Democratic Debate 2019: Key moments that mattered

Ten presidential hopefuls debated topics including immigration, Iran, jobs, health care and more.
3:09 | 06/27/19

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Transcript for Democratic Debate 2019: Key moments that mattered
When you've got an economy. That does great for those without money. And isn't doing great for every one else that is corruption pure and simple justice is almost think we have. Got a Barcelona. My legs until. This vehicle me up private insurance is not working for tens of millions of Americans extreme women out here that are pretty hard for a woman's right to care for all American citizens out there. Whose failure falling behind to feel the American dream is not working for you. They immigrants didn't do that you could they're using section thirteen 25 of that act. Which criminalize this coming across the border to incarcerate the president the parents and then separate them. Some of us on this stage have called to and that sections of terminated. Someone like congressman O'Rourke have not. Immigrants and. They do not diminish America they are America. We have a president of the United States who so focused on hate and fear and division. Donald Trump together die another day tried to threaten me is that it was a threat. To tell me that he would send refugees. In Washington State issued castle law that I pass and I told him that's not a threat at all we welcome refugee. Newest president would sign on to the twentieth fifteen nuclear deal as it was originally it was. Senator corker trying to it was big state school out of that deal gun violence is getting national health. Emergency I've been raising a black son in America. And I have had to have very very serious talks with my son Dante about how to protect himself was breeds a varsity all over this country. We're the first generation to feel the sting of glad that you. We're the last thing to do something about it. Served with LTV TEQ service members both in training and deployed down range. I know that they would give their life of me and I would give my life. Freedom we will work to make sure everyone can vote in this case and every wife and vote in this country. We do not talk to Nall. About trans Americans especially African American trends. Higher rates murderer we're no better off in Afghanistan today and we were when this war began what we want. I started flying planes into our buildings so I'm just saying right now. I have done a lot of how high these people it is a geopolitical challenges China unveiled its geopolitical. Yeah we're pleased nuclear weapons. The biggest. Securities notices is Donald's around here at greater risk of nuclear war today than ever before his. I'm senator fresh economic. But our coordinator for right now is what's going on in the mideast than my random borrowed an existential threat this climate change. Yeah cover of the new group liberation and climate change. China and climate change in China without question Russia because they're trying to undermine our democracy and they've been doing pretty damn good. I'm.

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{"duration":"3:09","description":"Ten presidential hopefuls debated topics including immigration, Iran, jobs, health care and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63977807","title":"Democratic Debate 2019: Key moments that mattered","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-debate-2019-key-moments-mattered-63977807"}