraft. But we'll have to see. And Brett how vulnerable do you think Briard to for an attack right now especially given our enemies. Some of them are celebrating this and the resignations that we're seeing in the administration. So I don't know that we're any more vulnerable. Both of yet to keep in mind that no matter who's in charge. You might be in congress. It's of people that do on the ground work. Local law enforcement city county state FBI agents fill in the blank. Are out there doing the same job no matter why now they may have management to direct them one way or the other. But I'm I don't think Diane good it really makes this more. Won't Wolfenstein important somebody actually trying to come after us anymore so the need to get today. I'm glad to hear that former FBI agent Brad Garrett thank you as always. So thanks Brad.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent, discusses how security was breached in the Capitol yesterday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75118365","title":"4 dead after Capitol stormed by rioters","url":"/Politics/video/dead-capitol-stormed-rioters-75118365"}