How did the Democratic candidates do in their second debate mashup?

A viewer from Newark, New Jersey, discusses Sen. Cory Booker's performance on the debate stage.
3:13 | 08/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How did the Democratic candidates do in their second debate mashup?
Let's take a court of workers' performance from somebody from New Jersey assume or rule is salve from Newark, New Jersey some borrowers are now works in a tech startup company. Thank you so much of loans for joining us give us your take on Cory Booker your great senator. I didn't amazing job actually from Newark N. When he needed and aryan problem. I it is these true. Integrates our ignore. These degree murder. Honestly I was little worried coming into the debate that he's gotten lost in the shuffle. I usually now. And M what did you make of the attack. That really a back and forth between Joseph Biden and the Cory Booker on criminal justice reform. Your somebody that lives in Newark you're familiar with the police you follow the news no doubt some more room. What do you make of above Biden's claim that bad Booker should be responsible for for some of that injustice from Tony 1475%. Arrests. The Justice Department found were illegal. I had thought that was. Pretty strong claim on umpires are. I think you know the next few points iron in Newark. It was it was fitting that. I get stopped us specific we. I'm people thought Edwards is being part of the tough on. Sat I'm not only mirrors in the listener or worse like. I'm is is that slow. And an exchange that. These concerns do. Book you're being responsible. Or is that feels like it's just part of roller teach you the country. So I mean it was hardly assail it unless it was all this happens in cities like you are credential policy expert. As somebody had big picture consumer lose our Newark, New Jersey. Obviously plugged in. To politics plugged into your community. What what's your take on the state of this democratic race. Ages as a voter as the primary voter as a Democrat. What how do you feel about things right now. So as as a voter feel like there's a White Sox candidates there's there's a lot to digest. Opposites. Plans and it's ridiculous like as a voter you don't really know what friends are it's. I'll insure residence. Areas I wish the candidates or political or she should. I also recently groups wants you. Pollen or not he personal income is it is policy worked the scene. And it is an RV alternatives and it it was a lot. Stressed about work is so like. There weren't any policies that she worked there peace. So. And we've heard a lot of over the past 24 hours we'll have from voters here in Michigan at least more focus. On the worker of the working class they want to hear more proposals. About what they will will do for them less or more was our of Newark, New Jersey thinks for your on the ground perspective on tonight's -- appreciate USANA play with us here on ABC news five.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"A viewer from Newark, New Jersey, discusses Sen. Cory Booker's performance on the debate stage.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64719439","title":"How did the Democratic candidates do in their second debate mashup?","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-candidates-debate-mashup-64719439"}