Debate Viewers Weigh In

ABC News checks in with the spin room, The Culinary Workers' Union watch party, and Bernie Sanders supporters post-debate.
12:57 | 10/14/15

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Transcript for Debate Viewers Weigh In
Are you haven't been very first democratic presidential debate. As officially wrapped up in Las Vegas, Nevada and we've got you covered across the country with voter reaction expert an Alice says. We've got folks lie in Las Vegas at watch parties in the official spin room at the Wynn hotel and across the country in New Hampshire. Wind Brad milky where they've been watching at Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton watch party they're gonna start. Apple cited the actual debate go live now to ABC news is Josh Haskell. Who joins us from inside the post debate spin room Josh key here army. And. That's olds going on right now health. Biggest night of his life. Tell you his job. I called drop zone calling back and diet. You're gonna check back daily Josh Haskell as soon as we get connection established again as you can see. A pretty rowdy room right after that debate the first professional presidential debate among the democratic candidates. Let's not ABC news is Charlie James who joins us live. Also in Las Vegas. I'm here away from the Wynn hotel she has been at a watch party with the culinary workers union I believe Charlie what. What people talking about during the today. This is definitely into it went over well at this crowd every line. And cheered along those big moment that I think we all recognize. Bernie Sanders saying that he and every line is that hearing about Hillary Clinton he now. Shadow court Flag Day. It moments here as violently across the country I'm so we're actually in a check in now. With arson and focus group impromptu focus group T. Of the people we spoke with earlier this is. From the and and that at camp goes back and we have a new guest today this is always searching here. And we're gonna get a little reaction so. First of all guys just general reaction and how did you think it was. I'd say it was a great to be it was a that he beat him by. I'm confident that we are still. And still. It's us about authentic. Health care they didn't. With the mine as well in the we have a health plan in the event union members need to know more about that I needed to speaking on the putting intact in the east sentiment. If it meant that black man and that they didn't thief. We working. The family unit. And we cannot speak is still the help when they return to take so much that really. You wish that there are more di tale. And how about yourself. Well they did you know I think it and he the big moments you the big moments we'll. Let me. Take care of the workers in there it's securing health care for him that's the biggest points of him right now still debate. I'm not endorsing anyone yet. 66. One here lap pool with. And you said that before McCourt and his book. What you are hoping here it's and about immigration being on top it. We definitely heard about when you think about Kylie and those arrogant and Iraq you right here we welcome back. You guys in just a second we're headed jumped. Downing Street in Las Vegas over to Josh Haskell who'd joined now by one of the candidates Jim Webb jockey there. Yeah I'm a little crazy right now the only candidate I've seen so far is Jim when he came in really quickly and left quickly. We asked and I thought he had a big moment he kind of smiled but. Then we left the room so he didn't really. Gets a sort of explained his analysis of his own performance. It's definitely important night for him to get his name out there but I wanna take a listen in to some the circuits that are in here right now it's like she beat you. For Hillary Clinton's campaign excellent take you guys in real quick and let's listen to what she's saying this thing she's putting on Hillary's performance. They pay half the fat then I eat. Else handling. Yeah. Think that's anything having. Weekend yeah. I think and the public it's. Are you. I'm. Problems that you normally I don't pack your money having eaten healthy hearing on it but instead of calling about the fact that it's bringing. Hillary's well number yeah. Parallel thing. But I do think that people find that that there were dusty and examines how we share. Very cordial. Today you're zero. My C. Yes I think that she came. Across very strongly on the issues. Violence. Race and I paid family leave and the porous and most importantly. CE. With the woman pregnant that's how she's certainly would she herself. That's his opinion on what went on right now in the winter talon line they get inside the officials being room ABC's Josh Haskell live forth their way to keep checking back in with him as people come and go from that room. Probably over the course of the next hour or so at least. Let's go back down the street in Las Vegas to ABC news is Charlie James try austerity cut out on you early Aaron. Please apologize here guests who they are taking the time to talk to us believe love to hear their thoughts on the resting your questions are you asking them whether or not they heard. What they wanted to hear from the candidates on stage tonight. Right so you're saying that it. Gentlemen here had asked about. Are wanted to know if they're gonna speak about immigration Snyder is today and there was a lot about immigration. Hillary Clinton didn't quite give a full answer on whether she support Ed. In state tuition for undocumented immigrants. Did you notice that that kind of tight rope walk going on there. I did let you know that thing that I was really looking out for what's. Immigration reform one that somebody to come with an action plan on how they plan to get to good immigration reform. And I didn't hear that tonight's it was the keeping our ears open and see how the rest of the campaign goes. So I want to get a little bit from you guys turn around here. I know how you thought this debate matched up with the GOP debates because I'm watching us as well. Yes absolutely it was. It was respectful but he didn't insult to me there was no racist comments he didn't insult women. Everybody respected each other on that panel and that was important processing. Yet there where I'm a lot of tears in this room after Martin O'Malley closing statement he said something very similar to that. That there wasn't as much negative talk against certain groups on that stage what did you think. I enjoyed the fact that it was respectful to everyone expected and so that's best. You think that the size difference you know you have as many as 1617. People over on the stage for. Served potentially the Republican nominee and five's here do you think that that mean a big difference. It detects and key issues for the American people yet. They just text that we need to hear of it more people we meet again stepped forward and take it. Hey Charlie so real quick let's go through what's the topic you want to hear. In the next Democrat today. What's this specific thing you wanna hear someone say and then democratic. Health care. I'm agree with the health care. Helping the working Americans. Get back on it. I would say health care and immigration reform of course. On the day habit health care and we they wanna hear more about health care over although people here were really happy with us. Substance. Held that went more in depth. And the GOP debates. But it sounds like for this curve here for the culinary workers union local two G six they wanna hear more about health care. That's right and as everyone there mentioned that that wasn't one of the topics. That was given a lot of airtime tonight we'll see if it does come up again later wins the candidates in another debate Charlie James for us. Live in Las Vegas act the watch party. For the culinary workers union we'll check back in her addled little bit later we're gonna take you across the country to the East Coast to another one of those states is holding an early nominating contest ABC's. Brad Mills Diaz lives for S. He's been bouncing between watch party. According to end her campaign. And the Clinton Campaign Brad palace where you are and what. Well on the right now and it. Look and all are which is a bookstore and Clark right across the street from a Hillary Clinton but this was all about Bernie Sanders here tonight. He lets his or emptying out behind me but dozens of people over fifty of them. Crammed into this room and for New Hampshire in this part of New Hampshire are pretty big crowd and Cella. Very excited group here Hillary federal supporters opened up Bart was always in a bar that's where it always seems to have been that people happen how they're free exchange of ideas. That's exactly. I'll I now. But right now we're joined by Denise. And Bernice I'm not making these names up and let Denise was actually here human Mike Gillis senior. TT shirt she's a Bernie Sanders supporters figured maybe I'm she can tell you what the atmosphere was like tonight. I'm actually very energetic. We're definitely Hillary. Wanted to talk like this news not the front lines. Don't. It was a it was a flawed. Taking interactive approach to this today. Kennedy and wanted to do really hot button issue. Right and how so I didn't think burns visited that somebody who's looking for him to do willingness to. First time on this national State's presidential candidate I didn't think he held his own. And analysts. Moments at the beginning and. Thank you enough Bernice you're not a Bernie supporter here you can hear Hillary we. And some cuts to Carolina beginning these names in my street my head all night on the side from working really really angry about they released me. But released how did you eventually come to him that it has a supporter of hers I didn't think she handled herself I think. She really didn't well. She got a problem. I really think rock especially the last few minutes. Here's gonna ask you release it was in a moment stood apps you either from Hillary when the other candidates. That means you don't really crystallized this debates union. A high. God you learn. And then choosing yellow here rainy and then we're calling me. And then we're like father and he. I really think about. You bet Bernie and it's. No way. Alarmed me. I didn't hear it coming from. I don't think. With the was there a moment you could just head scratching moments from burning from Hillary or. I mean that's really have no need not part of it and now the email scandal. Bernie spent about it. Miller answered yes believe this is. This is not an issue we've talked about. It's. Big money out of politics and not going negative and really stuck. That's really important.

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{"duration":"12:57","description":"ABC News checks in with the spin room, The Culinary Workers' Union watch party, and Bernie Sanders supporters post-debate.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"34460022","title":"Debate Viewers Weigh In","url":"/Politics/video/debate-viewers-weigh-34460022"}