Democratic candidates traverse country competing for voters

Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Rep. Eric Swalwell tossed their hats into the 2020 presidential ring over the weekend.
3:32 | 04/15/19

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Transcript for Democratic candidates traverse country competing for voters
All right guys have trump is doing any thing he is inspiring a lot of folks to run in take his place so more candid and announcements over the weekend if you can even keep up. The democratic race is up. Officially crowded Tel wanna go to Mary Alice parks in our DC bureau to break it all down Mary's Mary Alice some news a new contender that jumped in over the weekend right Mayer. Eric Small well tell us about. Yep from coast to coast and smack dab in the middle of the country we had three. Hometown rallies this last weekend alone. Congressman Eric Small as you mention it getting in the race get a big kick off rally in his hometown in California. The 38 year old congressman says that he's gonna essentially his race on the issue of gun control. He talks about his little kids and his experience as a freshman congressmen. When the sandy hook massacre took place he describes a real deep frustration with his colleagues. Over the issue and it will be interesting to see if he gains traction on that focal issue for him. I and then zooming over to the heartland you had mayor Pete. The 37 year old mayor officially kicking off his campaign he's I was they'd been in the headlines a lot lately he had his presidential exploratory committee the last few months. But now he's a candidate. They air formal in South Bend where he was at young impressive mayor and now he's hoping to be very young impressive candidates. And the last over in Newark Cory Booker. Also had his first major rally in his hometown. Cory Booker is hoping to be able to showcase. Newark and the revitalization and have taken place there. As he makes his bid for the White House. Irate so there's a lot of people there's a lot of people also about an eight track I keep track so what I'm trying to understand is if there's any front runners because there's so many. So many eighteen now officially and we expect more to an ounce in the coming weeks. You know its discretion in front runner's heart yet so long to go the marathon not a sprint. But if you did appoint stick out senator Bernie Sanders tends to be at the top of the polls. Along with Joseph Biden but August of the former vice president has not yet formally announced. A campaign yet. Bernie Sanders also seems to have raise the most money in the first quarter. And that's significant because it shows. A grassroots enthusiasm that he still enjoys eighteen million dollars in the first three months of this year that is just a whopping figure. So that by some of those data points you could say that be independent senator might be the front of the pack. But ash guides that it is so early who knows I expect those numbers will change a million times between now this summer. All right so I guess you know we have we have a wild ago but what is actually happening today. Right well speaking of Bernie Sanders today is tax today. And the sun taken some black for the fact that he is not released tax returns a lot of his democratic colleagues have done that. They continue to try to challenge president trump to do the same my brain scanners so far has not release tax returns. He has promised to do so by the end of the day today. Also note wearing that tonight he is a town hall on Fox News a lot of Democrats don't exactly enjoy going on Fox News. But senator brains Anderson that he's making a point of trying to speak to all Americans. I expect some headlines out of that town hall right Mary Alice parks think so thanks for breaking it down try to keep up I appreciate it thanks.

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{"duration":"3:32","description":"Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Rep. Eric Swalwell tossed their hats into the 2020 presidential ring over the weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62408858","title":"Democratic candidates traverse country competing for voters","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-candidates-traverse-country-competing-voters-62408858"}