Will next debates enforce new rules?

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reports on the plans to make changes for future presidential debates, how the campaigns are reacting and the president’s response on white supremacist groups.
4:05 | 09/30/20

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Transcript for Will next debates enforce new rules?
Bring in our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl Jon the commission that runs the debates announced today that they plan to make some changes to avoid a repeat of last night what is saying that they're gonna do. And how it campaigns responding. Well the commission has not been detailed about what they are going to the although I spoke directly to one of the one of the commissioners. And I was told that there are several things under consideration including the idea. Of giving the moderator and the ability to cut off the might come a candidate if that candidate. Violates the rules and we got two very different responses. From the campaigns to the idea of imposing any changes at all. The Biden campaign has made it clear that they would welcome changes they put out a statement saying in part. Biden will be focused on answering questions from voters there. At the upcoming town hall debate wonder what ever set of rules the commission develops to try to contain Donald Trump's behavior. The trump campaign is making it clear that they don't want any changes whatsoever. They put out a statement saying in part today the commission shouldn't be moving the goalposts and changing the rules in the middle of the game. Now the commission. Is making it clear that this is not about changing the rules it's about enforcing the rules that are already there. And I was told. Directly by the commission that they are doing this the rules will be changed they will not allow what happened in Cleveland to happen again. And that it will not be a negotiation. I was told at the campaigns want to make suggestions that's fine it will listen to suggestions. But they're not gonna negotiate with the campaigns they are simply going to announce the new rules. So that means we really could be heading to a situation. If the trump campaign. Continues to insist on no changes we could have a situation where the next two scheduled debates simply do not happen I think that is a real possibility. And so many people on on social media last night saying just cut the president's like we also heard the president's defense of his comments today on those white supremacist groups with his this is part of a pattern on on how he responds on these issues. It really is you know the trump campaign put out a series of examples. Of where he has condemned white supremacists over the years and he has donated. But every time he has done it has been almost hundreds arrests. Of course he was himself. The person that was the main figure behind the birther movement which was just they flatly racist movement. He eventually gave up that. That that effort but he never apologized for it never acknowledged that there was anything wrong with it. And I remember very vividly when David duke endorsed his campaign back in February of 26 team. The tree trunks said nothing about her for two days when he was finally. Asked directly by a reporter about Duke's endorsement. He said all he endorsed me I didn't know that okay. I disavow OK I disavow. He made it clear that he was irritated by the question and it was anything but a heartfelt disavow and then. That the most crystal clear example was. It was Charlottesville. And here we remember Charlottesville remember that he said they were very fine people on on both sides. But again he did at one point before he he made those statements he did read a statement from teleprompter. Condemning the white supremacists and Charlottesville and I reporter wrote or wrote about this in my book he. He did that he did it is his his senior advisors basically browbeat him into doing it can right after it was stolen. He saw the way it was received any snapped and his top advisors he said that he would never do something like that again he thought he appeared weak. So this is that this is somebody who simply. Has a pattern of having a real hard time saying. Anything critical. About some of the most of vital. Groups in this nation. All right Jonathan Karl thanks so much as always for your insight and reporting.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"ABC News’ Jonathan Karl reports on the plans to make changes for future presidential debates, how the campaigns are reacting and the president’s response on white supremacist groups.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"73354552","title":"Will next debates enforce new rules?","url":"/Politics/video/debates-enforce-rules-73354552"}