Delegate Race Explainer

Can unbound delegates help Sanders?
10:00 | 04/27/16

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Transcript for Delegate Race Explainer
I ever IDC's Mary bridge here in our DC bureau and our delegate war room this is a very big night for the candidates five big states up for grabs. And it's not just the states it's the delegates that matter 172. Delegates for the Republicans. 384. At state. For the Democrat so to help us break all of down figure out what it means for you what it means for the candidates. But that we will ever finally have some nominees I'm joined here by our delegate counting rooms it. There Bryant strapped happening colored alleys are gonna help that somehow we. Right we have not all the extent. So in addition to yard experts here of course we have a lot of got out of its most. Completely. Well groomed you've gotten Mastny. Not out if that delicate. The dimple ballot that you're yet. Which somehow outing and an enemy that we can't watch us. And I'm not having him. He didn't sell out autonomy Bentley. Encourage act of Providence house now let's get its act explained letting him stay here what it on on. Ryan you're anything. Access. That's right we've got five. Major they play here tonight all up in the north eastern. Or connect I don't want released by state and why there weren't. Three states were on on the Republican side. Are there are winner take most days. Obviously states where. These congressional district votes are gonna matter. Oh. VCR. Looking at Maryland's. And we're looking to solve these represent the number of delicate matters he's these days here's our kind of kind of like these over a lot. Yeah what actually call today he could not change our activities and deep roots the only moment. There are. A couple of rounds. Colin as the Mercury Super Tuesday for. The track primary. Hello Brian and all sound and all. Regional you know. It's just not there where that's sure Lester northeast corner yeah and a region. And her. Who the colonial right. The duty guard yeah. Although the into the plant but that there would see that people. But it. Maybe you yeah yeah. Yeah we'll try out. Looking back. Maryland. And Delaware are really important statement and so do you read politics here record that. Bounced out. Why don't Democrats over immediately had a do you wish it would save the most delegates over here. So while her friend and all he's an American Idol this volatile. Yeah. Exactly yeah I'm not into the into the ocean there. But. Yes. Amanda Skelton. Bird doesn't we're not pass. It. More years you are explaining. There are now short term ends almost. All the delegates and Republicans. Are and it's just me that they have to love this. No depending on how people lowly states. You know certain number of delegates to go to the convention in July and you have to vote. Our house statement. And I doubt you will XT. I don't Rogen just as the last. Which manages to get its act know that person to vote for them prisoners lines. Here. No matter currently ranked is that so there are a couple days out there that half out. These you don't get that are unbalanced. Which means that they ate the actual person who still don't get. Slot gets to choose whoever they want to know you are these the last. I couldn't make a great that you thought Mickey Mouse they both are not drop they do whatever they want and ask me he's so important now perhaps maybe you're not. He's. Well. The blue color six record. And tonight all that people are these lives and our own state Pennsylvania. That the only state tonight. These. Rocks are wild card can do whatever they. Back. So this isn't pink color they want to dole out. You're gonna hit. Relatives to win Thursday and it hit a whole alliance of free agent now based on local. Back to what is seen now figured out. You. Up from Atlanta my city and it all in all. Regional. Oh. Right well actor. Actor Ted Cruz. And that umpire for a while he struggles last week in New York Times front cleared away again. We're expecting a lot of these delegates here tonight are gonna go for now. What if core areas where he's really popular the rest of the lone parents went through that we had bruises and it's so. We're expecting another major leap forward for up front work that magic number problems and don't get him and really. Didn't install birds had truth in some cases not making up ground not locking up from getting close. And let me catch department is due this is really don't last the night's. The order. G yeah pretty fast that it is our last chance scrutiny from Iran to really need a beast last he's winds. That's actually mean you know overall Arlington is higher now he's sort of a big deal because they don't see that this is an excellent. I think if anything it's an essentially asked trump. Has not done so well in the in the midwest and at least laugh. New York us it is are even more it's over is five eighths today. Brick and life. You know we need it includes this and his. Love it Indian state like California and exactly but. Time is getting. And humiliate. Them what happens. You want giants that where fathers and led the anti. We all had bond that you really care so there are some key states coming up like yeah California. That you know our gonna still be days. And it's one day Stephanie pop that he did not act but he clearly is there any chance that it's nice we say. Any candidate Kennedy clinching. Not. Yeah. You don't want to. Please stay where anything crews including ending. You don't get anything that can yeah. Rents only talk about three days that we're going to take months for the I'm a little different eyes just proportional snow leopard. If you didn't say that the present done yet. So we expect strong today happened on that stage and tank crews is not quite there. I had a pretty small right Chris. Back. Day after New York. Declare victory tonight sue that as a major step current campaign. Very confident and in his winnings night but they. Yeah. Any any marry Ryan Braun Conrad landing where wetlands organization there is an accurate statement Pennsylvania. If anything in the northeast. Democrats and I don't know IMAX at a hearing with the Republicans just yet. A lot of on elm from the head of the senate Democrats in the treatment as well. Yeah I know Paula Dominick I think that 384. Plus delegates at stake in these days. Yeah and all her roughly eighty. Days you. I. Yeah. Currently about Republicans or Democrats yeah Democrats. If you let your pledged right back. So plus delegate. Ardor especially if anything about yet. Where I just. He asked the department is threatening are not. Yeah he didn't. We'll go.

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