'Deli'-Gates With Jon Karl

ABC News' Jon Karl talks with RNC delegates on day one of the Republican National Convention.
17:56 | 07/18/16

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Transcript for 'Deli'-Gates With Jon Karl
Hello I'm Jonathan Karl ABC news chief White House correspondent I am coming to you live. From slime in this restaurant. In Cleveland. I am told this is the place. With the largest corn beef sandwich in all of Cleveland and we are here with three actual Republican. Delegates. These are the folks on the commission wore it will be voting to nominate officially Donald Trump for president. So we're here we're calling the segment by the lake Delhi gates since career excellence Delhi. But but thank you very much for joining us and we've got to us he Luke Elliott. Your I'm nineteen years old nineteen years and you are a delegate from. Tennessee and rupiah now. Rubio delegate and ride. And I'm Alex trio the field and gives you good to see you're you're Ohio and so you Greg Norman OK bill. These guys are bound to casing but. And natural tree. Among the truck train on the county chairmen like Cincinnati Ohio and we're gonna get we are behind them. OK and he talked to governor Riley. Well we love our governor he's terrific but we can we love all the Republicans so our governor's slow to come on board were on board. OK so I I've I've got to ask you though because governor Kasich very popular governor when most popular Republican governors in the country. And it seems like there's a war between your presidential nominee Republican governor has matter but we heard today from Paul man for chairman of the campaign. He said Jon Casey's petulant. He's in nursing the Republican Party. Because he's refusing to come to the convention what's your take on I disagree all men aboard I think John case against. Wonderful guy and wonderful governor looked at a hard fought primary job this is gonna happen I think it. What people it's Ohio those are governor's own man he sets his own path. You know he's bought the party before on issues and that's just who he is we loved for that Ohio but I stated Donald Trump was in Hamilton County in Cincinnati we are. Just two weeks ago. Huge crowd. Terrific momentum on the ground. OK so you're on the immunity you're rubio delegate Ari are you now on the trump trainer were you want. Others to choices for president and that is down Hillary Clinton and now don't tell Gary Johnson Libertarian Party well aides Ross Perot parts there. Oddly. Party must unite behind. Not agree with the way he talks about women or minorities. He's our nominee. And that's just the way us. Didn't exactly sound like you're fired up about Donald Trump as a Republican nominee. Well not particularly bad. They alive. For. People my age didn't out of college. He's going to be the best president if you want to find it did job because I feel like. He is gonna create a sustainable business environment and that's Ron. And and Greg were you on. Late in the game. The vice presidential pick was a big deal to me it shows some things I don't agree with. Donald moment he says he's not that ties him. He's moved away from Muslim van. So I think that. You know Mike Pence was again sent to. Prior to joining tickets I think it. The campaign is starting now ruins the you can't ask people have been against all I want I want to take a look at this live for us the hell good Republicans up and down. The ballot all over the country. It's just weren't on me many people who have seen they're gonna help other candidates. Without support dropped badminton make any sense politically the top of the ticket drives lots of different races across country. We don't want Hillary Clinton event that provides more of the same that was the last eight years in worse with the series on the issue she's got to. So that's kind of where we are incidents have been an alternative universe in Ohio that. Governors not on board yet but he's looking back in the populous forty. He doesn't mean anything to do it and so he say alternative universe what's it going to be like at this convention. I'm mile network. Good seats as we usually we're used to sit in in the rose in the world and. Still critically who the next President Clinton. That Libya or seating assignment might reflect back that are governors. Openly to the game that probably beer would be able to see the State's it's going to be interesting and nothing that you. It was a chance for you know for our community introduce himself in the country in people who have been an instant messages to take another look. Really elections are down to is which would treat you different units that neither one's perfect but want the whole lot better than the other alternatives. I think this disaster for America. Ultimately what front of your right. So it's it's the I've been walking around that convention in las. Forty per hour or so all in and you see how the delegations. Are are raised your right you'll look at Ohio's. Way off to the side. The state tax its way back. Usually the states there opt for on you know major major players and the reason is that they've decided to. The AC it's the placement. On how watched the state voted for cultural and California. As a front -- state programs that you marched up front new Jersey's. She has agreed as a great place. I mean you know that there ought to be some you know some benefit for victory and I expect to witness the opponent goes. Wouldn't be able you know. It's been owned by the by the people who are speaking as we haven't but is still be able to. We'll be able to see the stated this is going to be. OK so what all the people that aren't going to be here I mean I've looked at it every you know I'm. It's the living. Nominees for president. And vice president the Republican side. There's only one that's can actually have this world without its. It is not an amnesty you know what happens if you'll want to Paul Ryan oh great look I mean no bush. No Romney no McCain now he can surf mail policy it is yet. I've been and I've been really active opponents for coming up twenty years we've lost successive presidential elections. Trying regular politicians. Big supporter of Senator McCain big supporter governor Romney but. This is something different and Republican should embrace it discipline people are going to be there but. I can tell you when it comes the grassroots on the ground in my community people and I'm here representing from Cincinnati Ohio he's got a lot of support so. You know I wish all those folks who come on board because as Gregg indicated. We've got two choices in this race I know. Some folks think there's or third choice no chance that third party candidate wins so our only choice here as conservatives and if Republicans is to get behind Donald Trump. Boy it. It's more of the same if you will lose. You know politicians that a leader Marty. The electorate wants to. We're seeing in this election. When I'm here that we don't want as the next guy in line in that kind of politics. Significant percentages of mayors in Washington that. It would. They don't they relate to there world up there. That was its appeal in the house that this convention is gonna reflect that but that. Really pulled at his victory. So let me. Also. I've found people in rural areas that had failed. Disenfranchised. For decades by politicians finally feel like they have someone. To speak for them. And they are well and look the other way on its. No personal life hands and ridiculous things he sad because they feel like he will make it inference for them. OK so let me ask it you. Kind of a two part question. What do you expect that you'll hear from trump when he takes the stage and gets his big speech what do you expect you'll hear and what would you like to hear. Well I hope that he adjusts his. To make it less about himself and more about country. And I think he's starting to realize that I think he and last few weeks and it's. Decided to become more presidential. And so peseta and I think we're well. What I expect here will be talked about the wall expect it'll be an applause line though that's expected here by the way do you really think Mexico is gonna paper though all. Sure come on that was the most powerful country better than anybody can make it happen Donald. Anyway the the other thing I hope to hear is I think we've touched on and I think they're so many of us the conservative movement. That want to hear him talk a little bit more like might have stalked and that is. The talk about how conservative principles when implementing government can improve peoples' lives making that connection for people I think it's really important I think governor heads did it. In his remarks his introductory remarks. The day that he was introduced his vice president. But the vice presidential nominee so that's another important. We're gonna your strength and Mina America needs strong president who had eight years weakness in the you know we've seen. We've seen that weakness of thickness of raw. And loan you know we've got reliving it scary times and a significant part of that is there isn't backing that is the White House right and a New York projecting strength is what he's gonna do. And it is the time for strong leader it's time for America to be strong in both home and abroad he can predict that in. This election comes down to the establishment person on the strength of sweetness he's gonna win. So let me ask you guys to look into the crystal ball here for exactly. Play political. Crashed and prognosticators. Were for a moment. What is the percentage chance. That Donald Trump beats Hillary Clinton how likely it. Well I feel like if the just this town and he lets people know that he is the cane that that will keep our country safe. I think he's gonna win because people are scared right now. Write for myself and we're divided right now and if he can portray that he is going to bring the country back together he will land. Give me give me the odds. Well. It look at the electoral map and they say look any Republican. Starts at a disadvantage of changing demographics. And don't throw obviously has some significant challenges. To women and Hispanics. Well iffy iffy plays his cards right I think he's if it's really about 5050. It's that it's going to be very. Very close. I think cutting the slight underdog I think we just start off that way with California in new York and two big electoral prizes almost automatically being in the democratic camp. You know we've got to run this the run the gamut of the swing state so I think any Republican starts as an underdog but I think Donald Trump again it's changing. That paradigm left and right he's picking up voters a traditionally tend to vote democratic in Ohio around a delegate from. You know them from a blue collar union base firefighters cops coming on board huge forgotten trunk funny he's gonna win Ohio without much help predict. I still think he's an underdog. He's definitely underdog right now mean he didn't have enough Republicans were right when this election. But again where we're at the beginning here I guess that is. Alex some of my friends making predictions and kind of world we're living right now as. And navy navy for the pool party and who were fun written leave me here in union. That vote. Translates here and there are a lot of people that don't show. The signs. His job is going to be solid support but ultimately the contrast between Hillary Clinton intro there's going to be some extra lean one way or another. It could be a blow on one's time. On an ethnic. If he wins can be closed that he could lose big to Eden consolidated sport looks. It can assure. In the female problem and I think that's got to be addressed in. Lots of lot lots of friends who I know who who are women and they have not immune to it to him yet. In the spotlight right now so you really gets a chance. To introduce himself again. The woman vote to I think you know projecting strength is important both home and abroad I think that. Between a Washington insider and outsider who can speak. For all of us that haven't been heard in years if he can define the election in those terms you can win but you know the with a map lines up and away. We're where his negatives are challenges. So I look at the lineup of speakers prime time speakers you've got a half dozen trumps. OK got to all of his adult children. Obviously Maloney. Obviously dome self. Hey what do you what do you make it out of it really it that it couldn't dominate this lineup as people leave trump. Am I thought his daughter was going to be his running mate so mean it this is fitted even then. Spend more self I think it makes a Smart thing you know. You get to know people through their feelings and I think that I think it makes a lot of sense that people are seeing now. Kind of you know. And can have gone to not immediately but he's. That kind of lineup shows and news you can introduce himself reintroduce himself. A two American that's really what he needs to do to you a lot of have preconceived notions here. I also think it's important on the first generation Greek American so my parents are immigrants and I think it's important to see his wife. There's an immigrant speak to the nation I think a lot of people don't appreciate them all on me as an accident that she's foreign. I think that puts a different face on somebody's dad so I'm how she gonna play a former super. Women which are sent. For what think she's brilliant based on what I've heard. She's beautiful I think that helps themselves. You know I'm excited to hear former tonight only better equipped to answer that after I hear from about excitedly one of the hall tonight and hear from one. Probably not a lot in common with the voters. From some portions of the state of Ohio but. I think it you know whether people can relate to her as one thing. You know hearing her talk about her husband I think it's some people coming here I mean I think that. That's. Like I said that's how you that say you to know people as it is through their families so why I'm looking forward to relating to was. You know relating to a voter from green township. Ohio might not be able to relates so well there but it didn't mean it didn't mean it can't hear. You know her perspective and an review for possible. Is. His daughter I think. She can attempt to gain support from women because he's such successful woman's hand. Very well spoken. So I will be instant you're from terror. And I just think that. She will be a good voice but. But all the reality TV stars that are going to be speaking this convention and they're quite a few. Or Yahoo! News. Well personally the you know many ways the the troops themselves you've got rich compost you've got. Excellent don't use now in congress. Better of the real world. Scott bio is. It's you know it's chock she's going to be there. Prime time role in the game but he would seem that coming. Well and I think it's next your watch happy days by the way as we've reported I'm not too young for that Julia. Josh. Though the you know that the Democrat typically the authority of celebrity so we have been successful in the last two presidential. You know maybe its workforce. I'm an old Amir is reality TV and in. Give the people what they want and what would people watching television they watch. The same shoes are used to watch remained in that they they get news and different ways that information in different ways and entertain. Lewis and you know it's. The reality the reality TV show they're presidential. I'll say that's that's I think probably exactly the place and that kind of sunk that all I want to thank you are dazzled on the talk to us. Spirits climates I hope we all get a chance to get one of these corned beef sandwiches and I saw you guys authority diving into one time fantastic fantastic so thank you very much appreciated. And that's it from ABC news I get him Jonathan Karl here in Cleveland salons Delhi. Thank for hosting us on the space but lives.

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