Does the delay of the results from the caucuses devalue the win?

ABC News' Lindsey Davis discusses with roundtable that even before this error, there were already people who didn't trust the system
5:21 | 02/05/20

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Transcript for Does the delay of the results from the caucuses devalue the win?
Our house political team to the conversation ABC news political analyst Matthew Dowd. And democracy for America CEO and ABC news contributor even that Simpson so now let's start with you. Why does finding out a day later that you want to state not have as much value in the victory is delayed say 24 hours. Well that's the whole thing about Iowa is that Iowa actually if you do well our surprise like people who judge seems to have done. Then he gives you a launching point to raise money. And do better in other primaries that you have been campaigning again and that's that theory and that's normally was fanned out in the past. What's happened this time is basically one day was cut off. We've moved now to it did they announce partial results today. In the midst of the presidency union so he as a steadying world covering tonight and. And then they'd vote on impeachment tomorrow and then we have ABC debate on Friday so I think there's going to be very little momentum out of this. And which is a doubt which is a downside to somebody like he'd put a judge who needed in this so it's almost as if a caucus was held. But is gonna have no real fundamental fact I'm them from the following states right. To the dismay of many candidates an event even before this blunder they were already people who didn't yeah system. How does this feed into that and undermine the integrity of the democratic process are buried there with us in that yes I think we're rather than Clinton would have gotten them you're now Thailand the yeah when he met thank you for joining us and you know I want edging just get a sense that there RD people who didn't trust a system how does this feed into that and how does that potentially undermine the integrity of the democratic process now. You know you think about 2016. And Russian interference people not believing that their votes are gonna came down and then you get off the block in Iowa and it's a technical glitch coming from the Democratic Party it really is not the way you wanna start this contest. It's early and so we're asking people to be patient the good news is that there was some back up paper their vote their check counting the votes now and we expect to get a resolves soon. And Nevada is able to learn from NASA and so would we expect that Nevada them to be a little bit more clean than what we saw here in Iowa. The start we want to pursue around them. Or not this or that many anticipated in it to stay with you for a moment many cable Marty push back on the tradition of always starting with Iowa for do you think it last nights a Bothell could and that traditional smelling. Honestly I think for sure you know wine at 91 person out of Iowa caucus goers are YE we know that does were flat but the reflect the diversity of our country of our party. If the people that already had an objection to that you got Iowa and Nevada doing caucuses you've got South Carolina and New Hampshire doing primaries you really need consistency. And when things like this happen in Iowa is starts to make us believe we should probably have. More consistency in the early states and so. It's really really important for us to get this right this is the most important election our generation and we cannot be the reason that this doesn't work out. You said it to clear winners or Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg forum last night's Iowa caucus Hausa. Well I think Donald Trump into a lives and breeds in chaos and because that Iowa caucus went so badly with such a debacle. That adds that benefits him and he's gonna go from that debacle among the Democrats have chaos. To his State of the Union Address which we all understand he's supposed to be delivered in a calm clear way we'll see what happens tonight. So that benefits them and Michael bloat. Michael Bloomberg who skipped Iowa spent no dollars but no staff and is betting on his ability to skip all the first round. And then emerge and spend a lot of money in the later rounds when all the rich delegates are in place that helps him in this so so if there was a winner through the first 24 hours are winners. It was Donald Trump he loves chaos and this is very chaotic. And Michael Bloomberg who didn't want Iowa to have give anybody much momentum and it didn't really give anybody momentum so. Of two winners those are the two winners from yesterday. US sauces question out to both have you Biden not likely placing the top three in Iowa what does that say about his electability in his momentum going forty that we'll start again. Yet quite simply you can't say you the most electable if you don't win a contest I think what he's hoping for is that you get through New Hampshire. And in South Carolina and Super Tuesday when you get more black and brown voters he expects to get a surge. That's the opposite of what people did you just going through he really needed a win here in Iowa he needs a win in New Hampshire and we needed to black and brown voters in South Carolina and Super Tuesday he is not going to be able to win the day so it'll be interesting to see once we get through the fourth contest. How all of this works out. And that your thoughts. I mean it I think is very problematic for Joseph Biden started as the lead candidate raised raised a lot of money. He's that he was a vice president the most popular president in the last democratic president the last fifty years Barack Obama. US senator for a lengthy period of time. He finishes fourth it looks like an Iowa. If he doesn't win New Hampshire what she I don't think is expected. He has to compete well in Nevada and he has to do well in South Carolina but I'm I'm just for call one thing. In 1992. Bill Clinton didn't win the for his first primary. Until five primaries or caucuses and in any only 11 of the first eleven and so this is a lot of more time left in this race to see who's gonna emerged. I that's good perspective thank you so much about the theory that Simpson and Matthew down.

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{"duration":"5:21","description":"ABC News' Lindsey Davis discusses with roundtable that even before this error, there were already people who didn't trust the system","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"68759270","title":"Does the delay of the results from the caucuses devalue the win?","url":"/Politics/video/delay-results-caucuses-devalue-win-68759270"}