Delegates Explain Why They're Behind Sen. Kaine

ABC News' Shushannah Walshe, Liz Kreutz and FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey talk to delegates on the floor of the Democratic National Convention.
11:42 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Delegates Explain Why They're Behind Sen. Kaine
I am waltzing in here at my ABC news colleagues and a loss we're talking to a deal from Arlington Virginia she's known to him in very very long time. He's also a little bit about the governor. Governor we've gotten gain as the governor's. The governor will I ever knew Arlington in 2005. Specifically to help turn a red state blue and at that time. Tim Kaine was running for governor and so does my first campaign in Virginia it's a great guy. He started the civil rights attorney he some working for her packing houses in. Housing discrimination in Richmond. Have and then you cousin that he was elected to the City Council. That he became mayor then he became lieutenant governor that he lets governor. Now he's our senator and exits the air vice president says we're so happy about it it's just a great great guy. So again as you senator what had been a few minutes countless minutes really and it's. Who else he's very. It's very saddening to. Add big proponent for Kate you know. Prekindergarten. And when he was governor he did a lot worth just and he's also big on environmental kinds of things he's done a lot they are. Hannity and lessons I. Marine unit and began hearing that was almost all the delegates and your don't know that you noticed me personally he let something that. Other people don't know about him. Well yeah. And I mean I just I know him it you know working alongside him politically over the last twelve years. I just think that he. High ethical person what a lot of integrity is probably someone that you would be surprised if behind a politician having him here you're like. So. The rave reviews. When he was first. Not me tonight but then also on Monday night there is some boos from some very standard delegates why they wrongly there are concerned. Oh well it's you know I think this they have. They believe strongly in let me today are about it you know and we share a lot of those values. It candidate not win but I think when they get in the world to me you don't realize that a person he has. We really haven't seen valley news. Just as times change subjects so little that you and your along I'm Obama supporters. Since his birth in 2008. What's it like tonight since it's his final speech to the DNC. What did you whining here tonight and what kind of emotions are going Greer has the right. Well I imagine I'll show got that's probably cried and I know I will really miss Obama a lot. I think it is just the way he has put out. Yes yes I worries. Applause. I'm also never never loses sight of the rise and I think. You know Michelle says it best the other night when they go below we go high. It's got great. I've pres Obama over Hillary Clinton 2008 baker here at the delegate what was it like when she was nominated yesterday what's been field. I write as a woman. Eight. The first. You know president United States to be honest with you. I was really excited to have the first black president who. I always thought that Hillary's right. Person. Thanks for joining us marine marine from Arlington Virginia. Have an advantage that. A lot of people don't have that you know the vice president's nominee for the thanks for joining us on Kennedy see him and we have another delegate yeah. I am here with Margo learners she's delegates also Arlington Virginia what has been your experience that sending it didn't hit it it's. He works with all citizens of the commonwealth. Congress he's worked across the aisle and I know he will always have received that that is his style he's. That he is top notch collaborator. Were you familiar with his work as a as president. Mayor or his governor the mayor to be brought people together that success of a strong leader. And that has always in eight key principle. Of his life. I went out later. You've earned him for a long time you heard Kelly speaks even the issues of two what do you anybody wanna hear tonight in his address I think he's gonna tell us about in self. And I think that's the critical part to educate people about his background as civil rights lawyer. As a public. Throughout the United States. To share a story and another language is a powerful experience. You are you excited for having a Virginian and that is thrilled happen when I'm here that's great that doesn't pop panel that's fine. I mean people can become a national delegate this is an experience problem lifetime. And I'm just really thrilled and honored that yet it's it's on this time analysts and pain. Absolutely so. To act as the reread his prime minister and it would be has been excited just over him and him working on. First of all I come from a long line at veterans. And military family. And they are very few members in congress. And have sons or daughters and a military. Am. And also does our governor Terry. All right let me take you so lets you time and it has. As. It. Not currently very. Here to win an Alley and elegant and Indiana. And CEO of our work product they've been very. After your answer and agree that back story I didn't. Period. For patents and you see that there and turnaround that's in the back. Here it's her friends but tampons and for front. So. Yeah he's accurately blundering around the floor and we obviously had to ask some questions about what this was. I. I order from Indiana. And when and here's. We got and you Sunday morning. How to eat this story and what is this through periods depends what's your message is there Walt periods her hands and started handing. I had any comment on her some economic harm on. When my pants and injuries. Course known. That would pretty much force anybody that Adam has experienced some very good thing that is. And they would be charged if they didn't have a funeral and her damaged areas along with other things and the owners. Doctors can charge it was a horrible Ellen it's. Just horrible so she decided it was a good idea in tight ends wanted to be and I uterus. And any experience could possibly happen fearing that the person having an area that we should definitely. Let Mike Albano period that we didn't have details. So we started calling me right now it's this grant author of the bill. I in his office are important and isn't good. I'm organized I'm assuming everyone knows that that might and it obviously is now. These these people angle and Donald Trump. But is he began this before he was the be absent. OK so we use your reporting of your experiences what is that meetings. Well if you haven't period you call him you tell I'm like how bad theory is how you feel and you know what's he do about him is he's regulating bodies possibly. He never actually get it and I don't know that many. Upset a lot of his staffers in the point that it is Scott answers. Now you're trying to send your message here today. To not just called Mike Pence and obvious the cops aren't the end certainly it's not sound that is not worth about. Last last week we started asking her followers soon. It's not. Unlike the other obviously Donald Trump wants out of bodies and things. Some regulations have everybody I think it's fun to work experience. Also hand on currency last week. Imagine there are some pretty shocked staffers that he received as. And the greatest thing yesterday was we got a report whenever followers it's on our pain they report the calls us and us. Place. Apparently when the centers like will you please just stop calling quite. We got here is that it can read that conversations between it and expect or whether or hash tag team. And you can read every. Angry person aren't thank you so much it's. There. Is an apartment and act that might back over to. Think. From here. And he also knows. Where. Mean Kursk. I don't know anybody. And Democratic Party that doesn't notes that. He is very warm welcome mean an open person that. Spend time on this yet and acting as well he's that is others. Just it is interesting that every one dollar in notes and to think that's it for just and I think our calls and I'm like presidential nominee. I think it speaks today in who is in his character you know he's willing to listen anybody and move the needle forward whatever it takes. Care. Compromise and writes he's seen firsthand as. Her. City Council member Aaron and represented as statewide. There is had titles. So long as we look at needle. And right action and stay true to our values and you can't see it moving progressive. And gain back. You know it just shows. News hours. Used to think that from them Branson message for the rapids in this all of them feel that doesn't line up with the idea. You know let all all my message for the folks here in and goes home. It's just watch and learn if this your first time you know considered a day you're gonna fall mobster. We all look in Virginia. You know he was there. Wayne. When the tragedy happen in Virginia Tech. Game he took part in earning. Which is headquartered in Virginia and not back down pain. We need some progress that's all conversation that was. That Edwards that's just one example many incidents and incidents and it's the type we believe here. Thanks so much for joining us appreciate it. And I'm ABC's Shawna walls which. Let's hear from the floor a big tonight tonight tonight Tim Kane Joseph Biden and the president simply tuning in thank you.

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{"duration":"11:42","description":"ABC News' Shushannah Walshe, Liz Kreutz and FiveThirtyEight's Walt Hickey talk to delegates on the floor of the Democratic National Convention. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40942529","title":"Delegates Explain Why They're Behind Sen. Kaine ","url":"/Politics/video/delegates-explain-sen-kaine-40942529"}